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12 Replies to “Pink (shirts) are the new Brown (shirts)”

  1. Maybe it’s yust mine ancient synapses burned in with Pinko = Commie.

    All the same, this entire Code Pink rigamarole really doesn’t set well with me.

    Speaking personally, it’s difficult to imagine a t-shirt logo that will “trigger” a DWL (Disingenuous White Liberal) any faster or more intensely than one reading, “It’s OK to be White” (Da noive!).

    After all, self-loathing and demoralization are the inverted keystones that have been so carefully chiseled away from the arches that support Western Civilization.

  2. Yes Code Pink and other left wing militias groups are the new Brown Shirts the radical left has adopted the tactics and goals of the Nazi’s and are trying to scare us into accepting them as our new neo feudal masters.

  3. We were/are so stupid. How did all these idiots became in any way significant ? We are f_c-ked.
    If we don’t dig a big hole and throw all these brain dead animals in it, they will do it to us.
    University my ars. That is a imbeciles factory. If they go in east Europe in a university, not only they will be the source of fun for the rest, but they will discover what mean a university. Means learning something real and useful.
    I am so sick of all these potato-brain idiots.

  4. If you look at this street-incivility as a resume-builder rather than a real opinion it makes a lot more sense for these girls to be acting so horribly. Where do you suppose environmental gender studies grads get jobs after graduation if not for left-wing activist groups and what better way in that some good aggressive protest screeching? Both of those girls probably have their eyes on careers within the enemy-funded NGO jungle and this is what they call “making your bones”…

    • Friend of mine offered the same theory when I was puzzled by an SJW PR offensive in my country.
      Some SJWs tweeted about rejecting Remembrance Day. A national day of mourning, originally for our WWII victims, 1/3 of which was Holocaust. A few years ago it was changed to mourning all victims of war, because inclusivity.
      The SJW group claimed it was strictly about mourning white people, you can imagine the reaction.
      So I didn’t get why they’d want to become the world’s most hated people. My friend is right in that it got them noted. But I think they overplayed their hand, what NGO would hire such toxic people?
      Maybe there exist, because there are precedents, like that Korean woman who was hired by the NYT. But they’d soon regret it, such PR is deadly for charities, even more so than for corporations.

      • Quote:”what NGO would hire such toxic people?”. You answered the question as that is exactly what many NGOs want: toxic, brain dead, mantra mouthing, closed circuit leftists. MSF? I once believed in its ideals, But the reality was totally different as what they preach and their mandate are totally different. One sub group was primarily Christian but obeyed orders and was sacrificed because the ones who caused the problem (leftists) were given priority.

    • Oh, but C, “race” is most definitely a reality whenever the Left needs to make an accusation of racism … and oddly, only “white” people can, by definition as provided by the racist Left, be racist.

      Leftism is a mental illness that will destroy any previously stable and free nation.

  5. Why does the fact that all replies (essentially) confirm my own too-well-outspoken blabbermouth seem to make this simple?

    Have you ever wanted to be more right?

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