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2 Replies to “Time for some good news! (In the US. Canada is headed down fast)”

  1. Parents do not want to pay for miscellaneous safe spaces. They want their kids to succeed through critical thinking and not rioting in the streets.

  2. I blame the “red pill diode” that takes peoples’ brains and turns them to the right – permanently. No matter which way the electrons were flowing before the red pill, they are all flowing to the right now. And there is no going back.

    The left-wing simply does not have the truth on their side. Donald Trump is not a racist or a rapist or a homophobe or a Nazi and it’s perfectly easy to prove that to anyone who’s not screaming “fascist scum!” at you. He never said that Mexicans were murderers and rapists and he didn’t tell his fans to hit people in the face except for one time when Democrat-paid rioters were punching Trump supporters in their faces and trying to start fights. And he shouldn’t have insulted McCain, but who really cares and what difference does it make?

    I think that what we are about to see is going to make us very very happy. I think we are going to see the Democrat Party and this current crop of Bill Ayers radical left assholes put out to pasture permanently. I don’t think anybody is going to want to even admit that they used to vote Democrat and the party is going to go down like the Titanic meets Godzilla meets Mothra. We are all being forced to eat a big bowl of poo every day and those of us who noticed are getting pretty tired of it. I can’t even turn on a TV set for fear I’ll throw the thing out the window. Cursed lie-machine…

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