Andrew Scheer, Conservative party leader of Canada, is looking less and less conservative

Yes, the leader of the opposition has banned The Rebel Media from reporting on the convention.

We can speculate all day and night as to why, and im sure come up with tactical reasons why they may have made this call. But if they are that ideologically bankrupt to ban a major reporting agency for minor optical advantage, then they are no different from who is in power now in significant ways.

We want principled leadership based on government protection of individual rights.

Notice that no matter how much CNN outright fabricates lies against President Trump, he not only has not shut them down, but has not shut them out except for individual reporters who have disrupted and otherwise behaved so badly it could not be tolerated for the sake of other reporters.

That was principled.

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7 Replies to “Andrew Scheer, Conservative party leader of Canada, is looking less and less conservative”

  1. This is exactly how the UK voted Conservative and got Elizabeth May. Fear of political correctness. Trump is fearless. Orban is fearless. All the rest are a bunch of quaking Quislings afraid of being ostracised by the cool kids if they say something “wrong”. If Scheer doesn’t have the balls to let The Rebel cover the convention he’ll never have the balls to do anything contrary to the politically correct force field. He will always nod to climate change and say that Islam is a religion of peace and blah-dee-blah-dee-blah. This is very disappointing…

      • Once again a political leader has betrayed freedom, you would think we would be use to it by now but it is always a shock to find that once again we have been sold into slavery by those who are suppose to protect our freedom.

  2. The situation is so bad that I would recommend voting for the NDP and informing the Conservative Headquarters of your decision, preferably by phone or email.
    A vote for the NDP is a vote less for Justin Trudeau and Andrew Scheer.
    See how they freak out on that one!

  3. Harper was by far the best Canadian Prime Minister within my lifetime. The Canadian media insists on downplaying him and presenting him as a mediocre bore, but he was way ahead of the vast majority of world leaders. Stephen Harper actually knows what’s going on, whereas Mr. Scheer apparently does not. He probably thinks that Islamic terrorism is the result of a tiny fraction of the Muslim population that are misinterpreting the Quran for their own political ends. He might as well be Rob Reiner…

    • Stephen Harper just looked like Canada to me.

      Handsome, well-spoken, a man of integrity. A genuinely decent man. A Christian, a natural friend of Israel.

      I hold a mental picture of him sitting with Pres. Milos Zeman, laughing at some anecdote the old gentleman was telling. Such a natural statesman seemed perfect for the Canada I knew and loved.

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