Obama and the Pope exposing their real objectives and fears just a little more: Links 2, July 7, 2018

1. Obama shows his communist and globalist leanings a little more openly than usual, in Spain

Former US President Barack Obama warned in Madrid on Friday (July 7) of “a rise in nationalism” and the potential of new media to accelerate social divisions.

“We’re in a difficult time, politically, socially … people feel very anxious,” said Obama, who left office last year.

“Change is happening very quickly. People are wondering can I adapt to these changes? People are fearful,” the former president told an audience of 2,000 people at a conference in Madrid on technological innovation and the circular economy, which minimises waste.


“We see a rise in nationalism” Obama told his audience.

The world needs to consider how to use the new technology to improve lives and ensure that it “does not accelerate division”, he added.


“Today because of the internet, and because of the multiplicity of media what we see more and more is that we don’t agree on the same reality.”

(Translation: People have escaped the controlled media globalist narrative and are communicating with each other instead of being informed by us. This must be controlled and ideally stopped)

2. This one is fun. A great example of newspeak.

The story is, that Denmark cut off internet to some prisons because they found “extremist material” on some devices. But at no point does it say what this material is. Pure Soviet, right? (or Islamic in fact, since sharia judges cannot see blasphemous material, so they have to adjudicate on the rumour that it exists.) It isn’t till the key is offered later in the article. That there is a danger of “radicalization” that we realize what they mean by extremist is Islamic! But increasingly, you need a key to understand the substance. Its like all articles are written in a sort of idiot PGP language. Somewhere in the article there is a public key.

3. Dusseldorf demonstration against new police surveillance laws

Germany’s most populous state is preparing a new law on police surveillance and controls, following in Bavaria’s footsteps. Over 9,000 demonstrators took to the streets in Dusseldorf to protest against the plan.

(I call this the Kindergarten method of population control. Remove the rights of all to protect them from the one or two bad actors in the class, and also collectively punish them all for the actions of the one or two. Worse, bring in the bad actors yourself. remove the rights and punish the group, but let the bad actors who actually do the crimes, off because of cultural reasons.

Yeah that’s gonna end well.)

4. In Germany, planning terror, being a member of a terrorist group and having 23 fake IDs will get you a sentence of 2 years, and only a German Judicial watcher can tell us if that means he ever sees the inside of any kind of prison at all.

5. Here is a worthy and inspirational video! It appears that Sweden is not as brain-dead as many of us assumed.

The anti-Soros posters in public transport hubs are a true sign of pushback.

6. Candace owens: Left seeks divided America

7. Mike Huckabee is delightfully lucid about the terrorism the left is using to destroy the election results of 2016

8. Catholic Bishop: Europe Migrant Crisis ‘Orchestrated’ by International Powers

(just skip everything else and read this one. This is explosive and profoundly important. It won’t get any traction anywhere but please send it at least to every Catholic you know. This is an insider pointing at the smoking gun. You know, since just having the smoking gun isn’t enough anymore.)

The Catholic church is being used as a pawn in a well-orchestrated plan to radically alter the Christian identity of European nations through mass migration, said Bishop Athanasius Schneider in a bombshell interview last week.

Schneider, who serves as auxiliary bishop of Astana, Kazakhstan, told the Italian dailyIl Giornale that the current migrant crisis “represents a plan orchestrated and prepared for a long time by international powers to radically alter the Christian and national identity of the peoples of Europe.”


To achieve their objectives, these powers abuse “the true concept of humanism and even the Christian commandment of charity,” Schneider said, exploiting the moral authority of the church for anti-Christian purposes.


The powers in question “use the enormous moral potential of the church and their own structures to achieve their anti-Christian and anti-European goal more effectively,” he said.


Thank you Wrath of Khan, M., Richard, NorseRadish, Johnny U., PC., Bob Smith, EB., and all who sent in their expertise, experience, and news links. Please do keep it up. As we see from Obama’s speech in Spain, the one thing the far left is actually afraid of, is rational people actually talking to each other.


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4 Replies to “Obama and the Pope exposing their real objectives and fears just a little more: Links 2, July 7, 2018”

  1. I personally agreed with Candace Owens’ point of becoming immune to the inflammatory and sometimes almost hysterical threats and rants of progressives and the Left: you can only cry “wolf!” so many times. But that said, I hope that conservatives and classical liberals do not underestimate the threat that the Left still represents: they are certainly capable of violence and have demonstrated that repeatedly. Many of them fully intend to use force to accomplish their goals and the only effective response to force … is superior force.

    • A lot more people understand that then most people realize, the left and some of the middle make fun of the preppers but they are the ones who are preparing for the leftist violence. There are a lot more of this group them people realize, most of the preppers don’t advertise who they are and what they are doing.

  2. For how many decades did we have to listen to lies by the main stream media about high violence levels from the black community being the result of white police officer racism? Or how muslims attacking Jews in Israel was because they wanted freedom for themselves and had plenty of respect for others like Jews, while the american mainstream media censored the 1400 years of no equal rights for Jews between mohamad and the formation of Israel, and the 25 mass murders of Jews during that time. As if the violent attacks by the muslims were now for A completely different reason for some reason they don’t talk about. In G-d I trust.

  3. I’d like to think of this new Prime Minister of Spain as a Manchurian PM, like the Manchurian Pope or the Manchurian Prez (Potus-44). But the fact is communism has had an enduring fascination for a significant proportion of the population in Spain. Together with hatred of the Catholic Church, which it shares with the imperialist Ummah.

    The Civil War (1936-39) didn’t conclude with reconciliation. Not by a long shot. Franco’s brutal repression, his weaponization of Catholicism, gave rise to a backlash that continues to play out. It will bring this proud country to ruin, a state familiar to anyone who knows its history.

    The following sickening article by a Spanish prof of poli-sci mates Marx and Mohammadans:

    The Alliance of Christian and Muslim Civilizations

    Conflict or Alliance of Civilization vs. the Unspoken Worldwide Class Struggle

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