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8 Replies to “Two news videos from Germany”

  1. Attempted honour killing in Kerpen, Germany — Turk attacked a couple with an axe — one critically wounded and one seriously wounded —
    In front of a supermarket in the town of Kerpen on Sindorfer Street, a man attacked a woman and her partner around 3 pm on Friday. According to police, the couple were attacked with an axe. According to initial information, the man was taken to a clinic by rescue helicopter, the woman was taken to a hospital by ambulance. Both were seriously injured in the attack. It was said at the scene that the alleged perpetrator had been arrested. According to the current state of the investigation, the heavy attack with a butcher axe in Kerpen district Hitdorf is a so-called honour killing attempt. According to the first findings of the Homicide Department, a 43-year-old man of Turkish origin is said to have caused serious injuries to his former life companion (47 y/o) from Thailand and her friend from Poland (44 y/o). A witness rammed the attacker with a shopping trolley, causing the suspect to sustain minor injuries and be treated briefly in a hospital. The homicide investigation into an attempted homicide is ongoing.
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  2. I just read that the doctor´s daughter (10) was there when her father died in practice –

    “Neighbor Johanna Skopp (73) lives directly above the practice. She said to BILD: “I was still in bed, just wanted to get up when I heard pitiful screams.” The senior continued: “The daughter of the doctor called out several times” Dad, dad! “When she pulled up the shutters and looked at the street, she saw blue light everywhere already.”


    Another of Merkel´s guest destroys another family.

  3. ARD – Kontraste: Die Clans – Arabische Großfamilien in Deutschland

    Kriminelle Clans aus arabischen Großfamilien beschäftigen mehr denn je Polizei, Politik und Presse.

    Spektakuläre Coups wie der Diebstahl der Goldmünze aus dem Berliner Bode-Museum oder der KaDeWe-Raub verschaffen den Tätern Legendenstatus. Ehrenmorde und Gruppengewalt stiften sozialen Unfrieden und schüren Angst.

    Oft genügt es, wenn die Clans mit ihren Namen drohen.

    Wer sind diese Familien?

    Wie genau sieht ihre abgeschottete Parallelwelt aus?

    Wo kommen sie her?

    Was denken die Clanmitglieder über den deutschen Rechtsstaat?

    Antworten geben sie selbst in dieser exklusiven Reportage aus der Welt der Clans.

    • For those of you who don’t understand German here a google translation;

      ARD – Contrasts: The clans – Arab extended families in Germany

      More than ever before, criminal clans from Arabian extended families are employing police, politicians and the press.
      Spectacular coups such as the theft of the gold coin from the Berlin Bode Museum or the KaDeWe robbery give the perpetrators legendary status.
      Honor killings and group violence create social strife and fuel fear.
      Often it is enough for the clans to threaten their names.
      Who are these families?
      How exactly does your isolated parallel world look like?
      Where are you from?
      What do the members of the clan think about the German constitutional state?
      Answer them yourself in this exclusive report from the world of clans.

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