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2 Replies to “Slavery”

  1. Anyone who has worked in any state near or in North Africa knows this to be fact and would have to be housebound/blind to not see it. BUT as most NGOs that service the area are full of young leftist idealists then they simply do not see it. Why? Is interesting: they either ignore it as impossible and hence it does not register and I am not kidding here as I have seen this more than once Or they can simply deny it to your face and point out that you must be racist trying to cause local problems to say such. Or they make some idiotic comment about how he is probably a felon working out her/his sentence. When I then pointed out that a girl(then in question) was probably only 10 one told me “well it was a child of eight who stole my phone” and walked away leaving me boggling at this. This cognitive dissonance is incredible when you are part of it.

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