Toronto Sun: Meet the spin doctor behind the Hussain family statement

From the Toronto Sun:

The man who has presented himself as the point of contact for the family of Faisal Hussain is a professional activist who has reportedly committed himself to “framing a new narrative of Muslims in Canada” and creating a “national political movement.”


Shortly after the Ontario Special Investigations Unit revealed the identity of the Danforth shooter as 29-year-old Faisal Hussain, a news release was sent out to select media attributed to the “Hussain Family”. […]


It was provided by Mohammed Hashim, a full-time organizer for the Toronto & York Region Labour Council. Social media accounts belonging to Hashim show him heavily involved in supporting NDP candidates both federally and provincially in Ontario. He’s also described as a driving force behind the National Council of Canadian Muslims.

NCCM is CAIR’s Canadian branch, formerly called, CAIR-Canada.


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  1. 2016- Mohammed Hashim

    At the Inspirit Foundation we recently commissioned a survey exploring ideas of identity, community, and belonging so it seems appropriate to share two of a series of short videos Inspirit has created that feature young Muslim change leaders.

    Here, community organizer Mohammed Hashim talks about the stories about Muslims in Canada that he’d like to see more of.

    About Inspirit Foundation:

    We seek to create a more inclusive and pluralist Canada where differences are valued and everyone has equal opportunity to thrive socially and economically.

    We believe in the transformative power of media and arts for change.

    Our primary areas of work include grants and opportunities for young change leaders, convening, cross-sector collaborations, impact investing and publications.

  2. But as the mayor of the city said, we don’t know what his motives were. Clearly he was a vegan enraged at people at cafes eating meat.

  3. France, England, Italy, Germany, UK, etc.. have all undergone the exact same societal reverse engineering strategies which is unraveling in Canada and the US presently. Muslims of all factions regardless of radical degree are deploying a “western society insurgency”.
    They have adopted techniques used during the cold war by the CIA and the Russians with an added dimension – human rights and liberalism which in effect is contradictory to typical muslim culture. By securing powerful positions in various societies such as doctors, law, politics, policy they have established themselves as manipulators to the benefit of their cultural and religious agenda. Mohammed Hashim is an operative who’s created a foot print for himself not only as a muslim interests strategist, but also as a damage control “cleaner”. The muslims have the perfect insurgency action plan, the premise being the only way muslims can be defeated by democrative societies is if we break our own human rights laws and policies to prevent further societal reverse engineering by muslim strategists such as the likes of Mohammed Hashim !

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