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9 Replies to “Chemnitz Town Hall. Nurses, doctors, teachers sick of media calling them Nazis for asking that law be equal for all”

  1. Not just the media but almost every word spoken by politicians and their bureaucratic chiefs in the west is a distortion of the truth or an outright lie. It would appear that taqiyya has been now seen for its political value and is now part of almost every western politician’s makeup. We all knew that politicians lie but now they seem to do little else and far from protecting the culture of the people who elected them they are actually allowing and aiding in its destruction. IMO this is treason and the traitors should all be removed and heavily punished by any means. Currently this is regarded as an extreme POV but now is the right time as in 10 years it will be too late for most. Somehow we must wake up the couch potatoes and let them know what is happening.

    • Given what is happening Chemnitz I would say the Germans are waking up, they are trying to do things the legal way but are facing worse obstacles then then the US and Trump are facing.

      The way things are going the explosion should occur within 6 to 12 months, it won’t take 10 years but it may take around 10 months. The video shows the German people getting upset and not believing the lies of the politicians. This is a very good sign for our side.

  2. Wow! That politician turns my stomach. And why did he keep saying “slowly, slowly”?
    Had the political class taken things “slowly” and not flooded Germany with unemployable, young males with no identity he wouldn’t have had a need to sit in that room and listen to the Plebes.
    They sure don’t look like Nazis to me. They look like people that work and pay taxes and are watching their community deteriorate, while being told by politicians and the media to sit down and shut up.
    OR ELSE YOU’RE A NAZI! What does that even mean anymore?

    • It means the same as the label Racist, nothing! The left has used both terms to the point that they no longer have any meaning and no one is afraid of being called racist, Nazi or Fascist. While this helps the resistance to the Islamic Conquest it will have grave consequences for everyone in the future.

  3. When the male bureaucrat began criticizing native Germans because ONE short video clip from the Chemnitz demonstrations SEEMED to imply that Germans were attacking and persecuting non-Germans, then with the self-adopted supreme authority of judgment over all his listeners told them “one incident is too many,” (I paraphrase), I’d had enough.

    One incident is too many?
    Tell that to the women raped, the children raped, the people harassed and MURDERED by what this putrefied excuse for human flesh NOW SEEKS TO EXCUSE.
    AND while he’s at it, this miserable excuse for a human being TARGETS his German audience for censure.
    For shame.
    For ridicule.
    For excoriation, with the label that they are Nazis and racists — because they DARE to speak up about the atrocities perpetrated upon them BY THEIR VERY OWN GOVERNMENT using the proxies of “poor refugees whose cultures demand that they subdue by any means possible the host peoples who PAY FOR THEIR VERY FOOD AND SHELTER.”
    THIS is what has become of the German people, narcotized by the secular, humanist, globalist lie —

  4. I just study the gestures of the woman on his left, she was very nervous and she looked like she has a adhd type of problem.
    The political was afraid al the time, his speech was impaired, this is why he was saying slowly slowly all the time.
    His words where not coursive, not logically tied together.He was terrified.That is a very good sign .It was like looking to a gazelle sorrounded by lion pack.
    Very interesting.

  5. Eeyore, thank you for using the Blazing Cat Fur cartoon of Hitler on-a-sled. Whichever supreme genius of a digital graphics artist involved, deserves one of those “New Porsche Evey Year” sort of awards. In the original frame, the sled-rider’s (Adolph’s) attire may ostensibly have been Christmas pajamas but, in this new context they have a subconscious intellectual rip tide of undeniable “concentration camp prisoner” taint.

    This entire—Consensual Reality (i.e., agreed upon logic OR unadulterated charade)—farce of “Everyone I Don’t Like is Hitler” promises future psychosocial detonations which will challenge many, if not most, previous definitions of human wars. Eff knows what the gorillas, chimps, and bonobos went through.

    What I might be so bold as to promise everyone is that this Über-Left—and we ain’t talkin’ about no cyber instructions fer them thar pilotless vehimicules … hear?—Globalist, Tranzi, Borderless, (and MSM facilitated) trivialization of Hitler’s industrial–genocidal nearly frustrates any and all hope of EVER having bipedal demons like Stalin and Mao trotted out for the devastatingly scrutinous reviews they both so dearly deserve (amongst so many others).

    After killing off many more non-combatants than Hitler ever could have imagined, yust Yunckle Yo and “Dear Leader” (properly pronounced, “Mounds of Dung”) each made ‘That Austrian corporal’ appear to be nearly humane, save for the fact that Germany’s industrial–genocidal will NEVER redeem them for the mechanized slaughter which took place upon their part over Humanity’s Watch™.

    I’ll stop now.

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