Turks smash their own property to hurt the US

In the comments, C. has posted links to many hysterical examples of this odd form of protest. My favorite one so far is this one:

I would encourage that kid to quit that habit altogether. He doesn’t look like he needs to drink Coke. But I have heard it can be bad for the plumbing as well.

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    • It has always fascinated me that some cultures see destruction of their own property, businesses, community and even hurting their own members as a form of protest. Granted sometimes it spreads to destruction and harm to others, yet so often it is only destructive to those who are innocent bystanders in their own community. Forever cutting the whole community off from the ability to prosper and enjoy the fruits of a modern society. Africa is currently in this downward spiral and now Turkey and places in the EU and the U.S like what happened in Ferguson recently and Watts in the past. Destruction of self to protest imagined victimization is beyond my comprehension. It is the mentality of a 2 year old (terrible 2’s) smashing toys because they don’t work “right”. I think the question is are these cultures retarded, a majority of their members less than mentally capable of living in a modern educated society? Unable to live in a society that is not ruled by tyrants and or a tyrannical quasi religion that dictates their every breath.

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