At last, appropriate weaponry deployed against ‘ANTIFA’

The second time you can clearly see the effects of the firing on the ground

At this time I don’t know what this was about. No doubt ANTIFA violently stopped someone else from exercising their constitutional rights to freedom of speech, but for a change, the police acted in accordance with the law.

I would like to know why the police do not unmask them, even on arrest however.

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  1. The person arrested had some type of squeeze bottle and the surgical mask was probably to block what she had in the bottle.

    What I find interesting is the submachine gun had a suppressor on it, that is unusual.

  2. Antifa has nothing whatsoever to do with politics or human rights or racism or any of those things. What they are is angry violent people who would love to get into fights like a Hell’s Angel or a hockey star but lack the courage to do so, so they wait until the cameras are rolling and attack the police when they know there is no chance of getting hurt in the process. Real sniveling little cowards if ever there was such a thing. Negative little glass-half-empty shits who want everybody else to suffer for their own miserable lives…

    • They are useful idiots controlled by left wing political activists, ignoring the political goal of their actions is a good way to commit national suicide.

    • Negative little glass-half-empty shits who want everybody else to suffer for their own miserable lives…

      That’s some artful scribbling, Chris Jones. More please?

  3. You know, if I was the Chinese Government and I was serious about making China the supreme power on the planet, I would consider it money-well-spent to secretly channel billions of dollars into covert activities and George Soros and God-knows-who-else in order to destabilize the West and take some of the shine off their glorious history. I would also nod in approval as I saw these Anifas poisoning the political process that stands in direct competition to my own country’s communist system.

    For all we know it’s a coalition of evil from Russia to North Korea to Saudi Arabia, Iran, China, Qatar…you name it. There is no end of entities that are sick and tired of the West always being on top since the 18th century and you can’t really blame them for trying to change that paradigm. We don’t get angry when the other team tries to put the puck in our net, after all. It’s what they’re supposed to do, for Pete’s sake. It’s their job!

    • For all we know it’s a coalition of evil from Russia to North Korea to Saudi Arabia, Iran, China, Qatar…you name it.

      Ah yup! Take yer pick. It’s all the same load-a-bullah.

      As always, nothing that some “canned sunshine” can’t cure.

    • I bet China helped the border buddies who staged the scenes that stole an entire news-cycle. Professional agitators know how to amplify the media megaphone – which is partly owned by the PRC, anyway.

      That dumping/assembly operation is too good to let go without an all-out fight. Quite a deal, collaborating with the cartels who run Mexico. Of course the investment in U.S. Congress didn’t pan out as well as expected, what with NAFTA shredded.

      It’s reasonable to assume Soros, Inc. is working with China.

      • With both sides getting ready to stab the other in the back.

        It is also reasonable to expect that Soros is at least in contract with Putin if not in loose alliance with him, once again both sides prepared to stab the other in the back when that would give them an advantage.

    • As the Filipinos are wont to say: (spelling errors aside)

      Heigh ho, heigh ho, tee tee a caballo.

      As in:

      Heigh ho, heigh ho, the horse’s testicles.

    • Not if the cops keep this up. This is a crime.
      We’ve seen other encounters, though. Armed throngs, serried ranks – that tips over to war.

      • If/when the cops shut down this type of agitation the antifa controllers will shift to harsher methods, don’t forget the 1960s/70s radicals are the professors that are recruiting the antifa useful idiots. There is nothing like a nice little demonstration that has riot potential to concentrate the police away from the place you want to bomb. This tactic is straight out of urban guerilla war 101. The problem is the police can’t ignore the possible riot so you don’t have a bombing with every demonstration/riot but you can have several bombings at more or less the same time.

        Graveyard shift midnight to 8 with a lot of Army manuals to read to pass the time.

  4. Ah the fascists will start bombing and killing? When did the Obamaists ever stop with the violence? Its fun to watch the Red Guard cry because the cops fired pepper shells at them. I say give them a dose of Willy Pete.

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