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24 Replies to “Tommy Robinson’s treatment in prison”

  1. I teared up, this man is a hero, how does he do it. I am in awe of him and I hate my country for this, most of all I hate the UK government and the establishment for doing this to him. That is not the country that I was once so proud to be a citizen off. I can’t say more than that.

    All during the period that he was a political prisoner I made sure not to buy a single product from the country of my birth, after hearing that I think I will continue to do that even though I want so much to support Brexit.

  2. Hopefully he recovers. He seems affected mentally as well. Understandable for what he’s been through. It seems like this was also a high-profile demonstration of the new British Soviet penal system.

    • The purpose of the mental torture is to break his will to resist the tyrants that are running Britain, it will take many months if not years of loving care for him to recover. If he hadn’t been released he would have been in a total mental collapse by the time his sentence was over.

      The Soviets use to use a sensory deprivation tank to break people they wanted to interrogate without leaving visible marks.

    • I wouldn’t worry to much about him.
      Tommy is the quintessential British streetfighter tough as nails and meaner than a yunkyard dog. He’ll go down and up again to fight another day.
      He has an all consuming fire raging inside of him, the future of his children.
      He may be down but he is far from out.

      • I didn’t say he wouldn’t fight just that it will take months to years for him to return to normal, once of the reactions to this treatment is to become very touch and possibly violent. The SF author David Drake use to write about soldiers who were suffering from massive PTSD, after he wrote the book “Redliners” he pretty much stopped. Writing that book purged most of the Demons from his system, many vets say this is the best work on what combat does to the human brain they have found.

  3. I can only hope that what happened to Tommy Robinson will awaken the citizens of Western European nations. Every one of them is a Tommy Robinson waiting to erupt. The socialists fear them.

  4. The evil of the UK’s fast-tracked-promoted Diversity Civil Servants. An Identity-Politic Marxist in every Common Purpose position. Tommy had no chance. His death was the only thing they could not permit… …yet.


    TR will be on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program tonight, Thursday, at 8PM NY time.
    I read this on the Tommytrial.com site this morning.
    Whoever knows how to snatch footage from TV shows would you please do so and post it here? We don’t get the cable news programs and I can’t even watch it on the computer because my internet provider knows we don’t pay for it and blocks it.

    • Its a very safe bet that someone will stream it via Youtube live as its broadcast. Quite common with Hannity and Carlson when they have something big going. It is nearly guaranteed that shortly after the broadcast, FOX will post it to Youtube along with a dozen others in varying quality. It will be posted here, probably at 10:00 ET.

  6. Psychiatric Effects of Solitary Confinement

    p. 347 The Perceived Intent of the Isolation Experience

    …[A]nother critical factor in determining the effect of isolation appears to be the perceived intent of the isolation. Experimental research has demonstrated that an individual who receives clues which cause him to experience the isolation situation as potentially threatening is far more likely to develop adverse psychiatric reactions to the isolation experience.…


    • It will take time for Tommy to recover from his torture.

      Will someone who knows Tommy tell him that his experiences as a political prisoner are as bad as those soldiers go through in combat. He has nothing to be ashamed of because he had and once again has PTSD.

      • Remind him soldiers get to shoot back at their enemy, all he could do was hold on to his temper and suffer, that takes as much or more courage then combat.

  7. Who needs the National Post
    What a fucking lot of fake news
    Bias shithole report
    Fox News all day and all night
    And of course The Rebel
    With the Cat Fur
    And of course this site
    Who else presents facts

    A great joy to be with a large group
    OHhhhhh Tommy Tommy, Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy Robinson

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