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6 Replies to “There are so many levels at which, this is so horribly wrong”

  1. Sweden is dead anyway. It passed the point of no-return. Wanting to be too friendly gets you nowhere. We’re surrounded with traitors and infiltrators and we’re powerless because dishonest media is our greatest enemy.

  2. This amounts to the real life Zombie apocalypse of modern western societies. Sweet, well-intentioned people who have had their brains consumed by internet-age Progressivism have died yet walk on, ghoulishly trying to consume young or impressionable brains. Moral Relativism, mantras of Diversity, Inclusion, Tolerance, and Social Justice are the mellifluent language worms that have hollowed out their skulls. Zombie conversations invariably chant Trump, Israel, Nazis, Christian Fundamentalism, Right-wing Extremism…blah, blah, blah. Counter with Islam, hijrah, Redgreen axis, NeoMarxism, Deep State and all other fronts in this war and their volley returned is silence (if they pose as friends). Otherwise it is violence. Their smug, self-righteous arrogance is lost to them but not to us. They are automatons incapable of escape. They insist on telling others what to think and feel.

    “Swallow glass,” he said.
    “No,” said I.
    “Nazi!” said he.

  3. I would basically agree with everything that guy said except that I know that by the word, “Nazi” he means me. If I say that I don’t want unrestricted Sunni Muslim immigration from known terrorist-supporting countries I am by his definition a “Nazi”. If I say that women and men have different basic interests and therefore follow different life-paths, then I am also a “Nazi”. If I point out that there is absolutely no scientific indication that CO2 gas has any effect on the Earth’s temperature – which is true – then I am a “Nazi”. If I agree with Vladimir Putin that young people – especially boys – should not be exposed to pro-homosexual propaganda, then I am a “Nazi”. If I believe that freedom of speech should be sacrosanct, then I am a “Nazi”…

    I give up. I guess I must be a “Nazi”. Who knew…?

  4. This guy [PM Löfven] is beyond contempt. His party the Social Democrats of Sweden has been a Nazi party for the last 100 years.
    Before and during the war they collaborated with the German Nazi party.
    Jews fleeing Nazi Germany were refused entry and sent back to die in the death camps.
    Norwegians fleeing occupied Norway were also refused entry.
    Sweden provided iron ore and industrial goods to feed the German war machine.
    Swedes who were considered sub-standard were forcibly sterilized to protect the Glorious Nordic gene pool. Some of them were even being euthanized for being useless members of society.
    The list of crimes of the Social Democrats of Sweden goes on and on.
    Watch this documentary;

    • Then there are exceptional individuals: Per Ahlmark.

      Sweden’s Prophet

      …Over five decades, Per Ahlmark was a singular voice of moral clarity against not only tyrants and totalitarians who threatened life, liberty, and democracy, but also against their fellow travelers in Sweden and throughout the West.
      This “treason of intellectuals,” he argued, was committed not just by lesser-known writers or thinkers, but by leading personalities such as prime ministers and other cabinet ministers, ambassadors, newspaper editors-in-chief and high-profile scholars.

      Seduced by radical politics, they turned into apologists for Communist repression – for Mao’s China, Castro’s Cuba, even Pol Pot’s Cambodia. In Sweden alone, Per showed, these fellow travelers published thousands of articles and hundreds of books and pamphlets to “explain” third world dictators or even terrorism against the West and Jews.

      These intellectuals accepted dictatorship in faraway lands out of an inverted racism: oppression that they would never tolerate in Sweden was somehow acceptable for others. “The totalitarian temptation,” he wrote, “is one of the saddest human follies of the last century.”…


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