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2 Replies to “Trudeau’s childish incompetence costs more allies”

  1. One commies spiting the other for politics. I thought environmentalists didn’t like pipelines.

    After Warren Buffet bought some railroad companies under Obama, Obama suddenly turned anti-pipeline, disallowing one to be built from Alberta to the Texas gulf. This was so crude’s main mode of transport remained by rail, not pipeline. Voila, Buffet’s investment in so-so performing railroad companies turned on a dime. I wonder how much Obama was paid for that little favour?

    Now Trudeau shells out 4+ billion dollars of taxpayer money for a pipeline that can’t be built. Notley’s politicking is just another nail in an already-dead deal. Kinder-Morgan spent a fortune trying to get through parasitic government regulation and native tribe money grabs, then finally said enough. By the time the first drop of Alberta oil was to hit the Pacific, the vultures would have cleaned the carcass and belched for more.

    I’m rather sick and tired of watching parasites burden capital while they have no skin in the game. No risk. Yet they demand massive payoffs under some false morality like saving the planet, or monetizing fake leftist guilt for a few greedy band chiefs and their lawyers, claiming that unless they are paid a king’s ransom their spirits can’t soar like eagles? Or some other native-claim horse shit? I’m sorry you’re a conquered people, but conquered people never did so well. Ask the Irish, the Jews, the Magyars, the Germans–ask everyone because everyone has been there at some point. But hey, it’s a livin’ right?

    Then behold Dear Leader Justine Trudeau managing a complex system with the brain of a toad:(Sorry toads)

    1. Immigration is an expensive mess while he dances the Merkel and Islamizes Canada.
    2. Canada can’t diversify its oil market away from the U.S. because its oil is trapped in northern Alberta.
    3. The American market representing three-quarters of Canadian GDP is shredded. While his negotiators kept screaming “NO!” during negotiations just to be anti-Trump, the Mexicans saw that if they made a deal first it would be to their great advantage. They would get first dibs on some things. America is the meat in the North American sandwich. Now the bread on top looks a little green. Yes, Canada will still sell south, but the Mexicans will have stolen market share because A: They got to the market first and B: their labour is cheaper. These two facts are beyond dispute.

    What does Canada now offer the world, and Canadians under Trudeau? What does it export for profit?

    Social justice, that’s what.

    And they’ll get him for another five years while Canada’s True Right struggles to extricate itself from the mire of false conservatism.

    Imagine the damage he’ll do. If I were PTrump I’d watch and wait and buy the pieces for a pittance.

    Sad. Venezuala north if that trajectory continues. Communism produces no variations of outcome.

    • You know a lot more about your problems then I do, your description says massive chaos and violence is coming and it will probably spill over into the States. Of course the left down here is working to start a race/civil/class war down here so we may spread our violence north before yours can come south. I don’t doubt that in the long run our side will win but the war will be nasty.

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