Ontario muslim family ritually slaughters cow in back yard

Showing once again that multiculturalism means two things.

First, it means any culture but Western. Then it means one world culture of cultural Marxism.

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  1. Was the Humane Society called or would that be Islamophobia? Perhaps they have a licence for a slaughter house. Syyid Qutb was right “We will never be able to mix with the jahiliyyah”. Integration does NOT seem to be working–follow the rules of the country or leave.

    • That’s what I thought too, I replayed and it seems its left horn is sticking in the ground, intermittently stopping the head from moving.
      I think the movement intially comes from those guys pulling at the skin, later the fork lift is operated, pulling the carcass up from the ground.
      There’s also a lot of blood on the ground, so the cow must have been bled to death. Unless of course they were slaughtering more animals. In any case, all of this is highly illegal.

      • The two stages of multiculturalism.

        1. All cultures except Western culture and individual rights.

        2. All the world conforms to cultural Marxism.

      • I looked at the video several times. I think Sassy is right, the cow was still alive. It doesn’t look like the movement of its head, was caused by what the men were doing. It moved its head before they did the things you talked about. Look @ it again. It’s disgusting that this filth has been brought to the west.

        • I looked at it a few times. I used the slider to speed up the footage, and go forwards and backwards. The fork lift is actually moving up throughout the video, watch the top.
          Also the carcass starts out at an angle to the ground of less than 45 deg, at the end it’s more or less vertical.
          The only thing that moves is the head, and that’s because of the horn sticking in the mud. At the end you can see the track it made. Legs, rest of body, they’re all still, no twitching.

          Unfortunately this crap came to the west half a century ago. At least where I live, apparently it’s new to Canada.
          Here they used to do it on the balconies, of their appartments. If they lived above you the blood would come dripping down onto yours, good times. I haven’t heard such stories lately, I think they mostly use halal slaughterhouses now.
          Not everybody though, because I’ve seen offal dumped in the streets, including a bloody sheepskin.

    • I agree with you – it was still alive. It’s outrageous that they are allowed to do this vile, and inhumane crap in our country.

    • No its dead, the horn is dragging the ground catching on the mud and then pulling loose, if it was still alive the legs would be moving. I can’t say that it was dead when they started skinning it but it was dead in the video.

      I have had a lot of experience in butcher hogs and deer so I know when the animal is dead or alive.

      • Thanks. I was haunted by the video. I went to bed with the cow in mind and woke up with same.
        We definitely need a law (stunning) and not a do-it-yourself. The only exception would be shooting it dead.

  2. Slaughtering a cow in a muddy field, wearing a shirt, saggy tracksuit bottom and sandals, yeah very hygienic. The fat guy on the left is even wearing a wifebeater and shorts, lol.
    May they all get severe food poisoning.

  3. How is this horror even legal?? What the hell has happened to Western “civilization” if this is allowed to take place in the year 2018?


  4. And this, you foolish naive tender-hearted leftist fools, is exactly what the islaam cult members seek to flood your country with.
    Happy now, shitheads?
    This is an invasion and should be treated as such.

  5. I could not look at the video–nor do I ever want to look at such cruelty–“This Islamic homeland is a refuge for any who accepts the Islamic Shari’ah to be the law of the state, as is the case with the Dhimmies. But any place where the Islamic Shari’ah is not enforced and where Islam is not dominant becomes the home of Hostility (Dar-ul-Harb) for both Muslim and the DHIMMI. A Muslim will remain prepared to fight against it, whether it be his birthplace or a place where his relatives reside or where his property or any other material interests are located.”

    Where the hell are all the politicians in this country? This Dhimmi is really, really, tired of all this cultural BS. Maybe there will be a day when people stand up and push back, (we are not allowed to say fight, only Muslims can say that), meanwhile our Values, rights and FREEDOM seem to be slipping away, thanks to all the jihad-enabling, traitor politicians .
    I am an intolerant, racists, Alt-Right, unCanadian, race-baiter, Islamophobia patriot and it is just too damn bad we have so many Islamopandering, Islamomarxists, divide and conquer, imports who keep slamming Canadians. RULES ARE MADE TO BE BROKEN JUST ASK JUSTINE TRUDEAU, the traitor

    • The truth.
      And unless the invasion is stopped and reversed, the same will happen on every street in every neighborhood to the delight of the death-cultists.

  6. The poor beast was alive! These creatures are beneath contempt. I have seldom seen something so disgusting. Who said all cultures are the same? May these bastards burn in hell.

    • Did you see the vid of the sheep having its throat slit in the bathroom of an apartment building? What a mess. Bet they sent those empowered women in to clean it up…

  7. This horrific scene, taking place not far from the city of Toronto, shows that our civilization is but a veneer. Unless there is a huge hue and cry about this atrocity it will be obvious that Canadians have surrendered to the god of multiculturalism. That this can take place in a modern Canadian town, with no attempt to hide the perpetrators and their cruelty, shows that these amateurs slaughtering this poor beast have been emboldened by weak laws in Ontario, by double standards (one for Muslims, ones for the rest of us), and by the current media trend to castigate anyone criticizing the ideology of Islam.

    When will Ontario have one standard, and one standard only, for slaughtering guidelines? When will animal cruelty, such as this – slaughter without prior stunning – be absolutely not tolerated by society? Nothing – not religion, cultish rituals, cultural practices, tradition, etc. – should be exempt from strictly enforced animal welfare laws. Are we civilized, or are we not?

  8. Do y’all not know how the meat you get is treated before you get it…? Where’s the outrage in that? Oh ya, since this pushes an anti Muslim agenda that’s when you’ll get on board.

    • Actually no. Its because there is a difference between civilized animal husbandry, and observance of health codes and laws, and the deliberate infliction of pain and suffering for ritual reasons on animals for ritual reasons. I get that leftists don’t give a damn about the distinction because you wish to deprive all humanity of all animal protein. But to be dealing in the real for a few minutes, Western civilization developed a method for providing people with animal protein with the least possible interference with nature and cause of suffering. We picked a few animals to use as food animals, we passed laws so that they would be treated humanely and slaughtered humanely, and we prepare them in a manner which is in keeping with science in terms of good health.

      I already know the counter-argument. And yes, our system is not perfect. But there is a fundamental difference between policies that do not work perfectly but the intention is good, to a system which works very well where the intention and methods are bad.

      White non Muslim people rape women from time to time, but its in violation of our laws and cultures. Muslims..

      Priests abuse children in their charge. It is against their religion and our laws. Imams…

      So just for a moment, try to think in practical terms.

      • Being a survivor of sexual abuse . What the f*ck does slaughtering a cow in the neighbourhood have to do with this .
        Nothing , just another deflection of responsibility .

    • Probably better then you do, we do our best to see the animal die quickly and as painlessly as we can, we also observe the rules of hygiene to ensure that we don’t contaminate the meat

      Also I am willing to bet that I have butchered a lot more animals then you have.

  9. This should have been done at a proper butcher shop . I believe that if this needs to take place , It needs to be done properly and to Canadian standards . I haven’t watched the video , if that animal is alive , there should be something done about this . The pain it suffered would have been atrocious . It’s not how it’s done here in Canada , I personally grew up on a large beef farm and never once was this done so inhumanly .

    When in Rome , please .

  10. Write to your M L A and to up from there. this is horrendous .We are seeing it all over now the world now U. K and Australia So sad to see poor animals on the net you will see this is done while children watch quite often , What does that do their little minds .??

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