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9 Replies to ““Trump’s Taking Away Brennan And Clappers Security Clearance!” Sarah Sanders Roasts Obama Officials”

  1. Good. It’s about time. Maybe they’ll lose their contracts with CNN and whatever Fake News they signed with. Any official that no longer works for the government or is in doubt should lose its security clearance.

    I think Trump will eventually remove redactions from released documents. Many surprises in store for Fake News.

    • Why do they need to access secure databases if they’re no longer working for the govt? What’s the “need to know” rationale?

      It should be routine to terminate clearance when the person leaves the govt job. Their experience and contacts are sufficiently portable. Whether they “consult” for CNN or some lobbying or law firm, they’re monetizing access inappropriately.

      • From what I understand they keep their clearance but can no longer access classified documents once they are out of Government, this is done so if testifying before Congress they can go in and read classified things that happened while there were working. This can be abused like when what’s his face from the Clinton Administration smuggling classified docs out and destroying them.

        • Let ’em get a new clearance.
          Position’s changed, subsequent activities may well disqualify them. Conflicts of interest, llifestyle changes, etc.

  2. This is great news. A little bit of the levee surrounding the swamp has been repaired. It’s still a long way from draining the damned thing but it’s a start and it might flush out some more of the vermin: Lock her up! Lock her up!

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