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3 Replies to “Somali stabs German doctor to death in front of his 10 year old daughter”

  1. Saxon police brutally attacked by Libyans – Video —
    A police patrol in Plauen, a town in the southwest of the Free State of Saxony, got into serious trouble on Thursday. There’s a video on the net that doesn’t require a lot of words to say.The scenes took place at the Post square in Plauen. The officers arrest a Libyan, for whom an arrest warrant has been issued. The situation escalates as more people get involved. The policemen are beaten and kicked by the men. The Libyan in custody leaves the patrol car and disappears.
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    • I like the Star Trek outfits on the German Police. It makes them look like harmless nerds at a Trekkie convention. They certainly had the Libyans quaking in their boots. And how about that weaponry? Really showed those bad guys, didn’t they? Not as much as a flyswatter between them. What’s that, the new woman-designed nurturing police force? Why don’t they hand out little bottles of milk to everyone? That should keep them quiet…

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