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For anyone who still thinks that the National Post is either conservative or even moderately truthful, watch this stunningly spun and outright lying video about the Trudeau humiliation of a Quebec woman asking an honest question:

PLEASE go to the video at YT and look at the comments. It is a testament to the public they are getting harder to fool.

The video, just for one thing, calls the illegal invaders of Canada “refugees”, which is more than spin. Its a lie. No one can be a refugee from the USA, and its been established that many of them flew into the US to cross at this border to declare refugee status from some other place. And often the places people leave from are not refugee producing nations.

The laws specifically state that the first safe country you land in, is where you are a refugee. Once you leave that, you are a migrant and have to obey international laws, and the laws of the country you are trying to enter.

This is as disappointing as Scheer’s cowardice in banning The Rebel.

But Canada really is a communist country now. The evidence is everywhere but few complain because few understand what communism really is. I will post examples as I am able. Suffice it to say at the moment, that things which were ordinary rights and activities a few years ago, which were actually boring in their normalcy, are now nearly impossible to do, require massive amounts of secrecy or security, and face possible charges even though nothing that is taking place is criminal or immoral, but may contain truths which stand against the Marxist narrative.

This is thanks to the selective enforcement of law so that left wing fascist goons like Antifa can make it too expensive or dangerous to deal with truth that is not Marx friendly, while any even remotely similar actions by non-Marxists will land serious jail time.

In a future post soon, we will see how that is being applied even in the US at the top levels, where the Pakistani brothers who damaged the US in many ways are doing no jail time, while Trump supporters…



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  1. You knocked the ball out of the park with your take on what is happening, HOME RUNS don’t co me any better then what you just did.

  2. I couldn’t access this site yesterday.
    You’re deep in commie Canada, I was terrified.

    I immediately checked GoV. There was a message from the Baron that he’d be away overnight. Maybe to guide you to the Undergound Railroad?!

    Wee hours this morning. I tried the site again.
    All clear.
    O Canada!

    • If/when a shooting war begins with China the Chinese Communist Party is in for a very big surprise, they are no longer facing Obama’s military that was under strength, under funded and massively under trained. While all of the damage hasn’t been repaired enough has been fixed that China will lose the majority of their Navy, all of their artificial Islands and major parts of their overseas bases. The latter from lack of money for China to continue paying for the bases and the lack of supply ships to keep them supplied.

      The article talked about loss of prestige (face) inside China but what about the lose of money from the blockade that the US will impose on all civilian trade with China. A war with the US with Trump in the White House won’t be a short thunderous affair that leaves the world power structure the same after the war is over. Trump will us every weapon at his disposal (economic as well as military) to ensure that China will no longer be a threat to the US.

      The war is more likely if the Dems win the Midterms and move to impeach Trump, China will think that the US will be so distracted we won’t fight effectively.

      • I’d guess Xi would boost efforts to defeat our President in every way possible. In the end, wait him out.
        Election “meddling”?
        now there's a thought…

  3. Quote:

    “…in the video, just for one thing, calls the illegal invaders of Canada “refugees”,…

    Actually, Trudeau also identified them as “irregular arrivals” multiple times (ff 3:35). Watch that term become prevalent south of the border as well.

  4. Sounds more like we have a law breaking, liar for PM. Such a disgrace to peoplekind. Have a nice day from just another racists, nasty, unCanadian, intolerant, Alt-right, Islamophobe, who just happens to love her country.

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