Jokes about leftist reasoning prove true once again

recently I have been observing to friends in casual conversations that for the past five to ten years, weather forecasts have been more and more extreme but the weather has not. When a typical winter snow storm is expected, its “snowmageddon”. When a typical July heat wave is expected its extreme and potentially lethal heat and all kinds of special measures have to be taken.

Most notably I notice that frequently extreme storms are predicted with massive consequence that simply never happen. Sometimes you get a classic spring or summer thunderstorm but nearly never what has been predicted.

So I commented to some friends that either its a conspiracy of meteorologists who either want to get off the weather section and on to the front page, which they do, or perhaps more sinisterly, that the plan is to start making government policy from predictions and not actual climate data.

After all, the predictions by all Global Warming models have been 100% wrong. None of them have come to pass. But the left is still resolutely sticking to the model because it is a major plank in the platform of the Muslim/Marxist transformation of the Western World.

And lo, what breaks from the Canadian minister of weather, the women who so objects to being called, “Climate Barbie” but seems to have no actual knowledge of the science of climate in any meaningful way?

Yup. It is clear that her policies will based on predictions that none of us will be able to prove wrong for 32 years. And of course they will not happen just like NONE of the predictions of the Global Warming crowd have happened to date. By now coastal cities were supposed to be under water. Yet beach front property continues to rise in price. Just ask Al Gore since he buys it.

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  1. It is EVERYWHERE is the west, not just Canada. Those sane weather people are always replaced by the brainwashed climatology idiots still smelling of university leftist corruption.

  2. The left shows what it thinks of our intelligence with their repeated attempts to scare us into accepting big government solutions to non existent problems. The tidal wave of real problems that is sweeping over the western countries is starting to wash the leftist out of control and allow adults to come in to solve the real problems.

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