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7 Replies to “President Donald Trump on the NATO meetings in Belgium”

    • Isn’t he just the most fantastic leader? Every time he opens his mouth to speak or he posts a tweet, the world takes notice. He’s given us voice.

      • He’s given us voice.

        What’s more, a very Politically Incorrect voice (i.e., truth).

        This world should be so fortunate to take notice of Trump, instead of having forced upon them some genuinely aspiring new Hitler, Stalin or Mao.

  1. We Canadians are full of envy, Donald Trump is what a real patriot and leader is supposed to be like. Trudeau is making people wish their lives away.–Hurry 2019. Justine and his band of morons MUST go.

    • Don’t despair, Elizabeth. I, & I’ve heard others say the same through the last several years, am praying for God to send our good neighbors to the north a President Trump of your own!!!!

      Remember also that we had to Suffer through 8 years of hell from the o’satan Regime. Don’t give up!! Hang in there & keep trusting God to send you a Donald Trump of your own!!!!

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