Geopolitics, and Sweden: Links 1, Sept. 9, 2018

1. Germany migrants: Afghans arrested over killing in Köthen.

A German man has died following an alleged fight with Afghan men, police in the east German city of Köthen say.

The incident comes two weeks after a similar incident in Chemnitz, about 160km (100 miles) to the south, sparked violent protests.

The 22-year-old victim in Köthen died of head injuries. Two Afghan suspects have been arrested.

(The BBC article goes on to say that “Neo-Nazi groups are calling for protests” without saying what groups and what makes them Nazi. Much of the MSM truly are the enemy of the people.)

2. Launch of six Iranian missiles against KDPI and DPKI targets in Koya Iraqi Kurdistan

(Iranian regional manifest destiny is getting even more obvious than it was)

Iranian missiles targeted Kurdish HQ

English narration

Iran: Revolutionary Guard attacks Iranian Kurdish group in Iraq

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard launched a missile attack against an Iranian Kurdish opposition group based near the northern Iraqi city of Koya on Sunday, Iranian state media claimed.

Footage shows missiles being fired from mobile launchers, followed by aerial footage of targets being hit.

3. And this is why CBC should be defunded. This is dismal, and grade school level ad hominem rhetoric against actual knowledge and reason.

(“forgive me if I know more about the country than you” [because I live here more recently] is insanely poor reasoning. I know far more about what is happening in many countries I have never even been to than many and maybe even most locals who do not pay attention. Most Canadians know less about Trudeau and our government than a foreign student who studies Canada, its politics and its systems. So this entitled, leftist, nasty and insulting CBC host’s snark is not just unprofessional, its wrong.)

4. Turkey: Military convoy heads towards border with Syria’s Idlib Governorate – reports

5. Sweden Election 2018: Pregnant member of Sweden Democrats ATTACKED outside polling station

A PREGNANT MEMBER of the right wing Sweden Democrats was attacked outside a polling station by two young men as Sweden went to the polls today in the most controversial election in its history.

The attackers screamed at terrified Emilia Orpana calling her a whore and a racist as she campaigned in Nynäshamn, 35 miles south of Stockholm.


She was working at the polling station when she was targeted by the thugs.

Ms Orpana said was terrified of being kicked in the stomach and added: “I felt very worried and afraid”. […]

Ms Orpana told Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet: “He said he would step on my colleague’s head and kill us.

6. No ICBMs at this year’s NORK parade!

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  1. 1.) The incident comes two weeks after a similar incident in Chemnitz, about 160km (100 miles) to the south, sparked violent protests.

    Are we seeing a “clustering” effect? When will it become impossible for adult Europeans to continue denying all chances of being invaded?

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