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7 Replies to “The FBI was involved with the plot to kill Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, and attendees at the Texas cartoon contest”

  1. The above video: “FBI tried to kill Robert Spencer?” could be the reason why Patreon/MC banned Robert Spencer.

    “Patreon and Mastercard ban Robert Spencer without explanation”
    Robert Spencer – August 15, 2018

    The video was published on August 14, 2018.
    Patreon/MC bans Robert Spencer on August 15, 2018.

    FBI – Credit Card Fraud

  2. Robert Spencer: “I am not “anti-Muslim.” I oppose jihad terror and Sharia oppression of women, non-Muslims, and others. I am no more “anti-Muslim” than foes of the Nazis were “anti-German.””

    Mashing together two very different concepts. It would be like me saying, “I don’t like the extreme ideology of Nazism but I don’t mind Nazis,” A violent cult that demonstrates daily that they hold all non-believers as inferior where even the most ignorant of The Believers are superior, inshallah.

    Welfare from the Sky is just as poisonous as Welfare from the State as is Welfare from Identity.

    These, with their religions on their sleeves, are the Zombie Apocalypse in recent history seen in Russian, Armenia and China and their satellites.

    “I am no more “anti-Muslim” than foes of the Nazis were “anti-German.”””

    Famous last words.

    • I am afraid that the days of such moral high ground fence sitting are fast coming to an end. Do remember that Spencer was in it from the very start and has always tried to be ultra moral WRT islam and muslims. However the extrapolation between Nazis and muslims is false. Many rural Germans and most older Germans were untouched by Nazi indoctrination throughout the entire war and thought them a little peculiar. However, like all Germans after Versailles they rode the victory happiness of 39-40. But when Hitler turned to the USSR and the RAF continued to bomb(however feebly) cynicism amongst such Germans started to increase but it never became mutinous or organized (the white rose was Christian morality in action NOT political). But it made no difference as all sides had long ceased to worry about collateral damage. Spencer is trying to dodge the islamophobia tag as he earns not a little from his knowledge but sooner or later he will have to “get off” the fence. It is ironic that he has tried so hard to be fair to muslims and yet they still target him.

  3. It doesn’t matter whether Robert Spencer criticizes Muslims or not. He exposes and criticizes the Islamic doctrine and that is punishable according to the Sharia. All these companies are dhimmis and allow the voice of the Muslims to control their business in this manner. So they operate now under the Sharia instead of Constitutional laws.

    The Muslims are quick to protest as a group and are quite effective at it. They are programmed to act like ants or bees since their doctrine elevates the collective, the ummah, over individuals. Until we can form groups whose individuals are afraid to stand up and protest in response to them, we will lose the battle for our civilization.

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