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10 Replies to “Fake Indian gives communist answer to important question about murdered girl”

  1. Honestly? All she’s got to say is, “Separating a Momma from her baby does not make this country safer”. And of course, Elizabeth knows that all the women with IQs under 99 don’t hear anything past the words “momma” and “baby” and will do whatever they are told once the magic woman-words have been uttered. “Momma!” “Baby!”. Give me all your money! “Momma” “Baby” Do as I say! “Momma” “Baby” Vote for Elizabeth “MOMMA” Warren “BABYYYY!”…

  2. “Mollie Tibbetts’ family has released a statement”
    Steve Lookner – August 22, 2018

    The family of Mollie Tibbetts has asked that this information be conveyed to members of the media and the public:

    Our hearts are broken.

    On behalf of Mollie’s entire family, we thank all of those from around the world who have sent their thoughts and prayers for our girl. We know that many of you will join us as we continue to carry Mollie in our hearts forever.

    At this time, our families asks that we be allowed the time to process our devastating loss and share our grief in private.

    Again, thank you for the outpouring of love and support that has been shared in Mollie’s name. We remain forever grateful.

    FYI – Steve Lookner has been covering this case for three weeks – 8 videos.
    #1 “New Details in Missing Iowa Student Mystery”
    Streamed live on July 30, 2018

  3. So you, or someone else, dragged a child across Mexico to reach the welfare state of the USA. And the US politicians demand you receive accommodations paid for by the US taxpayer.
    Meanwhile, a US citizen out for a jog is raped and murdered by someone who is not supposed to be in the country.
    Nothing to see here because the bigger picture is how those attempting to enter the welfare state are treated?

  4. Doesn’t the Left’s callousness translate to: the white girl had no business being on Turtle Island in the first place … had her ancestors not come here and plundered the wealth and and and …

  5. That is the ultimate end goal of the left-wing narrative, isn’t it? And it has been for a long, long time. After South Africa goes they’ll be on to us next, saying we committed genocide against the “real” Americans and that anyone with one-quarter Peruvian blood is more American than we are because they are “of” this land and we are not. You can argue anything if you want to. Will I be seeing a crowd of angry Arabs and North Africans demanding that I give them their land back and then go back to where I came from?

  6. From – Mollie Tibbetts’ Family’s ‘Hearts Are Broken’ After Missing College Student’s Body Is Found

    He allegedly said that after encountering Tibbetts on her run, his behavior apparently unnerved her enough that she threatened to call the police — at which, panicked and angry, Rivera “blocked” his memory and later “came to” with Tibbetts’ dead body in the trunk of his car.

    If this isn’t a case of lawyer-coaching, I’ll stand on a busy street corner and give away my money. As if an illegal alien like Rivera could, all by himself, fabricate such a fine-tuned “temporary insanity” style legal scenario. Rivera’s mouthpiece is one that belongs in line alongside his client.

    From – Family of Mollie Tibbetts Condemns Racist Fearmongering About Her Alleged Killer

    Please remember, Evil comes in EVERY color. Our family has been blessed to be surrounded by love, friendship and support throughout this entire ordeal by friends from all different nations and races. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

    Heartless as it may sound, this family helped to kill their daughter. This beautiful, fecund young woman was not given adequate intellectual or physical tools to recognize and deal with the fact that Hispanics are one of the motherlodes of illegal aliens and, thereby, a rich source of violent criminals.

    It’s tragic that she had enough wits to threaten Cristhian Rivera with a 911 call but did not know the simple mantra of BET (Balls, Eyes, Throat). A few hour-long courses in basic self defense when she was a teenager might have given her a sufficient edge to survive when put up against this scum-sucking rut-bag. No daughter of mine would EVER be allowed to grow up without learning such fundamentals about how to thwart an attacker.

    Incidentally, I REFUSE to insist that she should not have been out jogging alone. If ever America gets to point—as Germany and other EU nations already have arrived at—where women are instructed NEVER to walk alone, then that should be the starter’s pistol for some serious domestic vigilantism and even, possibly, civil war.

    The overall predation that is happening to Caucasian women throughout the West—be it from Hispanics, Blacks, or Muslims—ought to be enough to send any red-blooded White male into a homicidal rage. The Caucasian race no longer can afford to lose such splendid examples of our phenome like Mollie Tibbetts. She could have (literally) delivered into our world a genetic line of unbelievable health and vigor.

    Instead, her refrigerated corpse is awaiting disfiguring autopsy and a sack-of-sh!t rapist–murderer like Rivera—with his “blocked” memory [wrings hands]—continues to steal oxygen from far more deserving life-forms like ticks, lice, and scorpions. This is exactly the sort of vicious, predatory behavior which will inspire vigilantism on a widespread, very ugly, and highly kinetic scale.

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