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9 Replies to “Left “normalizing” violence against conservatives | Ezra Levant”

  1. Yes the left is normalizing violence against their political opponents, this is going to start a major civil war in all Western Nations and the winner will probably be decided by which side will the police and military support. The deplatforming that the Dems are leading is another form of violence against their political opponents, it is a short step from preventing them from speaking to imprisoning their political opponents and then a short step to killing them. I doubt that the left in the US will soon win enough power to start shippi9ng people to death camps but in various of the European nations this action isn’t far down the road.

  2. days of terror for my family – no food – fleeing fires – safeguarding Torah scrolls in homes – cancelling Sabbath prayer meetings – curfews – police cars trying to block hostile vehicles from smashing into store windows or worse – fire departmemt stopped responding – helicopters overhead – and finally armed troops on every corner to bring order – tanks massing on the freeways headed to save LA – shopkeepers with guns and dogs trying to defend their stores from marauders – dozens murdered… “.

    If you endured this first-hand, malca, then please accept my deepest regards.

    Too much of our world is Out Of Control (Nature Out of Balance … Koyanisquatsi).

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