The correct response to ‘moderate muslims’

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5 Replies to “The correct response to ‘moderate muslims’”

  1. You go, girl. Maybe one day a country that has anti-hate speech laws will notice that the Holy Quran and the Hadiths break the living shit out of those hate speech laws and obviously should be banned in order to be consistent under the law. It’s not legal in Canada to say, “If you see a Jew, kill him” and yet the Muslims say literally that. Then there’s the one about the Jew hiding behind the tree and the tree saying, “Lookee here. There’s a Jew hiding behind me for you to murder…”. Why do I go to jail for saying that while the Muslim gets a free pass, or in Omar Khadr’s case, a free ten million dollars – tax-free…

  2. Got this great truth (below) from a MEME. A shame we can’t post pics here. The picture is of a snake peeking through tall grass.

    “Radical muslims are snakes.

    “Moderate muslims are the grass they hide in.”

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