Surprisingly OK CBC piece on the current Saudi-Canada dispute

Based on the extremely low standards I have for CBC reporting on anything classical liberal or concerning an Islamic issue, this clip is amazingly good. Kind of like if your dog fills the kiddie pool.. Not the greatest engineer in the world or anything, but one hell of a surprise from a dog.

I would suggest there are serious omissions however.

To understand Saudi Arabia you have to understand the geopolitics of the polity. That they chose to be rich, not strong, and they use their wealth as a weapon of geopolitical influence and to great effect. This is the situational norm of the Kingdom’s modus.

The other thing is that there is a high probability that Canadians are working in the KSA providing critical technical support for many central aspects of their lives. Water plants perhaps and more. The Kingdom has whole compounds of kufars which are special non-sharia, no go zones for the locals, full of experts who are there to actually help.

A fascinating inversion in fact of a muslim no-go zone in the West.

Perhaps we could pull out all of our experts?

Seems like a fitting thing to do should we continue to imagine we have earned the right to criticize their foreign policy while aiding and abetting sharia practices here in Canada.


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  1. If you want to know what the world would be like if the Nazis had won World War II look no further than Saudi Arabia. It’s 100% Jew-free and nobody has any rights except the elite group of “Nazis” called the “Saud family”. Criticize them at your peril…

  2. I cannot fathom the hypocrisy of the Trudeau government which, while promoting and protecting primitive, blood-thirsty Islam in Canada, chooses to criticize the Saudis over human rights.

    • yes there is something really odd about this whole thing. Makes me think there is not a lot of unity in the Trudeau government.

      One suspects the Ambassador was acting alone. That, or the Trudopians want us to think they stand for classical values to deflect from their domestic policies of all for Marxism and Islam and damned be the liberal past.

      • Yes, they’re being criticized nationwide for their open border mismanagement and what to say about the failed NAFTA deal.
        Trump is ignoring Justin and Canada’s allies also. Justin is an utter failure everywhere including the pipeline.
        Raif Badawi is not a recent development and they never tweeted to KSA about it. Why now? And why in Arabic?
        Other forces are at work. We all know the Muslim Brotherhood in Canada is influencing our government.

  3. Another interesting theory – comment from Conservative Tree House

    ” Don’t censor me bro (@Soap_Boxxer) says:
    August 8, 2018 at 4:47 pm

    At first, I thought that maybe MBS/KSA were overreacting to some incident to put pressure on Canada so they would come rushing to our POTUS and that was all arranged to push them toward a trade settlement as part of mediation.

    Now it seems something else is afoot. It is possible that Canada has become desperate for cash and are willing to commit treason etc, ala Obama for cash and kind and that the support of these “activists” in KSA comes with strings attached and also cash from whomsoever is sponsoring those activists.

    I don’t believe any social justice activism on part of Canada is afoot- I believe that pay for play is going on and Canada may have been a conduit for muslim brotherhood activities in KSA. No wonder the USA opted out of mediation.”

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