Bill Warner talks to Gavin Boby about how we all can help Gavin STOP MOSQUES

Readers of this site will know Gavin Boby. He has spoken in Ottawa, Montreal, and several Australian cities about the nature of mosques, and how they effect areas where they appear.

To be clear, a mosque is not a type of Church or Synagogue or Temple.

It is a beachhead. A military outpost from which, Islamic domination of that area begins. It can also be a symbol of total Islamic dominance, which is why one is built wherever a battle is fought between Islam and anyone else. Currently, a mega mosque is being constructed on the exact spot of the battle for Tours which was won against the Muslims by Charles the hammer Martel. But Muslims now feel that they have reclaimed France and are building a mosque there. Just like the “Cordoba mosque” and the one as close as they could get to the Twin Towers in NYC.

This video explains how we can all help Gavin to stop every mosque application in the UK. Legally, and without bloodshed. And once other nations see how it is done, you can bet people like Gavin will pop up everywhere to do the same thing.

Below, Gavin speaks on why you should oppose a mosque:



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  1. Having some expertise in this area I can tell you that the only way to stop a mosque is on parking, traffic flow, building footprint vs. %of open land (this generally comes back to parking) or height restrictions.
    The SECOND you say that a mosque will depress your property value you will be called a racist and disregarded. Don’t even try to say that a mosque is not in keeping with the cultural values of a community. You will be laughed out of the room.

      Many moons ago we prevented a big box store from coming into our neighborhood on parking… They could not prove that during holiday times their customers would exceed their parking lot and park on our residential streets.
      It’s the same thing with a mosque.

      • Ok prepare yourself for this. I have posted numerous times on this at this site, so it might be findable with a search.

        A mosque application for the suburb of Orleans in Ottawa was approved some years ago which had zero parking whatsoever. It was across from a strip mall and near a Church.

        The zoning regs in Ottawa state that a religious building has to provide parking based on the number of seats. I don’t know the exact number, but say, 1 parking spot per 4 seats.

        The mosque was allowed to build without any parking because…

        Drum roll please:

        They don’t use seats. So no parking is required.

        I am not making this up. The city found a way with the most ludicrous kind of language, to give muslims special rights and privileges no one else has in the city.

        People should be lighting torches and carrying pitchforks. But very few even know about this.

        • Well, this is clearly outrageous. Too bad they didn’t have Gavin Boby or their side (or me for that matter)>
          Is this the same place where the strip mall installed a gate and started towing cars? I recall a few years ago a strip mall across from a mosque started towing cars and there was a huge outrage.

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