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  1. Czech Prime Minister Says Illegal Migration Should Be Fought at All Costs (sputniknews, Jul 29, 2018)

    “Illegal migration should be countered at all costs, Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis told Novinky outlet following a meeting with the head of Germany’s Bavaria region, Markus Soeder.

    “After the talks with the Bavarian minister president, I am even more convinced that illegal migration should be fought at all costs. The society in Germany is split,” Babis told the outlet in an interview, published on Saturday.

    Babis said, regarding the European Commision’s proposal to encourage member states to accept migrants, that the commission was wrong in its assessment of the situation. The migrants should be given help in their countries, the Czech prime minister said.
    Babis added that the Czech Republic had many other problems to solve, including the low income level of many of its citizens.

    In his June statement, the Czech prime minister hailed the step back from the quotas system under which each EU state was expected to take in a certain number of refugees. The system was the source of conflict in the bloc as several countries were unwilling to meet the requirements.”

  2. Erdogan Warns US Could Lose Partner if Doesn’t Change Attitude Toward Turkey (sputniknews, Jul 29, 2018)

    “Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that Pastor Brunson will not be a part of a prisoner swap deal with the United States despite US President Donald Trump’s remarks on sanctions.

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the United States should not forget that it would lose a strong and sincere partner if it does not change its attitude toward Turkey, announcing that Pastor Brunson will not be a part of a prisoner swap deal with US.

    Erdogan also said that the remarks by Donald Trump about possible sanctions against Turkey were a “psychological warfare”.

    “I think this is psychological warfare. We will not step back with sanctions. We did not haggle regarding Brunson,” Erdogan said, as quoted by Haberturk newspaper.

    Erdogan also said that Turkey may turn to international arbitration if the United States fails to deliver of F-35 fighter jets to Ankara, noting that there are other options. Previously, an addition to the US defense policy bill for 2019 revealed that the process of transferring the F-35 jets to Turkey that it had already paid for would be temporarily frozen…”

    • Erdogan Warns US Could Lose Partner if Doesn’t Change Attitude Toward Turkey

      “It may be your bat and ball (and ballpark, city, and county), but I’m going home anyway!” [wah!]

  3. Study: YouTube Failed to Stop Jihadis from Uploading 1,348 Propaganda Videos (breitbart, Jul 28, 2018)

    “An estimated 278 potential jihadi-linked accounts uploaded 1,348 Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) videos on YouTube between March and June this year, the Counter Extremism Project (CEP) revealed in a study published shortly after the research period…”

    • Study: YouTube Failed to Stop Jihadis from Uploading 1,348 Propaganda Videos

      Study: YouTube REFUSED to Stop Jihadis from Uploading 1,348 Propaganda Videos

      There, fixed that!

      Thankyouverymuch, I’ll be here all week … Please try the veal.

  4. When Buckingham palace had to be restored there were no masons in Europe with the requisite quality of desired skills. So, as usual for such, they had to go to Russia to find them. This is quite so for so many older skills that now replaced by robotic stamping machines etc.. Putin worries me but I still respect him and see him as far preferable to anyone else there as right now the west(and I INCLUDE Russia) direly needs strong leaders. Imagine the uproar if May said this. This is why I see Russia as the last hope of the white man.

    • Dear Michelle,

      Whenever time allows, please get back to me about your knowledge regarding where the masons and mosaicists (you so honorably mention) came from who were required to create one of modern Western Civilization’s most splendid (and sadly curtailed) jewel-boxes, ever to have been opened to the eyes of mankind (i.e., the pre-2000s JP Getty Malibu Museum).

      P’raps, at another opportunity, I’ll type out several dozen pages about this once-upon-a-time, insanely compact and densely populated collation of masterworks from nearly the entire breadth, width, and time-line of Western civilization.

      I’m referring to the original Malibu Getty Museum (on the Pacific Coast Highway) whose, any-of-which varied and assorted, randomly selected display piece might have been the central work-of-art in any other lesser museum’s entire catalogue.

      For all of those who are reading this, especially any who were unfortunate enough to miss witnessing this stunning convolation, there is no way (not even with supreme smugness) to spank you sufficiently for having bypassed this concentration of fine art in such a trim and tidy, stunningly authentic archaeological reconstruction in much of modern history.

      DANGER WILL ROBINSON!!!: Just attempting to find a simple definition of the word, “convolation” has yust-about-crashed my seestime wherein I’m ready to heave-up give up on this definition search.

      To bore the everleeving crap out of everyone … regarding Western Art: As in sculptures of mere ancient Greek torsos that would make ANY “Art Museum” slobber all over their Champagne and Chardonnay soused patrons to sponsor—much less the wall of Rembrandt’s, perfect Louis 14th furnished period-piece chambers or (the insane kunstkammers selections) whose jeweler’s “skillzs” and insane precision yust about make your eyes wanna bleed.

      I’ll stop now.

      (Anyone here that ever was fortunate enough to clock in at the original, insanely accurate, PCH Malibu Herculenium-style reconstruction of Pompeii’s “Villa dei Papiri”, truly caught on to something—however puny, yet, unbelievably concentrated—that transcended nearly every other fine-arts museum there is.)

  5. Notice: I may have to post this article in separate parts due to whatever lunatic web restraints there are on people who post complex information.

    Notes from Norseradish: Why these Islamic Election Festivities may Doom Muslims

    PREFACE: What follows is a sneak preview of a much larger essay dealing with the global Digital Divide—wherein computer literacy will be a decisive criteria regarding who makes it into the 22nd or 23rd centuries. This crisis is not limited only to Islam. As in: There also is looming an Opioid and Drop-Out Digital Divide. Anywhere that has low literacy levels will be among the very first to feel these pressures. This is especially so with large cities and conurbations that exhibit these illiteracy (and innumeracy) issues. With increasing frequency, employers around the world simply will be asking themselves: “Should I tolerate sullen, under-performing, and pilfering workers, or just go out and buy a machine that replaces several of them?”

    PROLOGUE: Although seemingly askew from the Digital Divide topic, these bombings of polling stations throughout the Islamic world represent an early symptom of an even deeper retardation for all Muslims.

    Explosion Hits Western Pakistan Amid Election: at Least 28 Killed

    At present, election authentications in most Muslim countries require voters to cluster up at polling stations. For Islamic terrorists, that is an irresistible opportunity to enrich all involved. Now, imagine how eager these mullahocracies are to have safe and secure Internet balloting so voters can secretly make their political decisions without gathering at any particular polling spot? There’s a tidy little Sahel-sized mine field, all by its not-so-little self. Please recall that one of Thomas Edison’s very first inventions was a voting machine—which the politicians roundly hated because it did not allow them to stuff ballot boxes.

  6. Notice: I may have to post this article in separate parts due to whatever lunatic web restraints there are on people who post complex information.

    Notes from Norseradish: Why these Islamic Election Festivities may Doom Muslims


    One of the many dozens of essays in my hopper involves, “Islam and the Digital Divide”. Most of this world’s Muslims are not going to make it through the upcoming automation and AI (Artificial Intelligence) bottleneck—as in: some 40% of this world’s jobs are going away, forever. Think of it as a (sadly unintentional) Western technological jihad against Islam’s most vulnerable socioeconomic outposts.

    Europe is a perfect example of this. Essentially, the EU recently has imported over a million Obsolete Farming Implements. This, just as The Continent is experiencing some of the most dramatic (Post-WWII) modernization—including agricultural automation. There is no way, nor is there enough time and money, to get all of these semi-retarded future astronauts ready for a functional (much less productive) role in the high technology West.

    SIDEBAR: Absent any professional career path, what corridors of activity do you think these hostile parasites will be patrolling? Back-alleys, bordellos, buggerfests? Now, multiply that unpleasant equation times one million.

    Ergo, by the time Islam has barely managed to get its curly-toed slippers on marginally modernize, even those minimal skills will face a drastic drop in demand by employers.

    Looking at this through a wider lens, closing the door on ijtihad (i.e., independent thought) may have helped entrench Islam’s nascent patriarchal power structure during its earliest phases. But, alternately adhering to taqlid (i.e., blind obedience), essentially cut the Koran in stone and trapped Islam in an amber of its own making.

    Furthermore, the odds of this world’s Muslims modernizing in a swift and useful time-frame are so diminishingly small that they make quarks look like basketballs.

    At the risk of being a nag, I once again will point out how, all through human history, there only has been one way of eliminating large excess populations (young male or otherwise). To be sure, Mother Nature does her level best with assorted famines, earthquakes, fires, typhoons, and deftly spreading around richly deserved visits for her quartet of sundry “Horsemen”.

    Be that as it may, between a hidebound doctrine, genocidal commandments, including over a millennia of systematized consanguineous marriage (and concomitant inbreeding), there can be little expectation that even 10% of the present global Muslim population will make it across the Digital Divide. This admitted bit of “cocktail napkin math” doesn’t even account for the extra millions of unborn Muslims who be delivered almost straight into the bottleneck.

    Curiously, many of whichever Muslims with the enormous turbans Croesian wealth (or whatever other asset) to make it through that automation and AI bottleneck, will be among some of Islam’s most ornamental, intensely inbred, decorative, unproductive, monarchist types (think: Charles, Prince of Wales), hypocritical, and least likely to assimilate türds who’ve already begun drifting about in the Western punch bowl .

    Those Muslims—who manage to navigate through the bottleneck—lugging behind them all of their genocidal violent baggage, demographic displacement, and institutionalized deceit will face a chilly (we’re talking sub-zero) reception. Especially since Islam’s latest global terrorism campaign will only tend to shrink down the bottleneck’s minimum internal diameter and accelerate its inexorable, mechanical effect.

    To borrow some valid marketing terminology, this is “Push–Pull” politics operating right down at the well’s slate-shingled bottom. Islam can “push” all it wants (into the meat grinder), but it only serves to reduce any “pull” out of the bottleneck. You’d best believe that centuries of Islamic intransigence will be rewarded with constrictions tighter than—insert (so to speak) proctological terminology >here<—whichever descriptive term you might prefer.

    Put another way, through blind adherence to Islam's self-retardation (genetic or spiritual) and scriptural emphasis upon non-innovative, blind compliance; the world's Muslim population has, essentially, signed its own death warrant.

    Its Letter of Doom™ is penned in their own voluntarily donated blood. When the end game is finished, Islam’s direct contribution to the bottleneck will make the Digital Divide both razor-sharp to climb over, and Everest-steep to approach—for Muslims especially, yet also for many others who will be swept aside by the growing urgency for uncompromised security, grid integrity, water purity, intelligence gathering, and so much other vital Western infrastructure that can be totally demolished by a single jihadist sleeper.

    Now, plug in how the global 1% is increasingly, “pulling up the ladders”. Literally, they are ardently working at “air-locking” (i.e., denying access through an economic ‘killing field’) anyone with the audacity to profitably and competitively innovate alongside them. Please know how this is manifesting in 1% marriage patterns as well.

    C a n … y o u … s a y … ” H a p s b u r g … J a w ” ?

    V e r y … g o o d … I … k n e w … y o u … c o u l d … ! ! !

    [/M i s t e r … R o g e r s]

    So much of the foregoing represents covert channels for “stealth jihad” and whereby Islam hovers—like some malevolent, pernicious, fairy—above the birth of this horrendous bottleneck. One that may well see most of planet earth’s Muslim population perish, at their own behest.

    The repulsiveness of this scenario defies all polite description. Even the sheer notion of over one-billion people wittingly (or otherwise) exhorting the Ulema wolves that will lead these blindly obedient flocks over the Digital Divide’s continually more vertical precipice is totally disgusting. Apocryphal stories about lemmings cannot hold an olive-oil-lamp to the sanctimonious, self-destruction being exhibited by Islam’s top echelons (and, curiously, the suicidal EU as well).

    A key difference is that the EU (until just recently) still had a seriously decent chance of full modernization. Something that is receding across the event horizon at subluminal speed with every newly arrived (now million plus) fighting-age-male and Muslima broodmare.

    The MME (Muslim Middle East) is another story entirely. These fanatics lashed the tiller to taqlid, a millennia ago and haven’t even bothered to properly consider, since then, the unpleasant prospect of making too many enemies too fast. That time has now come—with no small thanks to President Trump and his absolute intolerance for Iran’s persistent threats against America—to remedy this historical and inadequately protested Fatal Error.

    In totally hypothetical terms, imagine the “calming effect” of having a 100,000-strong crowd of Shiite loons chanting “squealing”—along with President Hassan Rouhani—about, “Death to America!!!”, only to see his enormous turban get filled with .50 caliber lead-impelled, warm, liquid brain matter. Rinse and repeat, wherever and whenever needed. Next question?

    Put plainly, such Spec Ops would cost less than a thousandth of what we are squandering in the Sandbox. After all, we shot (Pearl Harbor planner) Yamamoto out of the sky with nary a peep of protest coming from America’s own shores. What’s the big difference here, (aside from the Elephant in the Room)?

    In a striking comparison, just as the global 1% constantly “airlock” their own economic environments, so has Islam spent a millennia “airlocking” its political and psychosocial sectors to prevent any healthy, popular revision or even slight pacification of Koranic doctrine (much less the sharia).

    Both of these intensely parasitic entities seem entirely too willing to forget that the airlock is a “two-way street”. It isolates the inner sanctum against external consequences, but remains the only path back towards ambient oxygen. When the air begins to thin out in all of these “smoke-filled back rooms” and Star Chambers, please forgive me if there’s not any background applause.

    Getting back through the airlock (ladders lifted or not) will prove a rather difficult feat for either the ever-unpopular 1% or Islam’s Ulema when those on the outside, whose occupants are doing all of the suffering, finally decide to pull away all extra ladders from the exit-point and gleefully wait to see who begins to start bailing out because of oxygen deprevitation. There is more than a minor degree of schadenfreude to be felt at the prospect of seeing these “golden parachutes” being riddled like Swiss cheese before the canopies even totally inflate.

    All of which is rather reminiscent of a cinema trope depicting plutocratic First Class passengers unsuccessfully trying to swim away from the sinking ocean liner weighed down by the bars of gold they were transporting in their clothing.

    Knowingly or not, Islam has entered into what chess players call, the “End Game”. Thinking that they have more decades or centuries to spare, these Muslim Theocracies have escalated the stakes to such extremes (e.g., Iran’s nuclearization), that things only are going to become evermore binary and permanently (i.e., irreversibly) decisive, in a New York Minute.

    This intentionally imposed (via taqiyya and kitman) Islamic “riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”, only will serve to reinitiate a Pacific Theater WWII-style scenario of America descending into needless vulnerability and then honorably vanquishing those who were so idiotic to think that they could take advantage of such momentary weakness.

    None of this will be anything even slightly approaching “pretty”.

    • Umm did you miss these points: 1) as soon as it becomes slightly uncomfortable they will all invade the west and so far, Trump notwithstanding, that is still far too easy; and 2) that the Left will do their very best to facilitate this and any attempt to keep them in their appropriate place which is IMO on their knees; and 3) the effects of a massive birth rate of muslim males all over the west will simply amplify the internal problems that ALL of the west currently have.
      I agree totally about your views on islam and such states but all of the above predictions assume that they lack allies both externally and internally.
      There will be a genocidal holocaust and currently it is us who are favourites to be the victims UNLESS it starts very soon while we still have time. If we do not then the world will revert to the “good old days”(there is a book by that name with the subtitle “and weren’t they terrible?”)….no power= no communication, no water and no sewerage and then no food….what we take for granted is so incredibly fragile that behind us all are the dark ages and always. It would only take planning like that of 9/11 and 20+ fanatics to destroy 90% of the power in a western country(check to see how many muhammads work in such). Adding poisoning the water supplies(also surprisingly easy if you have access and such government jobs always seem to have more muslims than expected) and I think that far too many have no idea of just how vulnerable we all are. and just how much they hate us. What is far more likely is that the whole world will become a population desert as the plagues, the famines, the wars, the radiation all combine to put us back(?once again) to <<5000BC and perhaps this time with no Viracocha clones to kick start it all again. Even survivalist experts will only last 20 years maximum in such a world and "the Road' will not be just a novel and long pig will be back on the menu.

      • I have to disagree with the idea that the west will fall totally, civilization is falling if not already dead but the return to tribalism and barbarism by the westerners actually increases the chances of the West not only surviving the coming chaos but of winning the war. To survive the coming chaos will require barbaric actions by the Westerners who are struggling to maintain the civilization that stops them from committing the acts the 7th Century barbarians find so easy to do. I don’t see us losing the high tech but I do see us using it in ways that cause chills to run up and down my back.

        Yes the future belongs to the computer literate which does rule out a large portion of the human race. The reliance on high tech will require that many of our descendants are taught the low tech survival techniques but for them to still rely on high tech in most of their lives.

        Most of the apocalyptic books assume that we are going to lose our technology when we return to barbarism. I don’t think the former is oging to happen we are returning to a high tech barbarism and the geeks will be as important as the infantry fighters. Both will look down on each other (except for the few that are both) but both will be important. The geeks will be necessary for the continuation of and increase in technology but the Grunts will be important to preserve the tribe/nation that birthed both. Think the importance of the black smith in the Iron Age. They were the geeks of that period and at the beginning were considered to be demi Gods. During inter-tribal wars the blacksmiths (geeks) were to be protected so they could continue to produce weapons.

        • Did I drag some optimism out of you? If so then: Congratulations!
          I so hope that you are right but the fragility of life as we know it has not escaped either of us and the more complex is a civilization, the more easily it collapses but wait, there is more:
          the further we leave behind basic survival(growing own food etc.) skills, and the greater the mass of humanity, the more likely is a fall well past that of the dark Ages where bitumen and coal as well as easily available ores were still plentiful and much arable land was still available. We have effectively collected all the easy stuff on the surface and without machines the next lot are going to have one hell of a time surviving and almost no chance of ever industrializing. So I stil disagree and IMHO this has happened to mankind before and perhaps even more than once (but localized to one continent). This time it will be worldwide and there will be nowhere left that is virgin and a place to restart.We never learn. Santayana nutshelled it.

          • 1) I have always been optimistic about the survival of the Nations in the West (most of t hem anyway, it is civilization that I think will fall. I don’t see the catastrophic decivilization that you are seeing. You are seeing the collapse of the entire infrastructure of the nations, no electricity, no running water, no cars no food distribution network. It is unlikely that this will happen unless there is a full nuclear exchange, and even then nations like Australia will survive because there is no nuclear target on that continent. I do see the breakdown of law and order and the chaos that will follow this. Even in Venezuela we don’t have the collapse you are seeing. The closest that anyone has come to what you are seeing is what happened in most of Africa once the colonial powers left,

            Yes things will get bad, law and order will collapse, tribalism and vigilante actions will rule for many decades. I agree all of this will happen, but not a return to the stone age or that we will lose the current level of tech. In fact as the Dark Age emerges we will see more high tech coming out, and in some nations we will see that tech being available according to a class structure. Mankind is more resilient and adaptable then you realize.

            • Michelle and Richard, for whatever reasons my replies to your gratefully well-thought-out responses went into the Universal Dryer of Unmatched Socks.

              Thank you both for participating. This looming “Bottleneck” (or five) is going to choke Islam like a camel’s …

    • For The Real Thing™ … start here.

      (Please lather on any necessary, additional, primer-coats about suspension-of-disbelief regarding the twenty-speed gearbox number of downshifts and hopeless difference in performance between Steve McQueen’s Mustang and Bud Ekins’ Charge Dodger Dodge Charger.)


    This is an article about a new org in Germany that sends Jewish teenagers around to high schools to talk about Jewish culture.
    This is so typical of MSM I had to post it here. No one knows why there has been a spike in antisemitism… We just can’t figure it out. Well, OK maybe part of it is the increase in “refugees” from the Middle East.
    But still, we just don’t get it.
    WAKE UP!

    • This is an article about a new org in Germany that sends Jewish teenagers around to high schools to talk about Jewish culture.

      What the flock is this … some sort of incessant apologia to Islam for the existence of all other global creeds?!? (Rhetorical question, I know.)

      Howsabout Muslims trotting around to various and sundry international venues as part of honestly ‘splaining about the who, what, where, when, and why of jihadist terrorism, institutionalized misogyny, forced child marriage, rape culture, demographic displacement, grooming gangs, and the embarrassingly long lengths of soiled toilet tissue clinging to the historic heels of Islam’s curly-toed-slippers?!?

      It’s way too late for Muslims to think that this issue is something which they might silently dodge after prayer hours. Soon enough, there will be throngs of infuriated Infidels surrounding mosques, awaiting their next disgorgement of indoctrinated hive-mind zombies. What is held in the hands of these Unbelievers is entirely another matter.

      HINT: It ain’t gonna be pretty.

  8. Are Russian-spy hookers targeting tech leaders and VCs at infamous Silicon Valley ‘cougar nights’?

    Suspected Russian “honeypot” prostitutes targeting tech execs and VCs in an infamous Silicon Valley lounge provide a salacious illustration of the region’s spy problem — but much of the espionage here looks like business as usual, according to a new report.

    The West Coast is seeing a “full-on epidemic of espionage” centered largely on Silicon Valley’s technology industry, the report said.

    A former U.S. intelligence official told online magazine Politico that local Russian and East European prostitutes may be getting money from Russia to target high-powered techies and VCs at the posh Rosewood hotel’s lounge on Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park, a drinking establishment known for so-called “cougar nights” on Thursdays.

    “Sex workers targeting executives at high-end bars and nightclubs such as the Rosewood Sand Hill … and other spots have been identified as potentially reporting back to Russian intel officers,” the former official said, according to Politico.

    The Rosewood, in a statement, disputed the report.

    • Are Russian-spy hookers targeting tech leaders and VCs at infamous Silicon Valley ‘cougar nights’?

      Anyone who’s ever witnessed the horrific gender imbalance at whatever Silicon Valley TGIF “meat-market-disco-fern-bars” would realize that this is a mere tangent. Now, plug in lots of “supposedly” lonely young Chicom fems, plus a bevy of Korean Gangnam glamour gals, a few squads of Japanese Manga babes and guess if everything goes anywhere but straight south.

      • Speaking of Japan … some comic relief:

        [Scene – The smoking ruins of post WWII Honshu]

        A towering American GI stumbles into a hushed Tokyo bar.

        An obviously bra-less and very-well endowed, pretty young Japanese barmaid goes to take his order:

        The soldier rips open his his shirt to reveal a massive tattoo of Old Glory across his chest, whilst shouting, “AMERICAN!”

        Just as quickly, the resourceful young Japanese barmaid energetically yanks open her blouse and yells, “NIPPONESE”!!!

  9. Jewish teens enlisted to fight anti-Semitism in Germany

    LUCKAU, Germany (AP) — Sophie Steiert opens a bag of kosher gummy bears and offers them to 20 other German teenagers seated around her in their high school classroom.

    “They’re really yummy,” Steiert, 16, says with an enticing smile. “And by the way, does any one of you know what kosher means?”

    The students shrug. Most of the 17-year-olds never have met a Jewish person. In school, they’ve only talked about dead Jews: the 6 million killed by the Nazis.

    • The students shrug. Most of the 17-year-olds never have met a Jewish person. In school, they’ve only talked about dead Jews: the 6 million killed by the Nazis.

      What changes that narrative sure ain’t gonna be pretty…

  10. Army on standby for no-deal Brexit emergency

    Ministers have drawn up plans to send in the army to deliver food, medicines and fuel in the event of shortages if Britain crashes out of the EU without a deal.

    Blueprints for the armed forces to assist the civilian authorities, usually used only in civil emergencies, have been dusted down as part of the “no deal” planning.

    Helicopters and army trucks would be used to ferry supplies to vulnerable people outside the southeast who were struggling to obtain the medicines they needed.

  11. From a Space Station in Argentina, China Expands Its Reach in Latin America

    Our correspondent went to the deserts of Patagonia to examine how China secured its new base, a symbol of its growing clout in the region.

    QUINTUCO, Argentina — The giant antenna rises from the desert floor like an apparition, a gleaming metal tower jutting 16 stories above an endless wind-whipped stretch of Patagonia.

    The 450-ton device, with its hulking dish embracing the open skies, is the centerpiece of a $50 million satellite and space mission control station built by the Chinese military.

    The isolated base is one of the most striking symbols of Beijing’s long push to transform Latin America and shape its future for generations to come — often in ways that directly undermine the United States’ political, economic and strategic power in the region.

    The station began operating in March, playing a pivotal role in China’s audacious expedition to the far side of the moon — an endeavor that Argentine officials say they are elated to support.

    • The 450-ton device, with its hulking dish embracing the open skies, is the centerpiece of a $50 million satellite and space mission control station built by the Chinese military.

      TWO WORDS: Not Good

  12. Trump Administration Moves To Roll Back Obama-Era Labor Department Rule

    The Trump administration is taking steps to roll back an Obama-era Labor Department safety rule.

    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a notice Friday proposing to roll back the rule that requires companies with 250 workers or more to submit detailed logs on workplace injuries.

    Officials say the original rule violates workers privacy as the information could be subject to Freedom of Information Act requests.

    The proposed changes will protect employee information and reduce the burden on employers.

  13. Euro referendum not part of Italian government plans: deputy PM

    MILAN (Reuters) – A referendum on whether Italy should leave the euro currency is not in the governing coalition’s contract and will not be pursued, Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the 5-Star Movement Luigi Di Maio said in a published interview.

    He spoke after 5-Star founder, Beppe Grillo, said this week that Italy should have a “plan B” to quit the euro zone if economic conditions dictated and that Italians should vote in a referendum to see if a majority wanted to quit the currency. His comments sent ripples through financial markets.

    Grillo holds no post in the new ruling coalition in which the anti-establishment 5-Star governs with right wing League, yet his remarks may have raised new doubts about Italy’s intention to maintain the single currency.

    Asked about a referendum in an interview published in Corriere della Sera on Sunday, Di Maio said it was something the government was “sensitive to”, but it was not part of the governing “contract” agreed between the 5-Star and the League.

    “This government will not pursue it,” Di Maio told the Milan-based daily.

    Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and Economy Minister Giovanni Tria have both said the government has no intention of leading Italy out of the euro.

  14. ‘He looked like a terrorist!’ How a driver in rural India ended in a mob attack and a lynching

    MURKI/MUMBAI, India (Reuters) – In the tiny hamlet of Murki in the hinterlands of south India, Inspector V.B. Yadwad surveyed a pile of bricks and stones in a ditch where he and other police officers had been attacked earlier this month while trying to save a group of five men on a road trip from a violent mob.

    “We tried hard to stop them,” said Yadwad, pointing to injuries on his back. “They wouldn’t listen to anyone.”

    Yadwad was one of eight policemen who rushed to the village on July 13 to try to control a mob of more than 200 that attacked the five friends, wrongly assuming they were child kidnappers.

    The vicious assault left one of the five men, Mohammed Azam, a UK-educated IT worker from India’s tech hub in Hyderabad, dead, and at lest two of the others badly beaten. All eight officers were injured, two seriously.

    Azam, who was 32 and worked for global consulting services firm Accenture ACN.N, is one of the latest victims of a wave of lynchings in India, as ill-equipped and outnumbered police struggle to contain mob violence triggered by false messages about child kidnappings spread via platforms like Facebook’s FB.O WhatsApp messaging service, which is very popular in India.

    • Azam, who was 32 and worked for global consulting services firm Accenture ACN.N, is one of the latest victims of a wave of lynchings in India, as ill-equipped and outnumbered police struggle to contain mob violence triggered by false messages about child kidnappings spread via platforms like Facebook’s FB.O WhatsApp messaging service, which is very popular in India.

      Coming (not soon enough) to a grooming gang hive near you…

  15. Washington Post needs your help to identify elusive Trump golf partners
    By LU Staff July 29, 2018

    It may not bother you that the Washington Post has been unable to identify a number of the people President Trump plays golf with.

    But it bothers the Washington Post. The paper is therefore reaching out to the public on this question. (H/t: The Hill.) WaPo is crowdsourcing its investigative journalism.

    The problem began when a GOP bundler and private defense company owner sought to arrange a round of golf between Trump and the prime minister of Malaysia. Says the Post:

  16. FBI has long relied on the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center for tips on ‘domestic terror threats’
    By Daily Caller News Foundation July 28, 2018

    The FBI has had an “ongoing” relationship with the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a left-wing nonprofit that once placed Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson on an “extremist watch list.”

    That’s according to an exclusive report from Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson, who broke the news on his show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Friday.

    “Well as you already know if you’ve been paying any attention at all, the Southern Poverty Law Center is a fraudulent enterprise,” said Carlson. “It’s a left-wing political group that uses ‘hate crime’ designations to target its ideological enemies and to crush people.”

    “The SPLC has repeatedly been allowed to brief the FBI on alleged domestic terrorist threats to this country,” Carlson reported. “Disturbingly though, the relationship is ongoing, if you can believe it.” (RELATED: Facebook, Amazon, Google and Twitter All Work With Left-Wing SPLC)

    “Despite multiple requests from this program, the FBI has refused to describe the extent of its collaboration with the SPLC, we’ve asked repeatedly, or even to explain why it continues to work with a group like that,” Carlson said, noting the agency would only offer bland statements.

  17. Woman who sued Planet Fitness over trans woman in women’s locker room wins appeal
    By LU Staff July 28, 2018

    Alternate headline: Chalk one up for normalcy. A woman whose membership at Planet Fitness was revoked after she complained that a man was using the women’s locked room has won an appeal on her lawsuit. In 2015, when the incident occurred, she sued the health club for invasion of privacy, sexual harassment, breach of contract, and emotional distress.

    The woman, identified as Yvette Cormier, was banned by the club for discrimination against the “man,” who was actually a transgender woman (aka, a man).

    As noted in a recent post, the intruder, who goes by the name of Jordan “Ivy” Rice, not only entered the locker room and stood in front of a mirror, where he had full view of women entering or exiting the shower area, but monopolized it for an hour.

    Although Cormier lost her initial case against Planet Fitness, an appeals court found on Thursday that the gym was at fault for violating the Consumer Protection Act. According to the Detroit Free Press:

    • As noted in a recent post, the intruder, who goes by the name of Jordan “Ivy” Rice, not only entered the locker room and stood in front of a mirror, where he had full view of women entering or exiting the shower area, but monopolized it for an hour.

      P’raps several right-minded, uppity wimmenfolk jist need to exert some ‘unexpected force’ against such “transgender” intruders.

      This entire meghilla represents yet another pluperfect example of where, why, when, and how Western Feminists have shunted themselves onto a properly-neglected siding of Civilization’s Switchyard™ (Yust zee where you get schloved when you’re clogging the mainline).

      When these Feminazis once-again learn how to make babies and have hot meals ready for evening-time, returning-from-work, faithful, adoring, hard-working husbands, Western Civilization might have some renewed granule of chance.

      Ah yup! The “Nuclear Family” is what made this world great and any maroons who want to argue about it are invited to pull that “Customer Complaint Pin” on the traditional, countertop hand-grenade “suggestion-box”. Oh, how I wish that all of this had never come into dispute.

      Anyone who desires clarification is encouraged to search on “Yuri Bezmenov – Look Magazine” + “full-length-interview” and go from there.

      To close, the damage that’s been done to traditional Western Nuclear Families is beyond all imaginable harm. It’s not ABORTION, it’s not ‘population control‘, it’s academically-inculcated CAUCASIAN SELF-LOATHING! Capiche?

  18. World Cup 2022: Qatar bid team accused of secret campaign to sabotage rivals (BBC, Jul 29, 2018)

    “The Qatar 2022 World Cup bid team ran a secret campaign in 2010 to sabotage competing host bids, according to a report published by the Sunday Times.

    The paper claims to have seen leaked documents that show the Qatari bid team employed a US PR firm and ex-CIA agents to smear its rivals – mainly the United States and Australia.

    The alleged aim was to create propaganda to give the impression that a World Cup would not be supported domestically. The Qatar tournament organisers deny the allegations.

    Such a campaign alleged by the Sunday Times would have broken Fifa’s bidding rules.

    Qatar beat rival bids from the United States, Australia, South Korea and Japan to the right to host the 2022 World Cup.

    Fifa’s rules say World Cup bidders should not make “any written or oral statements of any kind, whether adverse or otherwise, about the bids or candidatures of any other member association”.

    The Qatar bid team has been previously accused of corruption, but was cleared following a two-year Fifa inquiry.

    Some of the alleged aspects of the smear campaign:

    A respected academic was paid $9,000 to write a negative report on the huge economic cost of an American World Cup, which was then distributed to news media around the world.

    Journalists, bloggers and high-profile figures were recruited in each country to hype up negative aspects of their respective bids.

    A group of American physical education teachers were recruited to ask their US Congressmen to oppose a US World Cup on the grounds that the money would be better used on high school sports.

    Grassroots protests were organised at rugby games in Australia opposing the country’s bid.

    Intelligence reports were compiled on individuals involved in rival bids.

    The documents seen by the Sunday Times – which the paper says were leaked by a whistleblower who worked on the 2022 bid team – were apparently unavailable during the Fifa inquiry.

    The Qatar bid team is alleged to have employed the New York office of communications company Brown Lloyd Jones, which is now BLJ Worldwide, along with a team of former intelligence officers to run a campaign aimed at undermining one of Fifa’s key criteria in the bidding process – that each bid should have strong backing at home.

    In a statement Qatar’s Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy said it “rejects each and every allegation put forward by the Sunday Times”.

    “We have been thoroughly investigated and have been forthcoming with all information related to our bid, including the official investigation led by US attorney Michael Garcia,” it said.

    “We have strictly adhered to all FIFA’s rules and regulations for the 2018/2022 World Cup bidding process.”

    A Fifa statement said “a thorough investigation was conducted by Michael Garcia and his conclusions are available in the report”, referring to the completed two-year inquiry.

    BLJ Worldwide did not respond to a request for comment from The Sunday Times.

    Qatar won the right to stage the tournament in December 2010. Russia was awarded the 2018 World Cup at the same time, beating three other bids including England…”

      • Trash the games business.

        Oh, Dear yucki, if only there was some way for me to agree with you in less than twenty pages.

        Paying tatted-up, kneeling, subliterates bazillions for playing adolescent ball-games epitomizes so much of what’s wrong with modern civilization to where I must involuntarily throttle myself before transgressing this website’s amazingly generous terms of participation.

        Whilst not necessarily exemplary, it is a supreme expression of America’s Free Market System that so many countless BILLIONS of dollars are regularly flushed into the porcelain receptacle of “Organized Sports”.

        Once upon a time, it was important to ensure that (otherwise relatively confined) British schoolchildren were given access to fresh air and physical exercise. This form of institutionalized athletics lead to Cricket, Rugby, and Tin Bath Racing—which pretty much set the pace for another few centuries of overcompensated, intellectually under-endowed, pitch-diddlers to command totally unwarranted and revoltingly salaries for wanking on-field.

        I’ll stop now…

    • TESTING:


      … We at the NR Crew sincerely appreciate your patience and cooperation.

      Had this been an actual alert*, you would have received prompt Civil Defense instructions regarding exactly how to grasp thine ankules, cower in fear regarding Soviet demoralization, and hide beneath your desks until incontinence or senility overtakes you.

      * Old bumpersticker: Be Alert. The world needs more lerts.

  19. Amsterdam ‘lawless jungle’ at night, ombudsman warns

    Tourist hotspot Amsterdam turns into a “lawless jungle” after dark with the police powerless to intervene against crime and violence, the city’s ombudsman warned in an interview Saturday.

    “The city centre becomes an urban jungle at night,” Amsterdam’s official ombudsman Arre Zuurmond told Dutch daily Trouw, warning of illegal car and bike races zooming through the streets, open drugs sales and general mayhem.

    “Criminal money flourishes, there is no authority and the police can no longer handle the situation,” he warned.

    Some 18 million tourists flock to Amsterdam every year — more than the entire population of the Netherlands.

    Over the past year, the city has sought to take major steps to push back against unruly visitors instituting stiff fines and penalties for breaking public disturbance laws.

    But enticed by cheap travel, groups mostly of young men — mainly from elsewhere in the Netherlands or Britain — frequently roam the inner city’s canal-lined streets at weekends, on pub crawls or to celebrate stag parties drawn by easy access to drugs and the notorious Red Light district.

    Zuurmond paints a painful picture of the city centre’s nightlife after previously setting up three cameras in the busy Leidseplein square ringed by bars and clubs.

  20. Giuliani says experts think ‘someone messed’ with Cohen tape

    President Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani tells Fox News two experts and retired FBI agents have analyzed the secretly recorded Trump-Cohen tape and believe it was “played” with.

    “Now that we’ve seen the full scope of [Michael] Cohen and Lanny Davis’ deception, we don’t trust anything,” Giuliani said.

    The tape, first obtained by CNN, was secretly recorded by the president’s former attorney, Michael Cohen.

  21. Germany: Rise of the Salafists

    by Soeren Kern
    July 29, 2018 at 5:00 am

    The number of Salafists in Germany has doubled over the last five years and now exceeds 10,000 for the first time, according to Germany’s BfV domestic intelligence agency. BfV estimates that Germany is home to more than 25,000 Islamists, nearly 2,000 of whom pose an immediate threat of attack.

    The new figures are included the latest annual report of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz, BfV), and presented by Interior Minister Horst Seehofer and BfV President Hans-Georg Maaßen in Berlin on July 24.

    The report, considered the most important indicator of internal security in Germany, draws a bleak picture. The BfV estimates that the number of Islamists in Germany increased to at least 25,810 by the end of 2017, up from 24,425 in 2016.

    Strangely, the report does not provide any estimates for the number of followers of the Islamic State or al-Qaeda living in Germany. As a result, the actual number of Islamists in Germany is undoubtedly higher than 25,810.

    According to the report, Salafists comprise the single largest Islamist group in Germany. The number of Salafists in Germany jumped to 10,800 in 2017, up from 9,700 in 2016; 8,350 in 2015; 7,000 in 2014; 5,500 in 2013 and 4,500 in 2012.

    • The number of Salafists in Germany has doubled over the last five years and now exceeds 10,000 for the first time…

      Ecktually, this equation is a bit too simple.

      Fists – or – Salafists … Your choice.

      Kinda binary, especially after adding up the rare few ones and zeroes.

  22. Turkey: Detained US Pastor Brunson Vilified by State-Supporting Media

    by Uzay Bulut
    July 29, 2018 at 4:30 am

    Andrew Brunson, the American pastor detained in Turkey for two years on false terrorism and espionage charges, was released from prison on July 25, only to be put under house arrest until the resumption of his trial in October. The court ordered him to wear an electronic ankle-bracelet at all times and banned him from traveling outside Turkey.

  23. DAILY MAIL – PETER HITCHENS: Are we saving Syrian ‘heroes’… or just importing more fanatics?

    […]Here’s what is going on. Last week the new Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, put his name to a very odd statement about a very odd event.

    I think the nicest thing to say here is that Mr Hunt is a bit inexperienced. The statement said that Britain would be ‘protecting’ a group of ‘White Helmets’, supposedly civil defence workers from Syria. That’s what they call themselves, anyway.

    The 400 people involved (a quarter of them said to be ‘White Helmets’) had been caught by the sudden collapse of Islamist jihadi rebel forces in a southern corner of Syria next to the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights.

    And, despite the defeated rebels being Islamist jihadi fanatics, they were mysteriously allowed to cross into Israel so that they could escape to Jordan.

    Israel? Such people normally regard Israel with violent hatred, a feeling Israel returns with interest.

    As far as I can discover, other defeated groups of Syrian rebels and their hangers-on have been bussed under safe conducts to the rebel-held north of Syria, under Turkish and Russian supervision. Why not this time?

    Later, the Jordanian government revealed that some of them would now be resettled in Britain. Its spokesman announced that Britain, Germany and Canada made a ‘legally binding undertaking’ to resettle them ‘within a specified period of time’ due to ‘a risk to their lives’. Legally binding, eh?

    What was this risk? What were they so worried about? Why do they need to come to Britain when the whole Arab Muslim world must presumably long to welcome these glorious, self-sacrificing heroes?

    For, according to the Foreign Office, and many others, the ‘White Helmets’ are the good guys.

    They like them so much they have so far spent £38.4million of your money and mine on supporting them.

    The FO is in a mess over this. It has for years been backing the Islamist rebels against the Syrian government, a policy which involves supporting exactly the sort of people we would arrest if we found them in Birmingham.

    Perhaps that is why it claims the ‘White Helmets’ are ‘volunteers’ (they are often paid) and that they have ‘saved over 115,000 lives during the Syrian conflict’ and done ‘brave and selfless work’ to ‘save Syrians on all sides of the conflict.’

    When I asked them to provide independent, checkable evidence for these assertions, they came up empty after three days of searching.

    This is not surprising, as the ‘White Helmets’ generally operate only in areas controlled by unlovely bodies such as the Al-Nusra Front, until recently an affiliate of Al Qaeda, and the equally charming Jaish al-Islam (Army of Islam), famous for putting captured Syrian Army soldiers in cages and using them as human shields.

    Independent Western observers, whether they are diplomats or journalists, can’t really go to these zones, because they are quite likely to end up very dead and probably headless.

    So you can choose whether to believe the ‘White Helmets’ and their flattering picture of their own goodness, or wonder why exactly they are in such need of protection that these much-feted and saintly humanitarians are willing to be evacuated through a country that most Arab Muslims loathe and despise, rather than rely on the mercy of their own countrymen.

    Is it possible (I only ask) that, while undoubtedly brilliant at public relations, and at making slick videos showing themselves rescuing wounded children, the ‘White Helmets’ are not quite as nice as they say they are?

    Even the USA, which has for years (like us) helped the Syrian rebels, refused entry to the leader of the ‘White Helmets’, Raed Saleh, when he arrived at Washington’s Dulles Airport in 2016. They won’t say why.

    The FO tells me that the Home Office, not them, will be vetting those chosen to come here. I hope they are careful when they do so. I am sure that future Home Secretaries will not be grateful if any of the new arrivals turns out to have the same opinions as Abu Qatada.

    In any case, it is time the British Government came clean about who it has been helping in Syria. […]

    Protests against White Helmets Sofia Bulgaria 12 05 2018

    • ‘National Disgrace’ – UK Home Office Rejects Syrian Christians, Refugee Intake 100 Percent Muslim (breitbart, Jul 29, 2018)

      “The British government has admitted that no Christians were taken among the Syrian refugees flown into Britain recently, with the Home Office rejected the handful of non-Muslims selected for resettlement by the United Nations.

      Despite the persecution of Christians at the hands of Islamic extremists in Syria having been declared genocide by the U.S., the European Union (EU) and even British MPs themselves in a 2016 parliamentary vote, the 1,112 Syrians that Britain resettled in the first three months of 2018 consisted only of Muslims.

      The Barnabas Fund, an aid agency which supports Christians persecuted for their faith, obtained the figures via Freedom of Information requests after “a protracted tussle with the Home Office”, The Sunday Times reports…”

    • Why do we look the other way when the Saudis are using AQAP (al-Queda in the Arab Peninsula) to fight the Houthis in Yemen? AQAP, remember, is Anwar al-Awlaki’s shoe-bomber, Abu Hamza. As bad as it gets.

      We looked the other way after 9/11, and we’re doing it now. And Omniscient Twitterati™ is helping sell it.

      Social media tells us al-Queda has CHANGED – been taken over by the Good Guys!! Our moderate Sunni allies have REPLACED the killers with loving MODERATES!

      They may look the same, but they’re On Our Side. We give them precision weapons so there’s no collateral damage. Nice people. Normal. Not like rats.

      They may call themselves al-Queda, but they’re not the BAD old al-Q. Together we fight the REAL evil, our MUTUAL enemy, the mullah regime of Iran and it’s proxies.

      That’s what’s behind all the fantastic “infiltrator” stories. They all look alike to us, we want to believe it. Our friends want us to believe it. This LIE may just work.

      The Saudis wanted their team, the White Helmets, rescued. And we’ve thrown in with the ruling family, so PTrump facilitated the rescue of this branch of al-Queda.

      It was tricky. In nearby Jordan they’d be immediately be recognized for who they are. They had to be kept away from Syrian refugee populations in neighboring countries. They had to have guaranteed refuge in the West.

      While Putin helped Assad transfer other Sunnis, he wouldn’t spare his coalition’s most effective foe in the cognitive battle space. The White Helmets had drawn a bullseye on themselves.

      So PTrump called Bibi, “Do me a favor, friend?”
      And the Israelis – who’ve plenty of experience rescuing people – evacuated these villains.

      The enemy of my friend…
      …is my friend’s enemy.

      • Saudis, Qataris, and others have been supporting the jihadis since 2011. The MB might be considered the “political wing” of this Islamist river that branches off into al-Qaeda and ISIS. The Saudis ebb and flow with all of these organizations; now friends, then foes, then brothers.

        The UAE and Egypt, on the other hand, regard the MB as a mortal threat. Egypt continues to fight ISIS in Sinai, without help from the US or the Saudis. This difference has prevented an “Arab NATO” or “Gulf Cooperation Council” or any other community of nations in the region that can work to a common purpose. Among other issues.
        Towards an Arab NATO?

        The Arab Coalition in Yemen is facing three internal challenges: differences between Abu Dhabi and Riyadh, Qatari meddling, and recent tensions between Saudi Arabia and Morocco. Despite these complications, new developments show that over the long run there is a likelihood of a strategic response to the stalemate in Yemen and to other Iran-related problems in the form of an upgrading of the scattered and divided Arab Coalition into a formal and organized infrastructure similar to NATO.

    • These jihadi “armies” are really gangs: they’re constantly fighting, changing configuration, but they’re as consistently as evil as MS-13.

      The White Helmets are/were an especially effective affiliate. They’ve woven themselves into the propaganda machinery that’s fueled this war for years. They’re OUR “moderate jihadis”.

      Cosseted by McCain, Kerry, and the EU, they were eager to implicate Russia as #1 Enemy even before Putin entered the war. That became part of their mandate. That’s had enormous appeal for those eager for a full-blown U.S.-Russia war.

      Iran has worked off and on with the MB, al-Qaeda, and ISIS. It was the biggest beneficiary of the would-be caliphate, with the Turk a runner-up. Now Iran is nearly finished taking over Syria, it’s cleaning out moderate jihadis, as it’s ethnically cleansing Sunnis and replacing the population with Shitte migrants from everywhere.

      Jihadis who give up their heavy arms have been given free passage anywhere they’ll be accepted. They’ll make trouble for neighboring Sunnis, swell the migrant horde moving West. So much the better for the advancing Persian Crescent.

      So much the better for the political jihadis of the Muslim Brotherhood.

  24. zero hedge – “God Help Us” – British Army Readied In Case Of Hard Brexit

    Just as was extremely evident prior to the actual vote in 2016, scaremongering around Brexit (deal or no deal) is escalating among the cognoscenti or desperate Remain ‘told you so’-ers.

    Britain’s Sunday Times reports that UK ministers have drawn up plans to send in the army to deliver food, medicines and fuel in the event of shortages if Britain crashes out of the EU without a deal.

    Blueprints for the armed forces to assist the civilian authorities, usually used only in civil emergencies, have been dusted down as part of the “no deal” planning, with helicopters and army trucks used to ferry supplies to vulnerable people outside the southeast who were struggling to obtain the medicines they needed.

    However, as ominous as this sounds, The Sunday Times admits – a number of paragraphs into their “Army on standby for no-deal Brexit emergency” story – that a source inside the Ministry of Defense said they have not yet received “a formal request” to assist the civilian authorities.

    And while desperate not to have this positioned as the work of “Project Fear’, pro-EU opposition MP David Lammy took aim at the news on Twitter saying: “God, help us. This is not coming from Remainers. This is not project fear. Pro-Brexit Ministers are drawing up blueprints for the army to deliver food, fuel and medicine if we leave the EU with no deal,” adding his own touch of hysteria… “We have a duty to prevent this self-immolation.”

    However, as RT notes, the former Brexit secretary David Davis, who resigned from the position earlier this month over his dissatisfaction with a possible soft Brexit deal, dismissed the story as an attempt to scare people in order to secure a Free Trade Agreement “which will tank the economy.”

    Talk of shortages of food and medicines in the wake of a possible no-deal has come to the fore recently, with NHS bosses planning to stockpile key drugs and blood supplies in the event the service has to go on a permanent winter-crisis footing.

    Supermarkets, meanwhile have told suppliers to make plans for a no-deal which could see them stockpile goods such a tea and coffee for periods much longer than normal.

    • BREITBART – Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister Warns EU is Trying to ‘Swindle’ Britain, Negotiating with ‘No Good Faith’

      Italy’s new Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini has made a shock intervention in the Brexit negotiations, warning the British that there is “no good faith” on the EU’s side.
      The political firebrand, who leads one half of Italy’s new populist coalition government, warned Theresa May that “There is no objectivity or good faith from the European side” of the negotiations, and that repeatedly giving in to EU demands would not improve matters.

      “My experience in the European Parliament tells me you either impose yourself or they swindle you,” he advised.

      The Remain-supporting Prime Minister has already agreed to pay out at least £39 billion in exit fees to the EU and offered to submit to a so-called ‘common rulebook’ based on EU law and effectively adjudicated by the EU court, causing her Brexit Secretary and Foreign Secretary to resign in protest — but Brussels is still demanding more, without having appeared to make any concessions of its own.[…]

  25. Trump Threatens Turkey if US Pastor Not Released

    The relationship between Turkey and the United States grew increasingly strained over the last decade with the Islamization of Ankara. That’s reached a new nadir as President Donald Trump threatened Turkey over the fate of an imprisoned American pastor.

    Andrew Brunson, 50, lived and worked in Turkey for the past 22 years leading a small Protestant church. He was held without charge from October 2016 until March 2018 when he was indicted for “spying” and “insurgency” against the government and membership in an unnamed terror organization.

    That organization is assumed to be the Hizmet movement of Fethullah Gulen, who is living in exile in the United States. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says Gulen was behind the unsuccessful 2016 coup attempt.

    Trump issued a statement via Twitter warning Turkey in very general terms of what is to come bacuse of the failure to release Brunson:

  26. Texas Honor Killer Found Guilty
    Home > Human Rights > Human Rights Violators > Honor Violence > Texas Honor Killer Found Guilty

    (Ed.: This is an update to a post published on July 18, 2018:) It took a jury just an hour to found guilty a Harris County, Texas man guilty of a double murder that revolved around his daughter’s love for a non-Muslim. The Texas honor killer Ali Mahwood-Awad Irsan, 60, apparently planned on killing five, including his own daughter.

    Here’s the original post:

    No, this isn’t a story from Pakistan or Afghanistan. We’re talking about a trial in Texas for Houston honor killings.

    Jordanian-American Ali Mahwood-Awad Irsan, 60, is on trial for capital murder, after allegedly killing two back in 2012. The victims were Irrsan’s son-in-law, Coty Beavers, and his daughter’s best friend, Gelareh Bagherzadeh, the Houston Chronicle reported. The prosecution claims Irsan murdered the pair as he was furious that his own daughter, Nesreen, wanted to marry Beavers – a local non-Muslim.

    One of Irsan’s two wives Shmou Ali Alrawabdeh, 40, is accused of helping him carry out the murders. Irsan married his second wife in Jordan when she was 15. Between his two wives, Irsan had 12 children. Alrawabdeh is now testifying against her husband.

  27. Toronto 2018: The World’s Most Diverse City, The World’s Premier Interfaith Event

    The world’s largest, most diverse interfaith convening in the world is coming to the world’s most diverse city. Join us for the 2018 Parliament of the World’s Religions coming to Toronto November 1-7.

    Learn more:

    • The World Needs Interfaith Cooperation

      Peoples of faith and conscience strive for a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world. At the Parliament of the World’s Religions, we believe that the interfaith movement, interfaith understanding, and interfaith cooperation can lead the charge to a path of love and inclusion.

  28. The Political Middle has Vanished in America, and the Left Killed It

    The political left in this country has a purpose. Its purpose is to help identify the problems created by hierarchies of competence. The right also has a purpose- to produce, promote, and protect hierarchies of competence.

    The right goes too far when its capacity for producing losers gets out of control. The left goes too far when it seeks to bring the winners down to the level of the losers. We may achieve some kind of equilibrium by optimizing each side to keep the other in check.

    That equilibrium is precisely what the Founding Fathers envisioned with their unparalleled system of checks and balances.

    Is this the end of E Pluribus Unum?

  29. Hungary’s Orban: If I Governed Like Merkel, I’d Be Kicked Out of Office (breitbart, Jul 29, 2018)

    “Viktor Orbán made clear that his hard-hitting anti-mass migration policies were no less than what the people of Hungary were demanding of him on Friday, saying that if he adopted a more globalist position he’d be kicked out of office.

    In an interview with German tabloid Bild, Orbán said: “…if I made a refugee policy like your chancellor, people would chase me out of office the same day”, according to a translation provided by Deutsche Welle…”

  30. Italy’s Salvini Wants More Babies, Fewer Migrants: ‘A Country Which Does Not Create Children is Destined to Die’ (breitbart, Jul 29, 2018)

    “Italy’s new Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini is following Hungary’s Viktor Orbán in putting demographics at the heart of his programme, warning that a country which imports migrants instead of supporting families is “destined to die”.

    The League (Lega) leader, who heads one half of Italy’s new populist coalition government, set out his priorities in an interview with The Sunday Times at the historic Palazzo del Viminale in Rome.

    “A country which does not create children is destined to die,” Salvini stated bluntly.

    “We have created a ministry of the family to work on fertility, nurseries, on a fiscal system which takes large families into account. At the end of this mandate, the government will be measured on the number of newborns more than on its public debt,” he declared.

    The 45-year-old warned that nothing less than Italy’s “tradition, our story, our identity” was at stake — particularly as the political left was using declining birthrates and the supposed threat of an ageing population an “excuse” to “import immigrants”.

    The Italian leader appears to be following in the footsteps of conservatives in Central Europe, particularly Poland and Hungary, who have made a conscious decision to pursue pro-family policies and reject mass migration, even if it means slower short-term gains to GDP and provoking the globalist establishment in the European Union…”

  31. France: Migrants Arrested After Middle-Aged Woman Gang-raped on World Cup Night (breitbart, Jul 29, 2018)

    “Four migrant men have been arrested after a middle-aged woman was gang-raped on the night of France’s World Cup win.

    The woman was found with a badly swollen face in the commune of Oudon in the Loire-Atlantique department the following morning, Ouest France reports.

    Locals were horrified by the crime, and an atmosphere of mistrust is said to have settled on Oudon, with some female residents telling journalists they are now afraid to go jogging in the evening…”

  32. Pope Admits Illegal Migration Linked to Begging Rackets, Organ Trafficking, Prostitution (breitbart, Jul 29, 2018)

    “Pope Francis is urging everyone to combat the “shameful crime” of human trafficking, noting that it’s often linked to migrant smuggling.

    In remarks Sunday to the public in St. Peter’s Square, Francis decried that many adults and children are trafficked into slavery for forced labour, sex businesses, organ trafficking, begging rackets and other criminal activities.

    Francis noted that the United Nations will dedicate Monday to encouraging anti-trafficking efforts.

    The pope added that “even migratory routes are often used by traffickers and exploiters to recruit new victims.”

    He encouraged people to realize that trafficking victims are often among them by saying “even here in Rome” the phenomenon is present, an apparent reference to the city’s prostitutes, many of them trafficked from Africa or Eastern Europe.”

  33. DAILY MAIL – Two Americans among four tourists killed in a hit-and-run accident during a bike tour in Tajikistan

    Accident took place 90 miles south of the capital Dushanbe
    Two Dutch nationals were also killed and three tourists were injured
    Car that hit the cyclists then fled the scene, sparking police manhunt

    Two Americans were among four tourists killed and another three were injured during a bike tour in southern Tajikistan on Sunday when a car hit them before fleeing the scene, authorities said.

    The seven cyclists included two Americans, two Dutch nationals and three other foreigners, the interior ministry told AFP without specifying the nationalities of those who died.

    The hit-and-run accident took place in the district of Danghara, 90 miles south of the capital Dushanbe.

    ‘Three foreigners were killed at the scene and another died in hospital,’ the interior ministry said, adding that three other tourists had also received medical treatment.

    Police were hunting for the driver, the ministry in the Central Asian nation said.


    ‘Dutch cyclists killed in Tajikistan’

    Several Dutch cyclists perished in the south of Tajikistan on Sunday afternoon, reports media in the Central Asian country. It is still unclear whether it is an attack or an accident. Some compatriots are also in a critical condition.

    • Two Americans among four tourists killed in Tajikistan car-ramming incidents

      Four foreign tourists were killed in the Central Asian republic of Tajikistan, after a car rammed into a group of cyclists. The police swiftly tracked down the perpetrators and shot two of them dead after they resisted arrest.

      The tragedy occurred at mid-day on Sunday at Yoksu village in the southern part of the country. A car plowed through a group of cyclists at high speed and fled the scene.

      Three people were killed instantly, while another foreigner was rushed to hospital, where he died of his injuries. Several other tourists suffered light injuries in the incident and received medical and psychological assistance from the doctors.

      The US Embassy in Tajikistan confirmed the death of the two Americans and expressed condolences to their families. One of the deceased was from the Netherlands.

      Tajik law enforcers launched a large-scale manhunt and soon discovered a Daewoo Leganza vehicle in the nearby village of Torbulok. The “damage it suffered” suggested the vehicle had been involved in the ramming, a police statement said. Four suspects, a driver and three passengers, tried to flee and resisted arrest. During the manhunt, two suspects were shot dead and one was arrested.

      According to the security forces, investigative measures to track down the remaining accomplice of the criminals were ongoing.

      Many of the details of the incident remain unclear at present, including whether it was an accident or a deliberate attack.

      • The tragedy occurred at mid-day on Sunday at Yoksu village in the southern part of the country. A car plowed through a group of cyclists at high speed and fled the scene.

        In other unrelated news … shares in took a nosedive on all foreign exchanges and bourses.

  34. Erdogan Urges BRICS Leaders to Enable Turkey’s Accession to Group – Reports (sputniknews, Jul 29, 2018)

    “Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called on BRICS leaders to take the necessary steps so that Turkey may join the association, the newspaper Hurriyet reported.

    “We are in the G-20 with five of those countries. I wish they would take the necessary steps to let us in and we take our place in BRICS,” Erdogan was quoted as saying by Hurriyet.

    Erdogan also reportedly added that his suggestion had been welcomed by the BRICS member-states, especially China. According to the Turkish president, the BRICS members have been considering involving other countries in the group.

    “If you take us in… the platform would become BRICST,” Erdogan added. The Turkish president attended the 10th BRICS summit, which was held earlier this week in Johannesburg, South Africa.”

    • BRIC … Now that’s about as stable as nitroglycerine on a hot summer day, being trundled down a rutted dirt road on a set of bad shocks.

      If that is supposed to be the world’s new “currency basket”, I would sure as hell avoid putting very many eggs in it.

  35. Nigeria army kills at least 16 Boko Haram militants in north (abcnews,Jul 29, 2018)

    “Nigeria’s military says soldiers have killed at least 16 Boko Haram extremists after an attack in the country’s northern Borno state.

    Col. Onyema Nwachukwu, Deputy Director Army Public Relations, said Sunday that insurgents in three vehicles, including gun trucks, on Friday attacked the Mairari area village of Monguno. He said that soldiers and the air force responded, killing at least 16 extremists. He said soldiers also captured the gun trucks and ammunition.

    Nwachukwu said one soldier and four civilians had been injured during the fighting, and were evacuated to a military hospital.

    He said additional troops have been sent to the area, while fighting patrols are trailing the insurgents who fled the attack.

    Boko Haram has killed more than 20,000 people during its 9-year insurgency.”

  36. “Liberals on path of economic destruction to secure “Trump-hate” votes | Ezra Levant” Rebel Media – July 29, 2018

    • Absolutely outstanding, Richard. (Eeyore, please place on page one.)

      As mentioned in the video clip, Primary Payment Processors (e.g., PayPal) represent yet another “Bottleneck” that will be shifting financial flow and thought patterns.

      The confluence of these various ‘bottleneck’ orifices stands to become humanity’s most thunderous sewer or or its most stunning Fountainhead.

      Our choice. Our legacy. Our loss.

    • Thank you, Richard … for however-many weird-@ss walks (via Timcast) back-and-forth, through the increasingly Negative-Refractive-Index Looking-Glass® of whatever-upgefü¢ked “optics” of Carrollian flaming narratives….

      All of this is getting stranger than a snake’s suspenders. I only can wish that my last quip was supposed to be a humorous wisecrack (Because it ain’t!).

      May whatever-little-good-fortune-we-have-remaining-amongst-us preserve everyone.

    • Alex Jones might wanna please yust sit down and STFU.

      That a Looney Tunes® whamadoodle-wing-wang-wonky-website like InfoWars© has become even a slightly credible “media outlet”—regardless of Paul Joseph Watson’s excellent commentary—oughta SCAR scare the everliving crap out of any fact-based investigator.

      As with any one of my increasingly oddball postscripts, there are few ways to adequately thank Eeyore (and alla yez partichants at this Delirious Dungeon of Derangement™) for the lenience and generosity of spirit that makes Vlad Tepes Blog my daily Go-To-Destination…

      Again, back & forth, being whip-sawed through the Negative-Index-of-Refraction-Looking-Glass™, we Westerners transit on an hourly basis, courtesy of Politically Correct Optics … and not in a good way—as in repeatedly slamming through the Carollian Divide™.

      We are in for some “Hard Times”. Anyone who hasn’t read the novel which Dickens wrote of that same name stands well-outside of the master’s realm. It was one of the very few tales he managed to print without the requisite “happy ending” that so-often altered the editorial trajectory of his (more-often) serially printed works…

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