Islamic State terror attack thwarted in (probably) Toronto

ERORR: This clip appears to be an OLD CLIP and NOT connected today’s police operation dealing with a suspected ramming attack at Wonderland or CN Tower in Toronto

Earlier today we posted a report about a possible terror attack in Toronto. This appears to be the culmination. However they don’t reveal what city in this clip. So either its Toronto, or the terror-op was a diversion in Toronto so they would catch the guy in wherever it really was.

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    • Vlad: Click on the links of the calendar, per date. You’ll see a description of events, except for today and yesterday and maybe tomorrow where there are NO descriptions.

  1. I posted another observation but it’s not there. What happened?

    Today was a special day where Jewish administrators were in retreat in Toronto, meaning everybody important in the same spot.

    If you look at the calendar, there is a description of events and location per date. Except today. Just saying… Strange.

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