Terrorism, leftist thuggish profs and Islam: Links 1, Aug. 1, 2018

1. Thankfully, a citizen is tracking the legal proceedings against the professor who, wearing a mask and in the second rank of an ANTIFA mob, attacked someone with a bike lock in a way that could have been lethal.

2. High Court’s quashing of Sipo Soros funds decision welcomed by Amnesty

Amnesty International Ireland has welcomed the High Court’s quashing of a demand by the Standards in Public Office (Sipo) Commission that it return a € 137,000 donation from a foundation funded by financier and philanthropist George Soros.

(Well. Now we know why Amnesty International has become a commie anti-western outfit like Doctors Without Borders and all these other NGOs who are destroying the first world.)

3. Russians raid you know who for you know what. (I don’t want to have a Toronto school teacher ruining my hearing)

4. Ezra does interview with BBC:

Lets all hope Ezra recorded it from his side. Something all of us now have to do whenever we face a legacy camera.

5. Breaking Ranks, Italian Bishop Blasts ‘Collective’ Trashing of Matteo Salvini

The bishop of Chioggia has criticized Catholic attacks on Interior Minister Matteo Salvini for his efforts to curb illegal immigration, noting that people’s frustration with Italy’s immigration situation “is not irrational.”

Addressing a recent cover story in Famiglia Cristiana, Italy’s largest Catholic publication, which compared Mr. Salvini with the devil, Bishop Adriano Tessarollo said he thinks it is “stupid” to identify the magazine with all Catholic priests.


“Let’s stop this collectivizing mentality,” the bishop said in an interview with Corriere del Veneto. “Broad categorical judgements are the most malevolent and offensive thing there is.”


Famiglia Cristiana “is not the voice of the Church,” he said.

6. And what multipost would be complete without a minute or two with Linda “The cockroach” Sarsour.

Thank you Xanthippa, M., Wrath of Khan, EB., Richard, Charles, and all who sent in materials and there are many of you and there are a lot of great materials.

I do ask all who visit the site to try and find time to watch Viktor Orban’s speech. It is a voice of clarity in a sea of undeveloped mental noise. Someone who understands processes, can see solutions and implement them. And the proof is in the numbers.

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    • Related: “UPDATE BRAZIL – Communists Reveal Secrets: With Special Guest Jimmy from Brooklyn”
      Terça Livre TV – Steamed live on March 3, 2018

      • Jeff Nyquist mention this article: “Red Pasha”

        “Tragic Lose of Red Pasha”
        Oleg B. Ozerov – March 11, 2016


        On December 20, 1917, i.e. two months after the victory of the rebellion in Petrograd, the Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin made a statement “To all Muslims of the East”. The document declared that Arabs as well as all Muslims have the right to be masters of their countries and “set their lives in their own image and likeness” (Vasiliev A.M 1993: 11).

        At that moment Moscow was guided by understanding Islam as a close ideology to the Communist doctrine. It proclaimed ideals of equality, announced all Muslims as brothers, called for justice, advised to share the wealth with the poor. Islam was viewed in Moscow as the religion of people under exploitation as a form of protest against the oppression and colonialism. Soviet Russia believed that at some stage this ideology combined with anti-colonial slogans of the national self-determination could be transformed or absorbed by Communism. The Middle East was a huge reservoir of fresh energy, which could fuel the wide cauldron of the world revolution.

        Part II

        • Jimmy from Brooklyn mentioned “he Terror Network” by Claire Sterling.

          “The Terror Network: Russia and International Terrorism; w/ Claire Sterling (1981)”
          VisionLiberty – Published on April 21, 2013

          • Claire Sterling wrote for The Atlantic and the NYT – before they dove off the far left edge of the world.

            It was so clear then that the Soviets were grooming tardish terrorists like Arafat as well as classics like the Red Brigade.

  1. There is one thing in Viktor Orban’s speech that for me doesn’t fit. That the leaders of Europe are incompetent, he says, because they failed to control migration. But they didn’t and don’t want to control it. On the contrary, they wish to facilitate it, to continue it, to repopulate Europe, to replace us. This is their intention, their plan, and they are succeeding, so are, arguably, not incompetent but competent in this regard.

    • Viktor Orban has a very mature way of dealing with other leaders and politicians. He gives them the benefit of the doubt that they are trying to do what they say they are doing, but failed. So he takes a correct path.

      This is the right way to proceed. If you visit our Youtube channel and watch the videos of Orban you have there, you will clearly clearly see what he thinks of the EU, its plans, the NGOs and Soros control of them etc.

      Have no doubts about what Orban knows and what his policies are.

      But in formal declarations, he is willing to pretend they are well motivated as it avoids giving them ammo to attack him, Hungary, the V4 etc.

      Better that the EU, Euronews, and the New York Times continues to fabricate charges against him than have him say something the left can start winding up their klaxons about, despite its context or truth.

      When we point to obvious falsehoods, we win.

      • I believe your explanation can be applied to the prospect of an EU army. The dangers are clear. The company policy, however, can be paid lip service until it is executed, then alternatives argued. The V4 still have veto power.

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