A good video on Trudeau that misses the point and a comment that hits one with a bullseye

The point he missed is that Trudeau is a crappy actor who thinks he is a really good one. He cries all the time because he can. Not because he feels anything. In a way its a mark of contempt for the Canadian public that he feels it is an OK thing to do to manipulate us with his mediocre thespianisms.

Shows he thinks we are all chumps. The really bad news is that most of us are.

Below, a comment from Youtube that makes a really good point about this video and other aspects of Trudeau’s reign of tears.

Crying Justin is actually the least offensive Justin. Hypocrite, lying, coward Justin of course takes the cake. But seriously…his performance when Gord Donnie passed away? The man was dying and we all knew it…he was a man of great wealth and had done what he wanted to do right up to the end. We should ALL be so lucky.
But our teenage girl of a PM, who apparently knew him, but was not a close friend, cries for the press? Setting the bar pretty low there pansy boy….where were the tears for the Canadian you let die at the hands of terrorists in the Phillipines ? You know…when you bravely told us you would never negotiate with terrorists….and then you negotiated a $10.5 million payment to a convicted one. You coward!
That should make the entire country cry! The fact that you ensured the widow and child couldn’t touch that payment by sneaking it through to him quickly over a holiday weekend? That makes you a traitor to this country and our allies! He should cry about that!

Yes Trudeau is nothing if not consistent when he does not spend on anything which is good for Canada or its servants or military, and disguises it as fiscal responsibility, then spends like a thousand drunken sailors if its good for Islam.

Thanks Gavin B. for the link.



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