One can learn a lot from this tweet

If I was to take this person’s testimony as gospel, I would say that the Black Panthers are not communist and want to better the lives of black Americans in a very classical sense. Education, income, security and so on. This would mean they are 180 degrees away from Black Lives Matters, who want an end to free market economies and the destruction of classical civilization altogether.

But people who know these groups better than I will straighten me out I am certain in the comments.

H/T Brad J.

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  1. There is always Wakanda…no need to throw out/kill the white farmers there as subsistence is the WTG..did they omit to mention the ongoing slavery and slave raids that have been the sine qua non of all black African culture for millennia? I will believe that this fellow is serious if and when he is still saying the same thing in 10 years.

  2. He’s honest, far as I understand him.
    He’s groomed like a regular American, instead of that pseudo-Afro, I-am-the-enemy cosplay.
    But maybe I’m kinda naive.

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