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13 Replies to “Swedish Journalist, Ingrid Carlqvist on the upcoming election, September 9th”

  1. 2- These people are neurotic, to say the least. The hijab is a political statement. We know this. So let’s call it a JIHAB to give it a truer meaning. (new word alert) Ban it completely. And all of this stupid handwringing like they need a better excuse to ban the head bag than outright Naziism. Vitamin D deficits? Really? Are you retarded? Less agility in sports? Really? Like when did you last see a Saudi high jumper clear the bar at seven feet in a burka? Who the hell gives a shit?

  2. Great interview Vlad. The left have had their way for a hellish eternity in too many countries. Yesterday I saw a guy at McDonald’s with boobs with his girlfriend who was butch. I don’t even think the PoMo’s, themselves, understand the destructive force of sewing sexual chaos in out societies. I couldn’t help but look at these two people and wonder. What went wrong with their parental role models? And theirs? And theirs? Sickening.

    • I guess she was taking about Roma, in Europe they often have Romanian citizenship. And right now in Sweden there are about 100,000 of them.

      • I know that Hungary have more gypsies than Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czechia or ex.Jugoslavia. If only those from Romania are dangerous, then get all gypsies from Europe and send them to Romania and declare that country as gypsieland. In this way problem solved.

      • It is true that many people interchangeably use Roma, for Gypsies, with Romanians, which have nothing to do with each other other than there are many Gypsies in Romania.

        Correcting this is like correcting any of the BS from the leftist press. Try explaining that its muslims and not, ‘the mentally ill’ that keep stabbing and running people over in Western countries.

        • Actually, it is not roma….it is rroma. 2 “r”… The term was invented not long ago…I think next intelligent move will be to change Romania to RRomania.
          I am joking…and not…considering the way was built the idea of Romania is the land of gypsies, when actually gypsies are a small minority in Romania.
          Almost all westerners ask me if I am a gypsy when they hear where I am coming from. I do know that this was built, I know this is ignorance…but still…it hurts. After the communism, west Europe demanded preferential treatment of gypsies in east Europe. To understand the extend of stupidity, gypsies had the right to travel free in west Europe, while romanians needed visa. Sweden was one those countries pushing hard for the rights of gypsies in ’90s. It is kind of funny, because while romanians were screaming that a crime must be punished regardless ethnicity, westerners demanded special treatment for them. It was exactly the same with muslims. Now they discover the hard reality. But it is too late…They must manage at least the gypsies problem…west Europe must integrate the gypsy minority. East Europe did not manage to find a way to do it…Because they are ex-communist barbarians…or they are just stupid people.
          I do remember 2 different meetings between France politicians and romanian politicians. First at the beginning of 1990s…when French politicians demanded that romanians must allow gypsies to get out from Romania without visa…romanians explained that it will be wrong…you can’t give the right to travel free only to a minority. French politicians told romanian politicians that they must show and demonstrate that Romania is not a racist country. And in the end, if the west was so convinced, romanians accepted. At the end of 1990s, the same french and romanian politicians meet again…this time, the french demanded that Romania must solve the problem with all gypsies stealing in France. A romanian guy told the french “are you racists ?”. The french shut their mouth and run out of Romania.
          So…knowing all this…I can add…this is the taste of own medicine. Sweden can keep the gypsies…we don’t want them.

        • As a reverse joke…
          many gypsies got Swedish citizenship…when they travel in the east, they present themselves as “Swede”. Today, at least in Romania, when you see gypsies, you say “look…Swedish tourists. Watch your pockets.”
          There is also a different thing we can talk…many “ex-gypsies” choose to leave the gypsy community. To be gypsy mean to follow the gypsy traditions…I do know guys with gypsy roots…they get angry if you call them gypsy. Gypsy is actually a way of living. Not sending the children to school (even when forced to do it) and claiming they learn all they need to know in their community, following your own group rules while ignoring society’s rules and laws, making criminal activities main community way of living….well…that makes you gypsy. Because of ignorance, westerners don’t know that…and they insult east europeans.

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