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  1. Poll: 75% of Arabs see Israel, US as biggest threat to security (memo, Jul 13, 2018)

    “A new poll published by the Arab Centre for Research and Policy Studies has revealed that 75 per cent of Arabs see Israel and the United States as the biggest threats to national security.

    The Arab Opinion Index surveyed over 18,000 individuals in 11 Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan, Tunisia, Morocco and Mauritania. The poll conducted face-to-face interviews with the respondents, asking them questions on a range of topics including economics, immigration and attitudes towards regional politics and democracy.

    Results showed that 75 per cent of Arabs see Israel as the biggest threat to their national security. The United States was the second most-cited, followed by Iran. On broader questions relating to Israel, 90 per cent of those surveyed see Israel as a major source of instability in the Middle East and disapprove of the various peace treaties signed between Arab states and Israel, including the Oslo Accords, the Camp David Accords and the Wadi Araba Agreement between Israel and Jordan.

    Further, 87 per cent of Arabs disapproved of their country recognising Israel, with only eight per cent accepting formal diplomatic recognition. When asked to justify their reasons for this disapproval, almost 32 per cent stated that Israel “is a settler colonialist state and occupies Palestine”. While Arab states neighbouring Israel, for example Egypt and Jordan, have long recognised the state, more recently the willingness of Gulf states to establish ties with Israel has increased. Leading the call has been Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed Bin Salman, who has been dubbed by commentators as “the world’s richest Zionist”…”

    • 75% of Arabs see Israel, US as biggest threat to security

      And they damn well should. Tiresome Islamic nonsense has a cure. Something which Little and Big Satan have the ability to deliver in hours.

      • The ability but so far not the will, they need to realize that we are not going to let them destroy us and take over the world, if they come close enough to destroying us the canned sunshine will rain down on them and prove the mistake that is made when you think the US has been beaten.

  2. Boat with 450 migrants mustn’t come to Italy – Salvini (ansa, Jul 13, 2018)

    “Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said Friday a boat carrying 450 migrants, now in Maltese-competence waters, can’t come to Italy, as he wrestled with another migrant case that pitted him against President Sergio Mattarella and caused a government split. Salvini said “a boat with 450 CLANDESTINES aboard has since this morning been in waters under the competence of Malta, which has said it will intervene. A few hours later, however, no one has moved and the boat has started heading for Italy again.

    “Let Malta, the migrant smugglers and the do-gooders of all of Italy and all the world know that this boat CANNOT and MUST NOT arrive in an Italian port.

    “We’ve already done our bit, understood?” Salvini said earlier he would get to the bottom of an alleged migrant “mutiny” on board a rescue ship…”

  3. Telling migrants to “go home” is racism, rules Italy’s top court (thelocal, Jul 13, 2018)

    “In a landmark decision, Italy’s highest court has ruled that telling migrants to “go away” is racism.

    The Court of Cassation ruled Thursday that telling non-EU foreigners to leave the country legally counts as racial discrimination, even if racial slurs are not explicitly used.

    The case relates to a man in his early 40’s who appealed for a reduction in his sentence for injuries against another person, which had been increased on grounds of racial discrimination.

    The man and his co-defendant had clashed with two non-Italians after they approached them in a club in the town of Gallarate in Lombardy and said, “Why are you here, you need to go home.”

    The applicant argued that his comments were unrelated to race.

    The court, however, found that using generic expressions of contempt toward foreigners that are clearly based on their ethnic or religious backgrounds is equivalent to racism.

    The ruling clarifies that Italy legally considers discrimination to occur in verbal attacks where racial superiority is implicit, and not only where racial slurs are used.

    Italy’s Interior Minister and far-right League party leader Matteo Salvini, known for making provocative statements regarding minorities and immigrants, responded to the ruling by writing “Go home, go home, go home!!!” on his Facebook page, above a picture of a group of black African men….”

  4. German government aims to expand Islam Conference with critical voices (DW, Jul 13, 2018)

    “Germany’s Interior Ministry wants to curb the influence of organized and often conservative Muslim associations at the country’s annual Islam Conference. Critics say the move risks limiting religious dialogue.

    By the time the summer comes to a close, things will be different at the German Islam Conference, an annual event aimed at fostering dialogue between the government and Muslims living in the country. At least that is the aim of the Interior Ministry, led by conservative Horst Seehofer.

    His deputy minister, Markus Kerber, sparked a debate on Friday after telling Bild newspaper: “We must place the large number of Muslim fellow citizens not yet organized in Germany at the center of the Islam Conference much more strongly than before.” What Kerber did not say, but of course means, is that the strong influence of formal Islamic associations with often-conservative interpretations of religious laws is to be curbed at the dialogue forum.

    In the run-up to this year’s conference, which describes itself as “the most important forum between the German state and Muslims living in Germany,” representatives of these types of Islamic associations were the only ones included on the organizing committee. Critics of that decision argued that Muslim life in Germany was far more colorful, and in March, secular migrant associations declared the event would be a failure if it was not reformed.

    ‘Exclude the associations, I can’t do that’

    Erika Theissen, who was a consultant for the conference in 2015, is skeptical about the idea of pushing back the influence of Islamic associations. “Exclude the associations, I can’t do that,” she told DW, arguing anyone who belongs to a faith also needs places of worship and mosque communities. Theissen believes that it is therefore simply not possible to ignore them when it comes to fostering interreligious dialogue.

    “It would not advance Christian dialogue if only opponents of Christianity were brought in,” she said, adding the fact that Germany’s political climate has repeatedly placed mosque communities under general suspicion has made many members very insecure, and fueled tension more generally between the government and Muslims in the country.

    Theissen converted to Islam 30 years ago, “when people weren’t as sensitive about Islam,” and now runs a training center for Muslim women in Cologne.

    A place for critical debate

    The Türkische Gemeinde in Deutschland (Turkish Community in Germany) organization, or TGD, is one of the associations the Interior Ministry is targeting in its reforms for the conference, but its chairman, Gökay Sofuoglu, is surprisingly open to the plan.

    “The dialogue at the Islam Conference cannot continue with only the existing associations,” he told DW. He believes the forum needs critical personalities that challenge the viewpoints of associations like the TGD. “The place for this confrontation must be the German Islam Conference,” he said, arguing that means the event must be reformed.

    A ‘German Islam’

    Deputy Minister Kerber announced that it is likely that new individuals will be admitted to conference’s committee in November, and among them will be “certainly also critical Muslim voices on Islam.” He argued that the goal of the reform is to advance the definition of “German Islam.”…”

    • German Islam Conference

      Wasn’t Adolph Hitler holding these confabs with Jerusulem’s genocidal Grand Mufti, Mohammed Amin al-Husseini, all the way back in 1941? More specifically, what has changed—aside from all indigenous, modern-day Germans gradually slipping into Islam’s cross-hairs?

      Ain’t paybacks a biatch?!?

  5. How Rosenstein, Strzok have similar testimony behaviors

    Donald J. Trump Media Advisory Board member Gina Loudon and WPHT radio host Dom Giordana discuss the body languages of FBI official Peter Strzok and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein during their separate testimonies on Capitol Hill.

  6. Rosenstein, Mueller want to destroy Trump’s presidency: Chris Farrell

    Judicial Watch Director of Investigations Chris Farrell discusses Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s announcement that 12 Russian intelligence officers have been indicted for allegedly hacking the Democratic National Committee.

    • The Dems would use an “non partisan” commission to hide what crimes the Dems committed, Dershowitz is a partisan Dem and he wants to white wash the actions of the Obama people.

    • Purple Heart?!?

      How about purple, black, and blue bruises all over Strzok’s body?

      Even that wouldn’t be acceptable. Levenworth’s general population, more like.

      I suggest that we give him ten years in Levenworth, or eleven years in Twelveworth! … I’ll take five and ten in Woolworth!

      — “Duck Soup” , The Marx Brothers

  7. Iraq: Social unrest hits southern city of Najaf

    Protesters marched through the centre of Najaf on Friday, outraged over high unemployment and poor public services.

    People held banners and waved Iraqi flags.

    Police observed the protest at a distance.

    Demonstrations against the prevailing economic situation have been swept the southern part of the country in the last five days.

    • What? Wogs demanding work?

      Living proof that when Muslims are hungry enough, they’ll DO ANYTHING!!!

      Including a grueling Westward march as part latching on to some idiotically over-generous EU régime. [waves at Angela Merkel]

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