Fast 4: Leftists and Islam, Aug. 2, 2018

1. Its like in order to become a PoMo, commie leftie, you have to have your sense of irony surgically removed

Trump-hating comedienne Kathy Griffin recently admitted that she built a wall at her $10.5 million mansion to shield herself from a neighbor who supported the president after her controversial photo shoot showing her hoisting Donald Trump’s bloody severed head.

Griffin appeared in a video tour of her palatial California estate with Youtube star Shane Dawson earlier this month. At one point during the recording, Griffin admitted that she had been feuding with her neighbor, KB Homes CEO Jeffery Mezger, especially after she debuted her widely panned bloody head photos of the president.


“I have a neighbor on this side, and for some reason, ever since my Trump picture, he stands there and screams ‘Hey you fucking dike, you fucking cunt,’” Griffin said in the video.

(And how the hell did she get that rich? It cannot possibly be from comedy. No one heard of her before her severed head stunt, and whatever that was, it wasn’t funny)

2. I might have posted this before, But I would like every Canadian to know:

In fact I think he used three military jets to get him back to his summer surf vacation after his one hour photo op 8 days or so after the Danforth shooting. The Challenger, and 2, CF-18s.

3. It is said that everyone “has a price”. We now know what the integrity of the people who run Snopes’ alleged fact checking service is. By the way, if you run the owner’s new wife’s name through search engines, make sure there are no children in the room.

4. The Economist has to use tortured language in their headlines, like we all do these days, to make an important point. Islam is crushing much of Africa.

Thank you Xanthippa, M., Richard, Wrath of Khan, PC., Johnny U., and everyone out there who is paying attention.

This week may have some serious events taking place. Keep one eye on Portland.

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  1. This week may have some serious events taking place. Keep one eye on Portland.

    Portland is the most likely flashpoint but not the only one, just about any big city on the Left Coast or in New England is a prime location for trouble. The people in New England know this and while the three states (New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania) are contributing the most New Missourians the other New England states are contributing people. People are also moving in mass to Texas, Kansas and Alaska.

  2. 4 on the same page of the economist was this little nugget:
    “The world is losing the war against climate change. Rising energy demand means use of fossil fuels is heading in the wrong direction”
    Note how they ignore the burgeoning populations (and their wood fires) of Africa and Asia and the real cause: gross overpopulation never merits a word. All of this green rubbish has done is to make energy more expensive and make late night walks on a cold windless night a pulmonary survival epic through the clouds of wood smoke that sit in valleys everywhere.

    Africa gets what it deserves from my experiences.

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