AMAZING Growth in the USA, left gets more and more violent: Links 1, July 27, 2018

1. President Trump: “GDP is at over 4.1%

oh yeah and this guy

2. Days After Toronto Shooting, Trudeau Is On His SEVENTH Vacation Day In A Row

(If anyone actually wants

Justin Trudeau has been taking “personal” (AKA Vacation) days since July 21st.


This is now his seventh consecutive vacation day.


You would think that the horrific Toronto mass shooting would have brought him back to work, addressing the obvious need for increased security in our cities, speaking to the nation, and making his presence felt as the country mourns.

3. Churchill’s 5 minute conversation with the average voter, proving that democracy is the worst system. Except for everything else.

4. Diana West: What it looked like at the end of Europe.

5. A major brawl broke out at Trump’s now defaced star in Hollywood.

The way this tweet explains it, the man was just wearing a Trump shirt and the assaults started. But he gave a lot better than he got.

These days if you are openly not a commie, you had better have been trained by the Marines.

Thank you Richard, M., Wrath of Khan, EB. PC., and all who commented, analyzed, contributed in any and all ways. We have moved beyond interesting times into fascinating ones. And with some of the most unlikely heroes. Remember to support the ones we have. The days of the luxury of being picky over details may be behind us if we wish to survive this most certainly existential battle for our cultures and values.

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4 Replies to “AMAZING Growth in the USA, left gets more and more violent: Links 1, July 27, 2018”

  1. Words, actions have consequences. This kids has a foul mouth; mom and dad this your son. Jail time now.
    50 years ago kids were working…60 years ago , our President was no community organizer ; he worked.
    I can not believe how much taxes I am paying to fund public schoooooooooool to have so many idiots.
    Shame on me to work all my life . No shame to be an informed citizen
    God is in charge…TGF

  2. The brawl is another data point of the growing violence in the Second American Civil war. The outcome of the brawl (the libs running home to get Mommy to protect them) is what is going to happen in the civil war, only once the real violence starts there will be no safe spaces for the libs to run to.

    • Don’t even need to chase ’em. Just cut off the food and water to the Left Coast metros, and let the libtards brawl among themselves.

  3. 5. A major brawl broke out at Trump’s now defaced star in Hollywood.

    Please notice how the cries of, “Hey, he’s a Marine!”, were much more in genuine fear than whatever artificially manufactured sort of typical Liberal “rage”?

    Just listen to the tone of their squawking as they get their comeuppance. I so wish the online body language expert was available to analyze these verbal hysterics. Eeyore???

    Eternally bless America’s fighting women and men.

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