Who has the privilege really? Links 1, July 10, 2018

1. Ezra levant gives a little sanity on the issue of ‘privilege’

2. There was a discussion about the alleged Chinese hand-held energy weapons the other day. I cannot find that thread right now, but this seems like it is a reasonable contribution to it.

3. Australia: The streets after prayers in Lakemba

4. About those mosques in France:

I know we posted this the other day, but its important enough to do so again in case anyone missed it. This was filmed for Arabic TV and wasn’t meant for Kufar eyes. Its a rare glimpse of the truth as they know it to be. Check out The Rebel write up on the video below:

5. Despite Past Commitment, Trudeau Says Canada Won’t Meet NATO Defence Spending Target

(Nor will he pay up for medical care for the vets. But he will provide food and shelter for every third worlders that manages to fly, walk, drive or boat their way into our country)

Heading into the NATO Summit, Justin Trudeau is already saying Canada won’t meet the commitment – which our nation agreed to – to spend 2.0% of GDP on defence.

This will likely worsen relations between Canada and the US even more.

And yet, Trudeau is simultaneously saying the summit will be about reinforcing the threat from Russia.


As noted by the CP, Trudeau is saying ‘President Donald Trump’s NATO allies will have little time for his pro-Russian musings when he meets the alliance’s leaders at their annual summit in Brussels starting Wednesday.’

“The meeting tomorrow will be an opportunity for all of our countries to rededicate ourselves to NATO, to demonstrate that it’s actually important, that it actually does important things, and that the collection of values and rules that it was brought in to defend 75-plus years ago are just as relevant today as they ever were. I look forward to having words with President Trump,” said Trudeau.

6. Muslim previously convicted for terrorism in Ireland, deliberately runs over a man’s head because “he was obstructing traffic”. So thats OK cause he was preventing a muslim from getting somewhere faster I guess.

7. Scientists discover DNA proving original Native Americans were White

A new discovery of ancient DNA may overturn the idea that the Native Americans were the first to have populated the American continent. Instead, a new group known as the ancient Beringians, who are more closely related to modern white Europeans has been discovered by researchers. Genetic analysis of a baby girl who died at the end of the last ice age shows she belonged to this previously unknown ancient group of Beringians.


A baby girl who lived and died in what is now Alaska, at the end of the last ice age belonged to a previously unknown group of ancient people who branched off from the ancestors of modern Europeans, according to DNA recovered from her bones.


The child, a mere six weeks old when she died, was found in a burial pit next to the remains of a stillborn baby, perhaps a first cousin, during excavations of an 11,500-year-old residential camp in Tanana River Valley in Central Alaska. The remains were discovered in 2013, but a full genetic analysis has not been possible until now.


8. And it follows as the night follows day…

9. Did Jihadis Just Execute a Bombing Operation at a CA Mall?

(Best to just go to the link and read it. I am hoping to have a lot of first hand quality info about this soon)

Thank you Kel Fritzi, M., Wrath of Khan, Ava Lon, EB., Yucki, and all who sent in links and thoughts and analysis over the past couple of days.

Another interesting story is out of Germany. Merkel has banned a motorcycle gang and they cannot even see videos of the gang now within Germany on Youtube. Merkel really has made it a commie state, much like Trudeau has here. (A lot of islamic bad behaviour does not get reported or can be seen for what it is). We hope to have something good on it in the near future.


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  1. 1. “Celina Caesar-Chavannes Is Not Here for Hair-Shaming and Discrimination” By Molly Sims – March 13, 2018


    Celina Caesar-Chavannes has long had an activist spirit: In high school, during the Rodney King riots, she got permission to protest on school grounds. “I stood by the road with signs like honk for justice” she says.

    On September 20, 2017, she gave a barn-burning speech to Parliament about style-based discrimination and had her own hair braided for the occasion.

    “Behind the Big News: Propaganda and the CFR”
    Light Worker – Published on November 15, 2012
    Rodney King Riots – 42:23

    • “MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes & Her Battle With Depression | Mental Health” Women in Canadian Politics – Published on May 4, 2017

      • Wish I had her exalted privilege. It would save me all the hard work I have to do now to make ends meet and I wouldn’t be straightening my hair to look like something I’m not.

    • That is an interesting film. I was in SoCal analyzing property during the Rodney King riots. I literally sat in my living room watching the TV, Thomas Guide map on my lap, learning where I would have to go back in to check on the properties that I appraised. And I did. And it was one unholy mess. The savages burned down their own neighborhoods! The women were left with no place to shop, they had to take a bus to the nearest grocery store. All services were burned out. I am sure you can imagine how difficult that must have been.
      A few years later I was asked to evaluate a shopping center in the burned out area that was half way built and looking for a permanent loan. The developers made a big deal about showing me the police sub-station built into the center with two holding cells! The two men I talked to were black, very well dressed (like $1,000 suits dressed), and incredibly smart. At the end of our interaction I asked them if they would consider running for office. I would vote for them!
      This is the problem. Instead of black men that know what is what, Maxine Waters is their rep in congress. She is a negative for the people she represents and yet, gets re-elected year after year.

      • The UCLA article has a report from someone whose expertise hinges on her first-hand account. Gay Theresa Johnson, UCLA professor of Chicana and Chicano studies and African-American studies, vividly remembers the events of April 1992….“It was for many a personally politicizing moment in which intersections between race, class and space took on new meaning and urgency,” said Johnson, who, as a UC San Diego student, participated in protests there. “As black and brown students, we connected the conditions of police brutality, housing discrimination and poverty in South L.A. to the institutional racism that many of us witnessed and experienced firsthand.
        Vivid Reality: This cites the LA Times that there was exactly one student protest, unrelated to the snipers and arsonists who “protested.” https://libraries.ucsd.edu/tellushowucit/items/show/2226 On Friday afternoon, more than 400 students from UC San Diego walked out onto Interstate 5 in La Jolla and sat down, blocking all southbound traffic headed for downtown San Diego, according to the California Highway Patrol. No arrests were made in the two hour sit-in, which ended at 3:30 p.m. when students dispersed after UCSD Chancellor Richard C. Atkinson read a letter addressed to President Bush criticizing the not-guilty verdicts for the four white police officers accused of beating black motorist Rodney King (Gaw, 1992).

  2. 3/ Sorry Oz, you got yourself a passel of rabid Syrians.
    On the plus side, fewer to threaten Israel. You’ve got more room to corral them, media less reflexively hostile.

    • 3 Why are suicide bombers like taxis? never around when you need one direly. Never kid yourself that Oz has a choice as the current government is “conservative” but run by a globalist and while the illegals are controlled the legal flood of muslims is totally ignored and unpublished(like muslim birth & gender rates they are hidden) while whites and Christians are not allowed any precedence if entry at all. The alternative party is the socialists and if they are back in the illegals will flood in uncontrolled. Australia still has time to clean them up but it is decreasing with every year and it now has an increasing alien supremacist group who grab money and power and almost totally escape sanction eg Middle eastern organized crime(MEOC) is a police group who go for just that. The criminals are so confident that they deliberately drive around in BMWs and Mercedes with MEOC licence plates just to rub it in. The irony here is that only the Vietnamese and the Chinese seem to know how to deal with them (and deal with them they do).

      • Here in the West we are told that Australia has the situation under control, no more boats. And I believed it until one person popped up in a comments section and claimed that “they” are being legally immigrated into Aus…
        It makes one think that throughout western nations the citizens have no say in who comes into their country.
        What an uproar Trump caused when he said we had to stop Muslim immigration! His half baked Muslim ban doesn’t even begin to cover the problem. And yet, people that have not been touched by the Muslim invasion still think it the right thing to do.

  3. 7 I wonder if that will have the left and the greenies, not to mention the NA Indians, up in arms about white invaders going back into time. Maybe a lot of those very ancient ruins in NA were left by these people( Forbidden Archaeology and similar sources show that humans have been in NA for a very long time( e.g. cut stone blocks found in coal mines) and despite meticulous dating that proves the age(60-65,000 years IIRC) the findings are ignored, the discoverer crucified and often grants withdrawn as the academic CHEKA strike out the heretics. This is a highly significant find in the race war that is and has been waged for millennia and never kid yourself that it was always whites who threw the first spear.

    • Addendum…having read the article as well as the brainwashed anti-white comments below it I have to agree that it is rather speculative but it did prove my point about leftist hostility to such. Loved the brain food rubbish.
      It also mentioned that modern man may well have emerged in Europe as opposed to Africa, something that I have always believed.
      So much “anthropology” is undermined by leftist PCism that it is almost an emetic/cathartic e.g., that the first such men were black. Umm hairless black skin is a response to chronic exposure to harsh sunlight and in the time that modern man emerged Africa was decidedly less hot than now but why let fact intervene? As an aside shave animals and see just how many have black skin. Why? they don’t need pigmentation protection because of their fur.

      • Dont forget Kennewick Man, he was either a Ainu from Asia or a Caucasian from Europe. Guess which the academy chose.

        • Ancient Mummies of the Tarim Basin

          …Were the Mummies Real?
          Having passed through the black curtains that hung from the top of the door, I was somewhat suspicious, because the mummies looked too good to be true. The fact that they had light hair, fair skin, long noses, deepset eyes, and thin lips was also cause for pause. I thought that the mummies were part of an elaborate hoax perpetrated to drum up tourism. Yet the labels claimed the mummies dated to the 1st and 2nd millennia BCE. The artifacts accompanying them were also remarkably well preserved and, in many instances, technologically and culturally advanced.

          For example, the mummies had bronze, wheat, and the wheel before these appeared in the Central Plains of China, and their woolen textiles were of extraordinarily fine quality. The longer I stayed in that room full of mummies and carefully observed them and their associated artifacts, my doubts gradually dissipated.
          Evidence that a West-East admixed population lived in the Tarim Basin as early as the early Bronze Age


        • From the BMC-Biomed article linked above:

          Background: The Tarim Basin, located on the ancient Silk Road, played a very important role in the history of human migration and cultural communications between the West and the East. However, both the exact period at which the relevant events occurred and the origins of the people in the area remain very obscure.

          In this paper, we present data from the analyses of both Y chromosomal and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) derived from human remains excavated from the Xiaohe cemetery, the oldest archeological site with human remains discovered in the Tarim Basin thus far.

          Conclusion: Our results demonstrated that the Xiaohe people were an admixture from populations originating from both the West and the East, implying that the Tarim Basin had been occupied by an admixed population since the early Bronze Age. To our knowledge, this is the earliest genetic evidence of an admixed population settled in the Tarim Basin.

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