Ipswich planning council lies to its own constituents to build a mosque: Links 1, Aug. 27, 2018

1. Candace Owens on who and who is not racist.

2. German feminists publish petition to ban head cloths for minors in Germany.

(On a personal note, I still feel everyone misses the point on this. What is banned or not banned isn’t the issue. Its how it is sold.

The uniform of the very religious muslim is by all standards of the rational, identical morally and ethically to an SS uniform. They are literally wearing the uniform of an ideology that is supremacist and genocidal and worse. And without even having the fashion sense of Hugo Boss. If it is OK to wear an SS uniform on the street then it is OK to wear a burka or face cloth. And if it is not, then same goes. This is not about religious freedom.

When our ancestors wrote religious freedom into law, it was a righteous and necessary thing so that governments could not go after you for your secret thoughts or private belief. They could not force you out of positions because of what name you do, or do not call God.

But it was never meant to allow people to develop a seditious system of laws and actions to overthrow the existing order and replace it with another under the beard of religious observance. It is insane that we confuse these things. Like hemp and marijuana. They sorta kinda look the same but one makes cheap and strong fabrics and the other kills generations of brains.)

3. Salvini to EU: Go ahead and arrest me!

4. Update on South Africa:

5. This guy has an interesting look! I wonder why he set fire to a US gas station?

6. Canadian Veterans Are “Asking For More Than We Can Afford,” But Trudeau Gave $33 Million Taxpayer Dollars To Help Veterans From Afghanistan’s Military

I recently wrote about how Justin Trudeau claims we have so-called“international obligations” to illegal border crossers, even as the federal government fights Canadians in Veterans in court arguing that there’s no obligation to injured Canadian Veterans.

After I wrote about that total disloyalty from Trudeau, some people brought up a story from 2017 that shows Trudeau’s hypocrisy goes even deeper.

We all remember how Justin Trudeau said injured Canadian Veterans were asking for “more than we can afford to give.”

But as people have pointed out, in 2017 the Trudeau government gave $33 million taxpayer-dollars to a rehab centre for injured members of the Afghanistan military.


As noted by the Toronto Red Star on September 20, 2017, “The Foreign Affairs department confirmed that Ottawa recently contributed $33 million, through NATO’s trust fund for the Afghan National Army, for the construction of the Kabul Military National Hospital’s Rehabilitation Centre.”

6. Forcing communist values on 5 year old kids

7. another boatload of Africans makes it to Spanish shores

8. This one is fun. Ipswich municipal council jointly with muslim groups set out to deceive the public on a mosque construction application. The muslim groups claimed it was for a community centre and not a mosque, and the Ipswich planning council said it could not be a mosque and cannot be used as a mosque but was a community centre.

Below is the advert the muslims are running to raise money for the project on their own social media sites.

I deleted the first minute as it appeared to be in an Afghan dialect. But the Arabic and English parts are plain enough.

The direct link to the Bitchute video is here:

Dear readers: I have really, more than usual even, lost track of who sent what in today.

That is because it has been an amazing news day with a ton of important information about the state of things in terms of the Leftist and Islamic full frontal and side and rear assaults on our Civilization. So those of you who read this site from time to time, today especially it is worth reading the comments under today’s Reader’s Links post.

There are amazing things happening. Germans are starting to react to constantly being lied to by the Merkel government and have taken to the streets in the wake of a slew of recent slayings. I will try and do a post on the citizen’s revolt, which Merkel and the Lugenpresse is referring to as “vigilantes” and worse. The usual “far right extremist” trope. As if objecting to being slaughtered wholesale by illegals makes you a Nazi.

But the videos are in the comments.

There is still much work to do today. But thank you one and all who contributed. I suspect that between now and the end of September we shall see amazing things. There is an election in Sweden September 9th which has been rigged in a number of ways. I shall be posting a video about that very shortly.


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9 Replies to “Ipswich planning council lies to its own constituents to build a mosque: Links 1, Aug. 27, 2018”

  1. But as people have pointed out, in 2017 the Trudeau government gave $33 million taxpayer-dollars to a rehab centre for injured members of the Afghanistan military.

    But as people have pointed out, in 2017 the Trudeau government gave $33 million taxpayer-dollars to a euthanasia centre for injured members of the Afghanistan military.

    There, fixed that!

    • For now.
      Her social media history is _not_ conservative.
      A young black woman who says she loves PT is a marketable commodity. I’d hate to get another Omarosa burn.

  2. Technically what the Germans did was vigilante action, what most people don’t know these days (because it is taught anymore) is that in the vast majority of cases vigilante justice occurs when the governmental judicial system is broken and no longer protects the rights of the honest people. In the readers links I referred to them as vigilantes meaning the people protecting themselves when the judicial system has broken down. What has the German rulers so worried is that the people are no longer willing to let the Government throw them to the wolves/Islamic Invaders. It won’t take many more incidents like this before the people start organizing and the self protection groups turn into a revolutionary army. When this happens we will discover how many of the police and the military will side with the treasonous government and how many will side with the people. If it was occurring in the US I would say the vast majority would side with the people but I don’t know how the German Police and the German Military are thinking. It is getting late in the year for a revolution to start but as Ben Franklin said “Revolutions come about like Bastard Children do, half improvise and half compromise.” And like babies the come when they are ready no matter what time of year.

    I pray all of our German Friends stay save and healthy during the coming chaos.

    • I can see why Mrs. Abigail Adams worried about young John Q under the influence of Mr. Franklin. He accompanied his father to Paris, and the gentlemen were together for quite a spell.

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