Police Shoot Suspect in Stabbing at Amsterdam Train Station, 2 Injured – Reports

From SPUTNIK News:

Three people have been taken to hospital after a stabbing attack inside Amsterdam’s central railway station, according to the AFP, citing police sources.

“A stabbing attack took place on Friday afternoon at the Central Station in Amsterdam. At least two people were injured. The police have shot the suspect. The suspect and the two casualties of the stabbing incident were transferred to a hospital for treatment,” the police said in a statement.

The police added that the movement of trains was partially stopped, however, there are no plans to evacuate the station.

Thank you C., M., Wrath of Khan and all who follow this story. Please place additional videos and news links on this event under this post if possible.


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  1. Netherlands: Police considering ‘all scenarios’ in Amsterdam stabbing

    Police cordoned off the scene where two people were wounded in a stabbing attack at Amsterdam’s Central Station on Friday.

    Police shot and injured the alleged attacker.

    “His motive is unclear at this point and our detective force is currently investigating this. But at this moment we don’t know his motive, so we’re considering all possible scenarios,” said the spokesperson for the Amsterdam police department, Rob van der Veen.

    According to the official, both the two injured victims and the knife-wielding suspect were transported to hospital. “The two men who were stabbed are badly injured. The injuries of the perpetrator who was shot are not life threatening,” he added.

    • So huge detail on the vics but can say nothing about the attacker. Typical. Jihadis are going to have to start hiring press agents when they attack to make sure people see what they actually say and do.

      • One of the victims ran into his flower shop, which explains the detail. Customers panicked and started screaming. The florist ran and saw the attacker lying on the floor. He must have been preoccupied with staying alive, I can’t blame him.
        Too early to say if it was terror. Would be 3rd incident this week, the natives are getting restless.

      • Precisely. It must be terribly frustrating for the beleaguered jihadi when his most noble act goes unacknowledged by the lowly kaffirs.

  2. reuters –Dutch police identify Amsterdam stabbing suspect as 19-year-old Afghan

    Dutch police said a man who stabbed and seriously injured two people at Amsterdam’s main train station on Friday was a 19-year-old Afghan with a German residence permit.

    Police said the man seemed to have randomly picked his two victims in the busy hall of Amsterdam central station at around midday. He was shot and taken to a hospital by police where he was being interrogated, police and the Amsterdam city council said in a joint statement.

    “The investigation into the incident is ongoing”, the authorities said. “All scenarios are taken into consideration, including a terrorist motive.”

    Earlier this week, Dutch police arrested a 26-year-old man suspected of threatening to attack far-right politician Geert Wilders over his plan to hold a contest of cartoons depicting Islam’s Prophet Mohammad.

    Wilders on Thursday canceled the contest citing security risks, as thousands of people in Pakistan marched in protest of his plan, while the Taliban in Afghanistan called for attacks on Dutch troops serving in the country.



    Police are investigating the possibility that terrorism was the motive behind a stabbing incident Friday afternoon at the Amsterdam Centraal train station. Police revealed the potential motive in a joint statement with the public prosecutor’s office and Amsterdam city hall.

    A 19-year-old person from Afghanistan is suspected of pulling out a knife and stabbing two people, seriously injuring them. The suspect was then shot by police just before 12:15 p.m., right after the violent crime took place. Witnesses said that the incident began as an argument on a train platform, which then escalated.

    None of the three have life threatening injuries, broadcaster AT5 reported. Each was taken by ambulance, and with a police escort, to area hospitals.

    Authorities said the suspect has a residency permit issued by Germany. He is being kept under police guard at the hospital, and was undergoing questioning.


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