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14 Replies to “This is some remarkable jingoism”

  1. Ah, those mysterious muslim kids that are slaughtered in the treets of the US. Linda Sarsour mentioned them before, I have yet to come across a single case.
    Maybe it’s wisghful thinking..

  2. So how many disenfranchized people will hear this and say, “Count me in, Sister”? The horrible fact is that fully half of the population is too unintelligent to be able to understand even the simplest of current events and can be swayed by people like this because they simply don’t have the equipment to understand the issues. They are too dumb. They get everything wrong. You can read them the simplest headline and they can’t understand any of it. And yes, I realize that I sound exactly like Adolf fucking Hitler when I say this… It’s not my fault. It’s true…

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