The President of France, his bodyguard, the Bataclan, and their landlords: Links 1, July 23, 2018

1. Thomas Wictor thread on the Trump Tweet to Iran (Quite refreshing reading)

2. AT LAST! Someone other than Penn & Teller’s Bullshit episode actually calls recycling what it is. An expensive and environmentally bad exorcize in sanctimony. 

Recycling is a waste of time and money which probably does more harm to the environment than good.

This is the message of a damning report produced for the UK government by the National Audit Office.

It confirms what many have long suspected: recycling is an empty ritual, devised by green zealots, enforced by bureaucrats, but with no practical benefits whatsoever.


Obviously, being an official report, it doesn’t state the truth quite so bluntly. But it leaves the reader in no doubt that Britain’s recycling targets are just an empty, EU-driven exercise in green virtue-signalling and that the whole process positively invites fraud and corruption.

3. Glazov Gang: End FGM Today. Elizabeth Yore (Founder,

4. Some analysis on the Trump Tweet and back and forth with the IRI.

5. Aldo Sterone analysis on the weird case of Macron’s bodyguard.

(There is a LOT in the feed and in French news about this event. But its complex and subtle and so far, although our team has had numerous conversations about the utility of translating the materials, we didn’t feel it was worth the time compared to other events that needed attention. However Aldo’s analysis of it was interesting and clear and covers it all, so we chose to do that. Thank you Ava Lon for doing this!)


Thank you M., EB., C., Xanthippa, Wrath of Khan, and all who sent in materials. One interesting news day. Apparently at 9:30 or so tomorrow morning we will hear about the ‘in-cel’ that shot up Greek town in Toronto tomorrow. That should be interesting.


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11 Replies to “The President of France, his bodyguard, the Bataclan, and their landlords: Links 1, July 23, 2018”

  1. 5 Assassinate the bastard…heaven knows that there is enough reason and if his family goes with him then let it be a salutary lesson to others. The time is fast approaching when doing it ourselves and properly is the ONLY way left. I cannot watch the movie Munich as the way that the Israelis are depicted after they killed his family by accident made me sick. You never care about family collateral when it comes to islam or communism as they certainly do not. Many seem to think that I am joking here but I have witnessed an evolving revolution within a country and the rising anger amongst the “silent majority” in the west is akin to what I saw there. When it erupts the high moral ground shelters no one.

    • We are rapidly approaching the time when things like this will become common and the first questions ask will be, I wonder who got tired of him?

  2. Wow, Mr Sterone is a brave man.. the way things are in France today, he could have his door kicked down at 5:30 AM and tried in a kangaroo court. I always knew the country was corrupt, but this is a new low.
    As for the Baltajiya he references, this is an interesting piece:
    In the 1980s, the police faced the growth of “gangs”, referred to in Egyptian Arabic as baltagiya. These street organisations had asserted self-rule over Cairo’s many informal settlements and slums. Foreigners and the Egyptian bourgeoisie assumed the baltagiya to be Islamists but they were mostly utterly unideological. In the early 1990s the Interior Ministry decided “if you can’t beat them, hire them”.
    So the Interior Ministry and the Central Security Services started outsourcing coercion to these baltagiya, paying them well and training them to use sexualised brutality (from groping to rape) in order to punish and deter female protesters and male detainees alike.

    Wikipedia mentions interesting detail:
    In the Port Said Stadium disaster on 1 February 2012, eyewitnesses accused the police of allowing baltagiya in plain clothes into the stadium with weapons and then not intervening to stop the violence.

    Also see

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