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20 Replies to “Reversal of agency, and how sharia replaces rule of law”

  1. Even the bobbies on the street in both England and Austrailia have submitted to enforcing Shariah Law and protecting Islamists. They know that Islam is now their “better”

    England and Austrailia are HISTORY!

    • Wars I begin to think are not won or lost. Just decided for a while. Should the West wake up these areas can be taken back in an afternoon.

        • I think the convergance of three rivers. A financial crisis greater than ’08 will broaden into an economic crisis. (Debt issues have only become worse.) This will bring the Left out screaming, but this time the Free Shit Army will not have the luxury of more debt to pacify them. It will be real. You think they think they have licence to act badly now? Wait until they actually have to work for a living. Wait until the welfare is harder to come by. And wait until the socialist schools have to stop bankrolling them. They’ll be in the streets looking for targets. Unfortunately, those targets may be the moral majority who work, pay taxes and risk their modest capital. The Left’s sense of entitlement knows no limits. Antisemitism will get worse, as usual. Scapegoats always become fashionable in hard times.

          Economic hardships will include currency wars which will lead to kinetic wars over markets. This has already begun under Trump. He isn’t the cause. This die was cast in 1913. Let history sort out the rest.

          So while the socialists are screaming in the streets for their lost false prosperity, which they never earned, the imams will be watching. They will see opportunities. Depending on tard densities in given countries, they will jump in hoping they can grab whole parts of cities because the cops are too busy quelling Leftist-driven social unrest. Strikes and protests will become normal. Finally, to satisfy the need for more soldiers, and to do something with all of the idle hands, conscription will return.

          I’ll stop because this sounds to much like doom and gloom porn. However I haven’t said anything that hasn’t been said by others, and I don’t mind jumping on Richard’s semi-rhetorical musing.

          The good news is, whatever happens, we know that it must happen. Free societies can indulge neither islam nor socialism for long. Free people cannot be free under debt slavery. And enduring capital formation can only occur under some form of Austrian-school economic regime.

          • What most people these days don’t understand is that throughout all of recorded history war has been the norm, peace is an idea that springs up because there are breathing spells between the rounds of war for people to rest, rearm, recurit and retrain. The long period of semi peace brought about the a combination of the Nuclear Weapon and a bi-polar world split between communism and freedom has given the far radical left time to gain more power then the other radical political and economical philosophies have had. We are the generations that will have to pay the price for letting a radical philosophy gain so much power. As you point out conscription will return and the wars will be fought all around the world to bloody ends. Well not really ends but until on side decides that they need to rest for a decade or so before they start fighting the next phase of the war. The people who survive the first few years of the coming chaos will return to both tribalism and the idea that the only real war crime is losing the war. We may well see the return to the concentration camps and possibly the Death Camps (NR keeps saying these are going to return). There will be some nuclear exchanges, exchanges that we can hopefully limit to a very small number of cities destroyed. As usual technology will advance by leaps and bounds during the wars, The space exploration and exploration programs will become less causality adverse and will move to seize the high ground of space. Once we have semi reliable space systems we will see kenitic kill weapons of varying sizes that will be used instead of nukes. There are rumors that the Rods from God has already been deployed, if these rumors are wrong the rods will be deployed over the next decade to a decade and a half.

            • Spot on Richard. The only problem is that :”democracies” are always incapable of sustaining the casualties needed to win wars vs totalitarian ideologies. There is NO way that the USA and the UK could have beaten Germany without the USSR as Stalin did not care (nor did Hitler) how many lives it took. If you study the WW2 east front the sheer loss of life overwhelms. My father talked to an ex Wehrmacht artillery officer who saw his commander in tears as he watched their shells disintegrate 20,000 soviets advancing over open field and they just kept coming. His comment was: “how can we win vs people who do not care about the cost in lives and who sacrifice so readily?”
              Currently, Trump aside, there is NOT one leader in the west capable of even going to war to defend the culture of the west, let alone winning.

              • Yes we would have won without Stalin it would have been a longer war and we would have used the nukes against Germany instead of Japan but we would have won. Don’t buy into the idea that Democracies won’t accept massive causalities, read the history of the US Civil war, that war killed more Americans they all of the rest of our wars combined.

                The causality aversion was brought about by the left in an attempt to prevent us from defending freedom. In WWII the left was supporting the US that is what made the difference. When talking about causality aversion by Democracies always remember that after WWII the left was working against the US not for them.

            • The peace break has also now given 3 generations the impression that peace and comfort and freedom from want is permanent and that war will never happen in the future if everyone has the same. Not only is that impossible but even if it were, it misses the sad point that for every 10 humans there is one who is happy to exploit the other 9 by any way possible violent or otherwise and who can be depended upon to make a good world far less so. The impact of these creatures is always 100x greater than that of any good person. While some are created IMO most are born that way and that there are many who have suffered through extremely bad childhoods who did not become violent criminals.

            • Israel lives between wars. That’s how it is.

              And ya know what?
              They score among the happiest of the OECD, have the most optimistic outlook.

              And the most babies.

  2. Talk about selective enforcement of the law, Lauren Southern receives a 68 000 dollar bill by the police to keep violent Antifa protesters at bay in Melbourne, but is told that she cannot do a walk-by of the Lakemba mosque, nor interview any people she meets on the street about the area.

    If that is the law of the land, then why weren’t Antifa protesters given the same warning at her event in Melbourne recently, and why then weren’t police officers posted outside the mosque and a bill sent to the owners of said mosque if the police expected a breach of the peace?

    This would definitely not stand in a court case.

    Something’s wrotten in the city of Sydney.

  3. A real woman among the muslims
    A real man among the marxists
    A real child among transchildren
    The Law will Oscar, wild.

  4. Surely a woman criticising Islam has as much justification on her side as a Jew criticising National Socialism or a black person criticising the Ku Klux Klan.

  5. In the last 20 years I have written letters to the PMs in Australia (all of them) daring them to walk through Lakemba on a Friday at >1300 with a Muhammad T-shirt just to prove to everyone that there is no muslim problem. Needless to say, I never received a reply and it never happened. these bastards know exactly what is happening and they simply will do NOTHING. It is up to us and if we do nothing then we are defeated and its “goodbye” to bacon and hello to “clitoridectomy”. My contempt for islam and muslims is so high that death is preferable to dhimmitude.

    • You are absolutely right!, the cowards KNOW what is happening and refuse to do anything to alleviate the problem… just like the proverbial Ostrich whit its head in the sand. “If we do nothing it will just go away”

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