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9 Replies to “House explodes in Kitchener Ontario”

  1. A dead pet dog dead found inside the home. This seems to me as a gas explosion the way the house cratered and disappeared. Many years ago, a house about 2,000′ from my home went through the same story with the same results: totally disappeared with a crater in the ground. It was a gas explosion.

  2. The only thing that makes me suspicious about this is that a couple of years ago a house blew up in a suburb of Ottawa that was heard 20 miles away. Suspicious cars were seen speeding away and police never gave an explanation. We will see if this one disappears down the memory hole.

  3. Work Accident? Look at the occupant’s name, then speculate backwards as to whether or not they may have been assembling a bomb next to a gas main and subsequently encountered “red wire–blue wire” complications. Please try and recall just how idiotic Muslims can be.

    Genius has its limits … stupidity doesn’t.”

    — Albert Einstein

  4. Is this the same rare highly dangerous explosive chemical they found in the house of the brother of the Danforth terrorist.
    . .? That caused this explosion
    Alas we will never get the facts

    • Alas we will never get the facts

      Not too very long ago I might have disputed your assertion. Now? … I yust can’t.

      The Trayvon Martin case was a major circuit breaker. On the one hand, we had the MSM blatantly editing and falsifying readily-available evidence records whilst simultaneously attempted to ignite race wars just in advance of the 2012 Presidential election.

      On the other hand—much as with Nixon’s utterly inept biasing of the Tate–Labianca murder case against Charles Manson—we had 0bama gibbering on about (Ash)Trayvon as though he was some sort of “son”.

      After reading this far into my comment, should anybody continue to doubt Morticiaa’s completely justified ipse dixit, I only can refer you to the MSM’s runny-yolk, mollycoddling of Hillary Clinton during her (thankfully) unsuccessful 2012 run at the Oval Office. It is nigh-well impossible NOT to attribute her thoroughly antagonistic campaigning “style” as a root source of the “Walk Away” movement within the Democrat Party.

      Even now it chills my blood merely to think of that hyper-corrupt crime family’s capa coming within 100 miles of our nation’s capitol.

  5. Waterloo Region Police are treating Kitchener house explosion as a homicide
    KITCHENER—Waterloo Regional Police say the Sprucedale Crescent home explosion is being investigated as a homicide.

    Police say they have no suspects in the death of Edresilda Haan, 58, who lived at 56 Sprucedale Cres. in the Kitchener’s Forest Heights neighbourhood Wednesday morning.

    “With the assistance of the coroner’s office and as a result of the post-mortem and with the information from our major crime investigators, we have determined that Ms. Haan’s death is a result of homicide,” Insp. Mike Haffner said Thursday afternoon.

    Haffner said police want to speak to the 58-year-old injured man, who was pulled from the blast and remains in critical condition at Hamilton General Hospital.

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