Democrats have a plan, and the Mental Health issue is bogus: Links 2, July 24, 2018

1. What the US Democrats plan if they win the house:

2. Johnny U left a comment under the video with the Hungarian TV interview of a woman on Islam. With the comment, he left this worthy historical video:

3. Boy the hoax letter from the Hussein family, is just the most recent bit of taqyyia

oh and…

4. And more on the ‘mental health’ spin doctoring by the CBC, Muslim Brotherhood etc.

Thats it for this post. Its a lot of quality info. For people who read this site, your world remains firmly intact. The mental health thing was Communist Broadcast Corporation and their islamic partners’ fabrication and the letter was written by an Ikwan linked spin doctor. I suspect there is a more islamic name for that.


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11 Replies to “Democrats have a plan, and the Mental Health issue is bogus: Links 2, July 24, 2018”

  1. 1 – As far as I can discover the only things the Dems have to campaign on are abolish ICE and oppose Trump, I would say impeach Trump but they are trying to shut down that kind of talk until after the election since it motivates the rest of us to vote Repub.

  2. The intention of ObamaCare was to disrupt the health care system while laying claim to 1/6 of the US economy. There were 15,000 new hires with ObamaCare and not one doctor or nurse; all IRS agents … because … 1/6 of the economy.

    Diversity does not unify and never will. Diversity is the word used to promote the demise of the Enlightenment because dead old white guys, as the ultra-hip-and-stupid say.

    The Toronto terrorists does have a mental health issue called Muhammadism and throughout history, has endangered all who have come into contact with it. With Muhammadans living among us our excellent childhoods, free of terror, will never be seen again by any generation in “Canada”.

    The western world has been betrayed like no other has ever been; on a scale that is unprecedented. As I’ve said before, our situation is akin to having to make room for the citizens of the victors to move in and conquer us at the daily level, as their army surely did to our’s on the battlefield. But we’ve skipped that losing the battle part to just giving the nation away but enforcing the narrative that we have no choice but to hand it over.

  3. Anyone else completely tired of this bullshit?
    With a declared enemy we have the moral obligation to destroy him so as to save the innocent from further injury. We do not have the obligation to support him and become his advocate, short of a religious conversion.

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