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5 Replies to “Police Gove ZERO information on Toronto shooter in 14 minute “update””

  1. Tick-tock goes the clock,
    Ticking timely on the Truth,
    Ticking timely on the colour,
    Ticking timely on the beard,
    Ticking timely on the spin,
    –On the narrative held so dear.

  2. Just some crazy guy. No need to embarrass his family and faith. Just some crazy guy.

    I remember when Toronto trumpeted that it was a “World Class City” back some time in the late seventies. Now it is a dangerous third world class shithole city. Nice job leftards.

  3. Also, by this time you must realize that Faisal the killer is actually the victim. It is society’s fault that he went out and shot all those people-specifically, Western society. We just don’t understand what it’s like to be a Muslim terrorist- lots of psychological pressure.

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