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14 Replies to “Another explanation for murder, than mental illness”

  1. When will these women learn? Nowadays, I have no compassion for them. Too much info available. They walk in the trap, expect to be trapped.

    • They walk in the trap, expect to be trapped.

      With apologies in advance, especially to the ladies of Vlad Tepes Blog, please pardon such a very crude joke as this. However, it’s just too perfect of an opportunity:

      (Be advised that this routine needs just a little more work.)

      A chap named Paul Larr was entirely addicted to being orally serviced by women of any size, shape, color or form. During his extensive sojourns, he routinely kept hearing about this one particular, orally-fixated midget located somewhere in the Far East.

      After promptly selling his house and car, Larr trundled off to Singapore. Upon arriving there, to his utter dismay, he subsequently learned that this diminutive lamprey had moved on to Macau.

      After arriving in Macau, Paul was exceedingly disappointed to be informed that this minuscule little muncher was now in Hong Kong.

      Hopping a shuttle, Larr headed straight for, “The Pearl of The Orient”. After days of relentless searching, finally, he found her. From a distance, all that was visible were a pair of lips that could engulf a pachyderm. These immortal words followed:

      Step into my fly”, said Paul Larr, as he spied her…

      I warned you that this joke needed some work.

  2. The “slipperly slope” that Anne Coulter in her new book means works like this: John Lennon (“Imagine”) draws himself as Adolf with his arm outstretched to the Hitler salute, the audience yell “Hail! Hail! Hail!”.


    Ergo: John Lennon = Hitler, ergo = all Whites = Hitler.

    Apropos imagine: Our so-called Bestmenschen (“untoppable” do-gooders) cannot imagine that creatures who pray to Mecca five times a day and howl “Allahu Akbar” bring a different mental state than we who spend the whole day humming “Always look on the bright side of life”, “Dont’ worry, be happy” or “Heaven is a place on earth” on the radio.

  3. Rock Festival Germany controlled by security now


    Bands who played in Wacken yet

    America’s parents in control mania

    Sandra Ratzow is ARD correspondent in the USA. She took her three children of kindergarten and primary school age to their new place of work. She found that childhood and parenthood are very different in the USA than in Germany. She now doesn’t like to let her children play outside alone, as otherwise she would have to reckon with the police and the youth welfare office standing in front of the door.

    The land of freedom has become a land of fear – especially fear for children. In the US middle class, only a few children spend time out of the control of their parents. Playing on the other side of the street? Impossible. Neighbors could call the police. To the pool alone? Out of the question. breach of supervision. Doing the shopping alone? I can’t do that. Parents are always and everywhere afraid of disaster, accident, kidnapping or even murder.

    And so the middle class children spend their free time only with guided activities, to which they are driven by car or they simply stay indoors in front of the television or at the computer. Friends only meet them under supervision – at organized playdates. And if the parents cannot be present themselves, they rely on technical supervision. There are WebCams in kindergartens, so that also the contact of the educators with the little darling can be supervised. Apps that allow parents to read their children’s text messages or track their calls. From infants – with high-tech soothers – to students, the lives of many young Americans are now completely monitored by their parents.

    Sandra Ratzow meets parents and asks herself why fear is a thing of the past in the land of freedom, visits the electronics fair in Las Vegas, where you can equip yourself with the latest surveillance technology and meets America’s “worst mum”. Lenore Skenazy became famous as the worst mother in the USA because she let her child travel alone by subway in New York. Today she hosts a well-known television show in which she denounces the excesses of child surveillance and gives parents tips on letting go.

    • Parents are always and everywhere afraid of disaster, accident, kidnapping or even murder.

      I used to think that such “helicoptering” or “hovering” was totally OOC (Out Of Control). After reading about ten year-old boys being sodded at German public swimming pools and the like, I no longer feel that way. While things may not be this bad in America (YET): At the earliest opportunity, Muslims will most assuredly import these identical same ASSaults against kaffirs of any age (e.g., 89 year-old women being raped and sodomized by their Muslim care-givers, right here in America).

      All of this “helicoptering” and “hovering” merely is practice for when that favorite Islamic pastime becomes common practice.

      • We watch over all our kids carefully. All the time.
        It’s still a safe community, but it’s a few minutes by train from a monster Islamic Center. And perverts are everywhere, even amongst us.

        So we hover. As casually as possible. But nobody should mark our kids as soft targets.

        We walk to and from everywhere in groups. When we go to the park after services, we’ve got eyes around the entire perimeter.

        Our synagogue burned down some years ago. We’ve been at Israeli levels of terror awareness for about 10 years now. Evacuation drills are part of life.

        Security is low-key, but tight. Almost half of the adults in our congregation have served in the military. Any stranger is immediately greeted, welcomed, invited for lunch…nobody just slips in.

        • But nobody should mark our kids as soft targets.

          Wouldn’t it be exceptionally odd if—for every time that there even was an unsuccessful attack upon a kaffir child—somewhere nearby, a halal store burnt to the ground?

          And please don’t anyone give me that steaming heap’o “cycle of violence” horse hockey. If today’s Muslims cannot find a remotely plausible excuse for their usual festivities, they will just make one up.

          Any stranger is immediately greeted, welcomed, invited for lunch…nobody just slips in.

          … Giving ample opportunity for the new arrival to be gently prodded interrogated and profiled … yust like how El Al Israel Airlines does it. Pure coincidence I’m sure!

          • We’ve got the latest in surveillance equipment, 24/7. Even set up to cover a nearby ultra-Orthodox yeshiva.

            I worry about the Chabadniks for the holidays coming up. They’re so – public – trouble might find them. As in Paris and Mumbai.

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