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2 Replies to “Daily laugh: Saudi Arabia projects attributes like Olympic Discus throwers”

  1. Those Swordy Arabians are a joy. If “Canada” was a real country it would take this opportunity to expel every Swordy and recall all “Canadians” esp those with technical expertise. Surely, if PM Treason can compensate his jihadi network with millions and give the “Palestinians” $40M, he can allocate money for lost earnings to our recalled “citizens”.

  2. The Saudi Crown Prince has the best American PR money can buy. Crafted by such a master – PTrump – we’re actually rooting for the Magic Kingdom. Maybe they’d take PM Treason and the MB/commies who love them to Swordy. Play dress-up and bilk the natives.
    Pot calls kettle!
    Thomas Wictor trashs Alex Jones as conspiracy theorist.

    “If you believe Alex Jones, the government constantly engages in conspiracies that people with an IQ of 87 can instantly see through.

    (5) The same “crisis actors” at every scene. The school was close. There was a second gunman. The security guard was bribed.
    And so on, forever.
    The conspiracies are CLUMSY and instantly exposed.

    (6) Guess what?
    When the government doesn’t want you to know about something, you will not know about it.”
    …. ….
    The same “crisis actors” at every scene.
    – – the same “Saudi infiltrators” at every battle in every war.
    This is the same Wictor who gets one angle of a one-minute battle video in Iraq/Syria/Yemen and deduces it was staged by actors. Reveals that such-and-such General or President is dead, replaced by multiple body-doubles.

    …when the government makes things secret, they STAY secret.
    PTrump and Fat-Kim have known each other for years. They have a secret phone line installed by Saudis[!], talk all the time. Father-son relationship.

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