FULL Viktor Orban Speech from July 26, 18

MANY thanks to CrossWare and to Gates of Vienna for the enormous amount of work that went into bring us all one of the true masters of real politic and geopolitics who is leading a country in the world today.

This is a great one. While all of PM Orban’s speeches are worthy of our time and attention, in this one he hits a lot of top notes.

I am really looking forward to the comments on this one. For those that have followed Viktor Orban’s speeches here at Vlad or on our Youtube channel, and also read the clear and clearly deliberate misrepresentations of them by MSMs like the New York Times, this is also one to watch and compare with what little reportage their is on it.

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  1. Wonderful speech. As Tommy Robinson is becoming a symbol of western tyranny, Orban becomes a symbol of the lost classical liberalism which made the west great.

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