The slippery slope of thought crimes

The left has done a masterful job of lulling people into allowing speech and thought crimes to be on the books as legislation when they simply should never, ever have been made into legislation, and even contradicted specific rights laws such as we have in Canada and the USA. “Hate Crimes” of course, is the perfect example. A judge already had the ability to factor in motive when passing a sentence for a real crime should he feel it mattered.

And now from the Italian high court:

Telling migrants to “go home” is racism, rules Italy’s top court

In a landmark decision, Italy’s highest court has ruled that telling migrants to “go away” is racism.

The Court of Cassation ruled Thursday that telling non-EU foreigners to leave the country legally counts as racial discrimination, even if racial slurs are not explicitly used.

The case relates to a man in his early 40’s who appealed for a reduction in his sentence for injuries against another person, which had been increased on grounds of racial discrimination.

The man and his co-defendant had clashed with two non-Italians after they approached them in a club in the town of Gallarate in Lombardy and said, “Why are you here, you need to go home.”

The applicant argued that his comments were unrelated to race.

The court, however, found that using generic expressions of contempt toward foreigners that are clearly based on their ethnic or religious backgrounds is equivalent to racism.

A couple of years ago, a Dutch court found Geert Wilders, a leader of the opposition in the Netherlands, guilty of speech and thought crimes because he openly opposed the current government’s immigration policies, which is his actual job! Not to mention an absolutely essential component of any democracy anywhere and any-when.

He suggested they change immigration to have fewer Moroccans, which represent a grotesquely disproportionate part of violent crime there and present an existential threat to Dutch culture. This is what opposition parties do. Recommend alternatives to legislation and people vote for it or not.

But they convicted him and fined him for doing exactly his job. And now that they have that conviction, the rest is just a matter of sentencing for the rest of us.

And now, Italian courts have done what leftists always do. Expand the definition of what constitutes the evil thought or word, and control all aspects of our day to day transactions.

This is the incremental implementation of communism ideologically speaking. A counter-revolution must take place.

A large crowd chanting in Italian to illegal and unwanted migrants of “Go home now” would probably be a good first step.


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  1. Yes a counter revolution is needed, so far counter revolutions in the European nations have been suppressed and the ordinary Europeans are forced to set at home and nurse their resentment. The problem the various Marxist governmetns are creating by crushing the counter revolutions when they could be carried out in a semi peaceful manner is that they are forcing the populations to organize in secret and plan for a violent counter revolution. This situation is aggravated by the Marxist governments refusing to punish the invaders for their crimes, the governments are acting as if they expect the criminal chaos and violence to break the will of the European people to resist. The problem with this approach is that there aren’t many of the Europeans being killed, so the intimidation is building resentment and hatred not fear of the government and their actions.

    Italy is showing the way for the counter revolution to start but with Judges enforcing the thought control laws it is highly unlikely that the counter revolution will remain semi peaceful for long.

    • Ah yup, Richard..

      “The court, however, found that using generic expressions of contempt toward foreigners that are clearly based on their ethnic or religious backgrounds is equivalent to racism.

      Smells Stinks like Thought Control to me.

  2. I refer unfamiliar readers to (the sometimes elaborate wording by) Alexis de Tocqueville on the topic of, “Liberty of the Press in the United States”:

    If anyone could point out an intermediate and yet a tenable position between the complete independence and the entire servitude of opinion, I should perhaps be inclined to adopt it, but the difficulty is to discover this intermediate position. Intending to correct the licentiousness of the press and to restore the use of orderly language, you first try the offender by a jury; but if the jury acquits him, the opinion which was that of a single individual becomes the opinion of the whole country. Too much and too little has therefore been done; go farther, then. You bring the delinquent before permanent magistrates; but even here the cause must be heard before it can be decided; and the very principles which no book would have ventured to avow are blazoned forth in the pleadings, and what was obscurely hinted at in a single composition is thus repeated in a multitude of other publications. The language is only the expression and, if I may so speak, the body of the thought, but it is not the thought itself. Tribunals may condemn the body, but the sense, the spirit of the work is too subtle for their authority. Too much has still been done to recede, too little to attain your end; you must go still farther. Establish a censorship of the press. But the tongue of the public speaker will still make itself heard, and your purpose is not yet accomplished; you have only increased the mischief. Thought is not, like physical strength, dependent upon the number of its agents; nor can authors be counted like the troops that compose an army. On the contrary, the authority of a principle is often increased by the small number of men by whom it is expressed. The words of one strong-minded man addressed to the passions of a listening assembly have more power than the vociferations of a thousand orators; and if it be allowed to speak freely in any one public place, the consequence is the same as if free speaking was allowed in every village. The liberty of speech must therefore be destroyed as well as the liberty of the press. And now you have succeeded, everybody is reduced to silence. But your object was to repress the abuses of liberty, and you are brought to the feet of a despot. You have been led from the extreme of independence to the extreme of servitude without finding a single tenable position on the way at which you could stop.

    [emphasis added]

    All of these exact same concerns apply to Thought Crime. Tocqueville had it precisely right about the slippery slope of Freedom of the Press and Free Speech, back in 1831. It’s difficult to imagine he’d have of anything much different to say about Thought Crime.

    • Just wait until the EU adopts this one.

      They may as well adopt one of those FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) orphans from Russia. Whatever net results would likely be the same. Tantrums, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Violence and, above all, extreme learning difficulties. A particular deficit that the EU has been exhibiting for many years.

  3. These bastards are really pushing it aren’t they?
    It seems that they are just dying for a reaction from the silent majority so that they can go full totalitarian. I see violence approaching and (hopefully) Merkel’s head on a pole.

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