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3 Replies to “2014 video worthy of thought”

  1. He spelled out the plan that is being used against all Western Nations. People need to wake up to what is happening before it is too late to save the Western Nations, it is already too late to save Western Civilization but if we act fast we can save our nations.

  2. A bit of temperance is needed when assessing this on its face: the recording is said to date from October 2003, and is at an event on the book ‘Mexifornia’.

    He is not ‘revealing a plan’ – he is stating what has already happened, which is why the audience laughs.

    The planning of this multiculturalism thingy dates back to the 80’s, even 70’s, and was already fully implemented by 2003, even if it was not as blatantly obvious as it is now.

    Just saying…

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