Leftism, Islam, antisemitism is just one of thei r shared values: Links 1, July 7, 2018

1. The Rebel explains the not guilty verdict for a muslim accused of molesting a number of teens at an Edmonton mall.

2. Update on the 4 Chicago black people who kidnapped and tortured a disabled white teen.

3. To get a solid idea of who and what the Democrat party is today, read this Twitter thread. While its still there.

It is a long list of regular folks who walked away from the Democrats and suffered public and private attacks and humiliations for it. Really quite profound.

4. Gorka on the Supreme Court nomination

5. So what is this new BREXIT deal May made all about?

6. The Rebel Media: Lying about being Jewish in Palestine:

7. Houthi underground missile pads:

Related PBS report on the affiliation  of the Houthi, who are, as the Saudis claim, an Iranian proxy.


Thank you Richard, M., EB., Wrath of Khan, and many many more who are still writing in. Please everyone, check the daily Reader’s Links. There is a lot of worthy information and a surprising number of quality sites I suspect dip into that well.

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4 Replies to “Leftism, Islam, antisemitism is just one of thei r shared values: Links 1, July 7, 2018”

    • Agreed, Johnnyu.

      If you aren’t in personal, secure, possession of whatever precious metals you’ve acquired … their real-life value isn’t anything more than binary ones and zeros in some electronic database.

    • If you can’t afford Gold (who can) buy silver, and if you can get a safe, gun safes are cheaper then regular safes and will keep your precious metal safe. Remember if you can’t hold it in your hand you don’t own it.

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